Storm Of Crows #Wattys2017 by GracieSchmidt
Storm Of Crows #Wattys2017 by Grace Schmidt Fantasy
Storm is a dragon/human hybrid. After 16 years of age, everyone in the Republic go to their Element Ceremony, where they find out their special powers. But Storm finds h...
BLACKPINK Reactions And Imagines by Vivi1388
BLACKPINK Reactions And Imagines by Vivi1388 Fanfiction
Blackpink reactions and imagines. You can request some too so feel free
Hers (Ruby Rose) by cambrywyatt
Hers (Ruby Rose) by Cammie Fanfiction
Ellis has never been with a woman. It is not until an attractive and rebellious Australian girl named Ruby Rose enters her life, making her question her sexuality and sh...
Just One Day | Lisa x Jungkook ( liskook ) by forgottenpasta
Just One Day | Lisa x Jungkook ( l... by forgottenpasta Fanfiction
Jungkook and Lisa find themselves together in an elevator. What could possibly go wrong? Started : 8/6/17 Completed : #607 in fanfiction ~ 12/10/17
The Royal Rose by canaryqueen
The Royal Rose by canaryqueen Historical Fiction
The Royal Rose is a tradition held by the royal family for generations. Fifteen lucky girls are chosen to live at the royal court and compete for the title of the Royal...
Number | Taehyung X Jennie by jenjen_trash
Number | Taehyung X Jennie by UnicornsAreReal Fanfiction
❝guccixtae what type of name?❞ ❝what type of name is jendeukdeuk?❞ What happens when two oblivious idols end up chatting with each other? I need to quench my BP and BT...
Secretly Married (BTS Jimin and BLACKPINK Rosé Fanfic)  by yoongi1122
Secretly Married (BTS Jimin and BL... by Yoongi1122 Fanfiction
Roseanne Park, Park Chaeyoung or BLACKPINK's Rosé - that's how everybody knows you. You just had your debut under one of the biggest entertainment agency in South Korea...
What am i to you? || Liskook by HORAIsugargenius
What am i to you? || Liskook by HORAIsugargenius Fanfiction
The past. Her unforgettable past. The same people from the past came back. The lies. And the hurtful truth. from all the lies, She wanted to keep one, and cherish it fo...
Instagram for the Next Generation by seeking-hogwarts
Instagram for the Next Generation by || Coda || Fanfiction
Ever wonder what the social media feed would like for next generation of Hogwarts kids? Assuming that they had wifi and phones that worked both at home and Hogwarts, of...
Instagram - Jeon Jungkook 2ª TEMPORADA by ArmysIMAGINEbr
『Just a Game』 || Liskook✿ || ɱעცค૯-ცע❀ by MYBAE-BY
『Just a Game』 || Liskook✿ || ɱעცค૯... by ɱעცค૯-ცע Fanfiction
A game. That is what these two, Lisa and Jungkook called it. Love is just a game. Highest Rank: #172 in FanFiction
The Introverted Prince [LISA X JUNGKOOK AU] by missyuuta
The Introverted Prince [LISA X JUN... by Yuu Akira Takumi ♥ Fanfiction
University Ambassadors Book 1 [JUNGKOOK x LALISA Fanfiction AU] The International University of Southeast Asia's Engineering Department Ambassador Jeon Jungkook (20) is...
JenLisa:Just Hold On by JenLisaIsReal9796
JenLisa:Just Hold On by JenLisaIsReal9796 Fanfiction
JenLisa fan-fiction💜💜💜💜 Please vote for the chapters!
compilation of scenarios, imagines, if's, wwyds, reactions, texts and memes of our one and only favorite girlgroup, BLACKPINK. © 2017, silentheemi.
mrs. potato head » blackpink by HOESEOKIE
mrs. potato head » blackpink by chrystele Fanfiction
❝ is it true that pain is beauty? ❞ - in which kim jisoo is desperate to become pretty for everyone to love her. book 4 in the dollhouse series. #775 in FANFICTION, AUG...
➰I'm EXO's BI₮CH➰ by xRyllaYx
➰I'm EXO's BI₮CH➰ by xRyllaYx Fanfiction
Сая сая охидын мөрөөдөл болсон залуусын тавь биш мянган сүүдэр. Чиний хажууд ээлж дарааллан нүцгэн хэвтэх нь жаргал гэж бодож байна уу?
Dangerously in Love (Rosé x Jungkook) by lynnnnie
Dangerously in Love (Rosé x Jungko... by Lynn Fanfiction
Rosé was held at gunpoint by the Double Dragon's leader named Jeon Jungkook, for interfering his work. And that's how their story began. ⚠️This story is for mature audie...
Hidden [h.s] by peahchels
Hidden [h.s] by h. ♡ Fanfiction
Rose does not like Harry. And Harry does not like Rose. But perhaps the threat of a ruthless brain and a shady corporate conspiracy could change for them. or, at least...
The Cellar by natashapreston
The Cellar by Natasha Preston Horror
For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. But flowers...
BAD BOY?? || Jenmin by Blinkarmysss_
BAD BOY?? || Jenmin by Jendeukie Fanfiction
"I'm not bad, I'm just do it for fun" "No, you're bad..." New year, new school and new life. A girl named Jennie Kim just move from New Zealand to Se...