Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture
Carlisle and Esme Imprint by Black_Culture Fanfiction
What if Bella was pregnant with Twin girls, what if the other girl was Carlisle and Esme imprint.
Hidden [h.s] by peahchels
Hidden [h.s] by h. ♡ Fanfiction
Rose does not like Harry. And Harry does not like Rose. But perhaps the threat of a ruthless brain and a shady corporate conspiracy could change for them. or, at least...
SPITFIRE ▷ JASPER HALE [WATTYS 2017] by uItminyoongi
❛ she is stardust, thousands of atoms scattered in space and time. she is constant, the one thing i can feel when the world spins and slants, battering me breathless and...
Dreams | e.c by peterpecker-
Dreams | e.c by lexus Fanfiction
"You're telling me the dreams I have, actually happen?" "Pretty much." "Well shit." Edward Cullen | Book 1 | Twilight Cover by: meme-trashb...
Twilight- The Realistic Version by yasitstori
Twilight- The Realistic Version by Tori Fanfiction
Have you ever wondered what Twilight would have been like if the lead character had acted like a normal person? What I mean is, what if Bella was a more grounded and rea...
In Touch ↬ Rosalie Hale by pastelpanic
In Touch ↬ Rosalie Hale by ❀peach tea❀ Fanfiction
SeraSalsa: ...Send nudes? RosalieHale1: You're really not funny. SeraSalsa: I wasn't joking ••• A social media story When Rosalie Hale accidentally messages Serafina Joh...
Believer |J. Hale| by rileynikole
Believer |J. Hale| by babe 💋🖤🍒 Fanfiction
"Pain. You made me a, you made me a believer." Jasper Hale x Female O.C. Pre-Twilight
Love is Complicated ⇒ Twilight fanfiction by Insanity69
Love is Complicated ⇒ Twilight fan... by Bri Fanfiction
After Ariana moves to Forks with her sister Bella she can't help but notice about the weird things that happen around her and in her life. She meets a new guy and reunit...
Beautiful Enchantment {Twilight & HP} by SymoneHeyward
Beautiful Enchantment {Twilight... by Symone Fanfiction
What would happen in a world where Voldemort bore a daughter and a son, if he was married to a Veela named Evangeline Delacour? (the aunt of Fleur Delacour) when he beco...
Bella's Hatred by sashiboo97
Bella's Hatred by sashiboo97 Fanfiction
Bella has an older sister and younger brother, she hasn't seen her sister in nearly 3 years and only seen her brother a couple of times. It's her wedding day and her mum...
Dimitri's Promise by Writer20161
Dimitri's Promise by Gone. Werewolf
*Second book* It all started with a promise and a challenge....
Holding On To You |C. Cullen| [1] ✔ by rileynikole
Holding On To You |C. Cullen| [1] ✔ by babe 💋🖤🍒 Fanfiction
"Fight it, take the pain, ignite it. Tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree, tell it 'You belong to me'. This ain't a noose...
The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic) by allyouneediscats
The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic) by Kassidy :P Fanfiction
Kassidy-Ann Swan, the twin sister to Bella Swan (Bellybear) and the daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. they had sent her away when she was younger and now she's back, n...
Forks ☤ Carlisle Cullen [Twilight] by -maven
Forks ☤ Carlisle Cullen [Twilight] by JJ Wells Fanfiction
I thought that moving to the tiny town of Forks, Washington to care for my ailing grandmother would be completely uneventful. Little did I know that I would find myself...
Twilight; Lost sister by Nini116
Twilight; Lost sister by Lost Fanfiction
While saving his brother's girlfriend from the hands of a bloodthirsty vampire, Emmett ends up finding his little sister who is terrified of everything. What happens whe...
•Katherine Swan• •Twilight• {Edward Cullen} •Bella Swans Twin• by -VOID-BELLA-
•Katherine Swan• •Twilight• {Edwar... by Daddy's Lil Monster Fanfiction
Katherine Swan is the older twin sister of Bella Swan. While Bella is Shy and Awkward, Katherine is Smart, Sassy and Sarcastic. Join Katherine on her twilight jou-NO, Yo...
spark | a.volturi |completed| by -regiis
spark | a.volturi |completed| by ❝BABY BOY❞ Fanfiction
❝your a spark of light, in a dead silent night.❞ THIS IS AN ARO VOLTURI FANFIC [ cover by @btsexts ]
Bella sister(jasper) by sillyenid_100
Bella sister(jasper) by sillyenid_100 Fanfiction
Under heavy editing Hello there, I'm Jennifer but people Jenny. I have a twin sister named Bella. Bella and I are decided to move back to Forks where our father, Charlie...
Unloved Sister by Black_ShadowDragon
Unloved Sister by Black_ShadowDragon Fanfiction
this is about bella having a sister who is 2 seconds younger all the attention goes to bella and cece is left with nothing no one loves her or cares about her
Supernatural by Akumalol
Supernatural by Specialty Fanfiction
Alexa Salvortore is home with her brothers and gets a letter from a old friend Carlisle Cullen. He asked for her help because himself and family are in danger. Read on a...