Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ] by artsandmusic6
Cross Entertainment [ OPEN ] by ArmyGot101Carats Random
This is and applyfic so plz apply only up to three times and plz be creative. Both males and females are wanted. Book Cover Credit to: @PastelKillerzz Started ~ June 1st...
My Irresistible Rival by darkeyes11
My Irresistible Rival by Soha Romance
Edward Walters just knew one thing that he had to get the contract from Anton, his long time rival. And when his step sister also came in the picture, Edward was afraid...
Daughter by gracethegorgeous2911
Daughter by gracethegorgeous2911 Werewolf
Mara volunteers to take place of her little sister, Rosa, in the Orie Training Games, a contest in which, certain packs from North America, send pack members to compete...
ONE NIGHT ONLY by nenaboricua2010
ONE NIGHT ONLY by nenaboricua2010 Romance
Rosa Matthews is ready to start living again. Since the death of her husband two years ago, Rosa has devoted herself to raising her young son Brennan, and to pursuing he...
Love in The 99 - Jake Peralta x Reader by MxgicMxlfoy
Love in The 99 - Jake Peralta x Re... by MxgicMxlfoy Fanfiction
When young and hot trainee, Y/N Sorrenti, fresh out of the academy gets assigned to the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, Captain Raymond Holt forces Peralta to show her the ro...
My basketball story by KawaiiTaylor14
My basketball story by KawaiiTaylor14 Fanfiction
I'm moving to California and I am so nervous I wonder who I will meet there...
L'amore non ha età  revisionato by fede87pi
Don't go changing - season one by XxRoxannerawrXx
Don't go changing - season one by XxRoxannerawrXx Fanfiction
Damon Salvatore has returned to Mystic Falls with his best friend Rosangela (Rosa) Rossi. It is now 2010 and they have returned to Mystic Falls with one goal, possibly...
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by izzy Fanfiction
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin Moon/Ross Lynch Remake] by smolathenabug
(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin... by olivia_maureen.jpg Humor
"Falling in love is for chumps," Kathryn snorted. Ally started giggling, and she looked her way. "What? What's so interesting this time?" Ally adjust...
Insaziabile  by dheboraP
Insaziabile by dheboraP Romance
Appena compiuti 18 anni, Bella decide di cambiare aria, si trasferisce a Manhattan, lasciando il suo ragazzo e la sua famiglia. Ha sempre saputo che per lei era il momen...
Faldita . JH x BTS by JalakaHiro
Faldita . JH x BTS by ジャラカ・ヒロ Fanfiction
BTS Daddy y Jhope con faldita. OneShot/HistoriaCorta. «««««««««««««««« -Te gusta?- preguntó Jin. -Emm s-si..- respondió J Hope. -Entonces pontela- Ji...
Behind the Screen (Rosa x Curtis) by Oshawottlover12
Behind the Screen (Rosa x Curtis) by Lee Fanfiction
Rosa is a girl with the dream of becoming a pokestar studios actor. But will she conquer her stage fright to achieve her dream? And will being stuck in a confusing love...
I NEED U - {CHAELISA} by ParkJeonJungKimMin
I NEED U - {CHAELISA} by ParkJeon Fanfiction
Onde Lalisa se apaixonou pela sua melhor amiga Chaeyoung. E sofre as consequências.
Meilleurs amis d'enfance (partie 10) by RosamilaKids
Meilleurs amis d'enfance (partie 1... by Rosamila Kid's Fanfiction
Biographie de la vie de Rosamila, sucrette du jeu en ligne d'Amour Sucré. Rosamila et Diane Kid's sont jumelle. Tellement proche que rien ni personne ne peux séparer. Po...
The Story Of My Life (WWE series) by thienanxoxo
The Story Of My Life (WWE series) by thienanxoxo Fanfiction
This the story of the personal life of WWE superstars.
Romanzo Rosanero by Aven90
Romanzo Rosanero by Andrea Humor
Per la prima volta su Wattpad, una serie a puntate ambientata nella mia città di origine, la cui squadra di calcio indossa i colori rosanero! "Romanzo Rosa"...
Desideri D'estate. by Naty9O1
Desideri D'estate. by Naty9o Romance
Sara era un ragazza come tante. Amava studiare, stare con le amiche e sognare ad occhi aperti. Ma poco prima dell'estate e dal tanto atteso e sognato viaggio della mat...
THE APOCALYPSE: Surviving The Undead! [book 1 of The Apocalypse Series] by gerri_lights
THE APOCALYPSE: Surviving The Unde... by gerri_lights Science Fiction
six guys are fighting for their life in a world full of disease. everyone they loved and cared for is possibly dead. they dont know if there are more survivors or if it...
The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak by Kitty_C
The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak by My Nerd Days Fanfiction
The Book Thief is a 2005 historical novel by Australian author Markus Zusak and is his most popular work. Published in 2005, The Book Thief became an international bests...