The Beta's Broken Mate by jennarose97
The Beta's Broken Mateby Jenna
I look back to Ben. His arms were big and his tummy toned, there were a few scars here are there. He was a fighter. He was someone who could look after themselves, and l...
  • ptsd
  • beta
  • werewolves
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Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance) by thatoneweirdgurrl
Blue Eyes (A Paranormal Romance)by Call me crazy
HIGHEST RANK-#2 in Paranormal For a moment he just sits there watching me with amused eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. Suddenly he stands up and walks forward until he...
  • motorcycle
  • teenager
  • crush
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the nanny by kellyOmillia02
the nannyby kellyOmillia02
The one woman I'm not allowed to f*ck is living in my house, taking care of my baby... Alex She's already broken Rule #1: Must be ugly. This chick is f**king gorgeous wi...
  • romantic
  • nanny
  • billionaire
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His Obsession || Book One by XBeautyBrainsX
His Obsession || Book Oneby Stephanie
(COMPLETED) BOOK TRAILER IN CHAP. 1!!! I had just turned 19 and was about to graduate high school, entering into an amazing university. Surrounded by plenty of friends...
  • love
  • loving
  • mafialove
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The badboy's challenge #wattys2016 by xGwenxx
The badboy's challenge #wattys2016by xGwenxx
It all started with the dramatic event that drastically changed a small town girl Alex forever. It left scars, scars that will never fade away. Luckily Alex and her mot...
  • badboy
  • romantic
  • school
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First at Last by WillowDeane
First at Lastby Willow Deane
Erika Lovet is used to being in the background, always in her sister's shadow. Since she was a child, her parents have always doted on Alice, have always wanted the best...
  • resentment
  • romantic
  • dancing
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The Bad Boy Kissed Me by caraandnat
The Bad Boy Kissed Meby Lola
"His hand cupped my face and I felt tingles in my cheek. His head started leaning closer to mine and his other hand slid round my waist. My heart was beating quicke...
  • emily
  • love
  • girl
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Living With The Bad Boy by -NeonGirl-
Living With The Bad Boyby -NeonGirl-
Meet Stella a goody two shoe girl but the doesn't stop her being sarcastic, crazy and bubbly. When her parents decide to take a break on work and take a 6 month holiday...
  • teen
  • romantic
  • badboy
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Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED] by annasteffey
Falling Helplessly [COMPLETED]by ♥︎ Anna ♥︎
{Highest Rank: #1 in Chicklet 1/21/18} "What is she doing to me?" I question to myself as I look into her beautiful, big, brown eyes. She is changing me, that...
  • collage
  • romance
  • sequel
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Precious Cargo by Mhwilkie
Precious Cargoby Mel Wilkie
(Warning: Rated R) "Now your turn."He watched as she bit her bottom lip and studied what he had written before. She softly said each letter as she wrote it. As...
  • pirate
  • adult-content
  • romantic
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Zoe And The Beast | ✔ by MiNsHi
Zoe And The Beast | ✔by Minshi Mathur
[Highest Rank: #1 Teen Fiction] He walked up to me, suavely, and put his muscular arms on both sides of my small form, carefully. "Make me fall for you." ...
  • romantic
  • murder
  • hardvick
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Alpha Thanatos   || #Wattys2017 || by AshleySaS
Alpha Thanatos || #Wattys2017 ||by Ashley
| Highest Rank: #54 in werewolf | A Powerful Lycanthrope King with magic. A Normal Girl with no desire for finding her mate. What happens when they meet? @tarietash...
  • alpha
  • king
  • death
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Ultimate Pleasure {18+ Only} by lisa155rose
Ultimate Pleasure {18+ Only}by Lisa Rose
  • sexiness
  • love
  • sexism
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Collared by paudickson
Collaredby ᴾᴬᵁᴸᴬ
Abigail Bennett has it all-a job she loves, a family that adores her, but something's missing. Her life is too safe. Too boring. Too plain. Searching to fulfill her deep...
  • master
  • bondage
  • dominant
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The possessive alpha by prayercircle
The possessive alphaby prayer circle 🙏🏻
COMPLETED AND BEING EDITED He pressed me against the wall. His plump pink lips trailed down my jaw line and his teeth grazed along my neck. "Say it." He hissed...
  • abuse
  • anger
  • teenwolf
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The Nerd by danielleward136
The Nerdby Danielle Ward
Hayden Smith is just a girl who wants good grades and keeps herself to herself whilst all the rest of the school bullies her. But what happens when Mr Peterson walks int...
  • shopping
  • secrets
  • pizza
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His Kryptonite. (ManxMan, MPREG).*COMPLETED * by Mr-Lemon
His Kryptonite. (ManxMan, MPREG).* Louis Lemon
Paige Summers is pregnant by the popular jock who sleeps with him once and threatens him if he dare tells anyone. Paige leaves for college and to his horror he finds he...
  • cliches
  • boylove
  • male
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Romancing Mr. CEO by wincherster_girl
Romancing Mr. CEOby Mary bileske
18 year old Ariana Williams finds her self getting a job as a personal assistant for one of the top CEO's in New York city. Fresh out of high school what does the world...
  • rich
  • playboy
  • love
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Mirror Tell All (Erotica One-Shots) by BloodyRoseThorns
Mirror Tell All (Erotica One-Shots)by E.J. Powell
(Cover done by @renesmeewolfe ) How erotic is you're mind? Take a dive into these short story chapters to see how creatively twisted my perverted mind is compared to y...
  • erotica
  • romantic
  • oneshots
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