J'aime ce Bad Boy by -BlancheNeige-
J'aime ce Bad Boy by FanDeVoyage Romance
Elle, 17 and bientot 18 , battue par son pere va rencontrer son pire ennemis et son premier amour Lui , 18 ans , fils de parents riche qui ne s'occupe pas de leur fils...
1 menit 20 detik by TanthyHar
1 menit 20 detik by Tanthyhar Romance
Disuatu tempat kamu pernah berkata sesuatu padaku, kamu berjanji padaku, tapi kenapa saat bahkan aku tak mengingat janji itu kamu tidak mendatangiku untuk mengingatkan k...
SHE IS BAD GIRL by ALin ArdiAnii Romance
banyak yang mengatakan dia bad girls bahkan keluarganya mengecap dia bad girls dan aneh tapi dia tidak peduli karena dia hanya di perlakukan selalu tidak adil dan buruk...
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2  by BobnSteve180
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2 by 🤖 Robot 🤖 Fanfiction
My second book of Sanders sides oneshots. I write for all ships, though as a warning my favorite is analogical(anxiety x logic) so I may write for that a little too much...
Thomas & Sides Imagines by pers0n0naplanet
Thomas & Sides Imagines by Pers0n0naplanet Fanfiction
Requests currently closed Imagines/preferences
Prinxiety One Shots by Roxy50angel
Prinxiety One Shots by Rose Marie Fanfiction
This is a book of prinxiety one shots! Suggestions and requests are always appreciated! This is boy X boy so if you are not okay with that get the ____ out. There will b...
The Dark Within ( prinxiety ) by hannahadams1000
The Dark Within ( prinxiety ) by Hannah of FairyTail Fanfiction
"Something's wrong with anxiety..." Prince told to Thomas in concern. "Well I'm not sure what you're talking about... I feel fine. Surely if something wer...
Sanders Sides One Shots by river_is_a_human
Sanders Sides One Shots by River :) Fanfiction
One shots about the infamous Sanders Sides. Most ships will be prinxiety and logicality. It's also going to be very fluffy, I can't do anything remotely dirty. Requests...
Requeshots by Prplzorua
Requeshots by Prplzorua Fanfiction
Yo, this is to hold you guys over between the updates of Innerworks. Innerworks is my multi-chaptered Sandersides fic, so go check it out and come join us on the wild ri...
Sanders Sides Oneshots  by SarcasticSnake
Sanders Sides Oneshots by SarcasticSnake Fanfiction
Oneshots for Thomas Sanders' characters. I can do any ship and requests are open (unless I say so). My upload schedule doesn't exist anymore and is now very scattered be...
Thug Fetish 2:Love forgotten  by souneique
Thug Fetish 2:Love forgotten by Lil mama💚 General Fiction
After Jadah,survives her coma of 1 year,and gives birth to her two twin babies,WHILE in a coma,she's ready to start her life,on a new.Fresh.Clean start.Her life is going...
Sanders Sides Oneshots by Alexander_Cat98
Sanders Sides Oneshots by Alexander Fanfiction
So I got bored and wanted to write some one shots. I will take requests on this and I will try my best to write just about anything. Hope you enjoy!
Sander Sides One Shots by CCtheWritec
Sander Sides One Shots by Chris Fanfiction
One Shots with Prince! Logic! Morality! And Anxiety! Requests are open! ☆☆☆☆ ~2017~ Highest Ranking: #620 in Fanfiction
Why I Run (Prinxiety) by maximumluv2004
Why I Run (Prinxiety) by Max Fanfiction
"I don't understand why you just won't talk to me!" Roman yelled, clearly frustrated. "That's not how relationships work, Virgil! We lean on each OTHER.&q...
Dark Warrior: Gods of Rome by MaeveAbbott
Dark Warrior: Gods of Rome by Maeve Abbott Werewolf
Naledi Amunet is a shy and quiet werewolf who spends her days reading and studying about the ancient culture of Rome after being shunned by her entire pack for being ove...
Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfiction by Books4Bricks
Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfi... by Books4Bricks Fanfiction
Ah-hem . . . Because I'm garbage and bored: An unoriginal and probably predictable/cliché AU where the Sanders Sides all go to high school together! Virgil is the new ki...
ROSE QUARTZ by renitanozaria
ROSE QUARTZ by Renita Nozaria Romance
[Completed] You're so down to earth, you said. While I'm up around the constellation. And for it, you think you don't deserve me. ...
My Little Bride by Olivelita
My Little Bride by OLIVELITA Teen Fiction
Kakek Pras jatuh cinta pada Mari. Dia ingin Mari menjadi menantunya padahal Mari baru berusia 12 tahun! Akankah Kakak Mari menyetujuinya? Apakah Pras juga mau menikahi M...
Married by Accident by naadyey
Married by Accident by nadya indah dewanti Teen Fiction
Apa rasanya dilamar sama cowok yang tiap ketemu ngajakin berantem? Itu adalah hal pertama yang masih membuat Naisha tidak percaya. Ale--anak sesama jurusan Naisha yang...
Gorgeous by Anna_Sparkle
Gorgeous by Mariana Romance
Ada aturan dalam perusahaan yang dipimpin Daniella yaitu tidak diperbolehkan adanya hubungan asmara yang terjalin antara karyawan perusahaan, tanpa terkecuali. "Nas...