Dépression, mutilation, suicide by blackgirl1976
Dépression, mutilation, suicide by blackgirl1976
Je vous présente quelques textes qui parlent de dépression, de mutilation et de suicide. Tout les textes auront été écrits par moi. J'espère que ça vous plaira.
  • solitude
  • triste
  • mutilation
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My Secret Feeling by Mickey139
My Secret Feeling by ClintonClive
Mengandung unsur 21+ Sebagian part di privat Jonathan : Mungkin aku satu-satunya lelaki di dunia ini yang bodoh sudah menyembunyian perasaan cinta pada istrinku sendir...
  • fiksi
  • rahasia
  • adult
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Thomas & Sides Imagines by pers0n0naplanet
Thomas & Sides Imagines by Pers0n0naplanet
Requests currently closed Imagines/preferences
  • xreader
  • anxiety
  • roman
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Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2  by ringpopprince
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2 by 💍🍭👑
My second book of Sanders sides oneshots. I write for all ships, though as a warning my favorite is analogical(anxiety x logic) so I may write for that a little too much...
  • roman
  • poly
  • anxiety
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Sanders Sides One Shots by ChickitaGurl
Sanders Sides One Shots by Angst Queen™
Basically what the title says. Trigger warnings, language, bad writing, and life is meaningless. Have a nice day! 💜 Long Live The Queen™
  • angst
  • princey
  • morality
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Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3 by -Satan_-
Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 3 by Logan ⚣
A third book? Holy shit why is anyone still reading lol A third book about a wonderful man named Thomas and his adorably sweet Sides! Hope you enjoy! (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎ 935TH...
  • virgil
  • bestfriends
  • oneshots
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Kevin And Kania (Complete) by ElisaApriansyahh
Kevin And Kania (Complete) by EL
KHUSUS DEWASA 18+ FOLLOW DULU SEBELUM BACA !! Kevin arilangga dan kania azahra harus rela untuk dijodohkan karna wasiat dari sang kakek padahal waktu kelulusan tinggal b...
  • wanted
  • musuh
  • erotis
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Sander Sides One Shots by otterlyyy
Sander Sides One Shots by Logic™
(Highest #719 in FanFiction) Hi, this is my book of one shots mainly about the Sander Sides. Picture is not mine, credits who did it!
  • logansanders
  • patton
  • sandersides
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The Sides of Her [Thomas Sanders x Reader] by EM0_Otaku
The Sides of Her [Thomas Sanders x... by ASTA LA PASTA
It all started when you ran into each other.... (Y/N) (L/N), more commonly known as (Y/T/N), a YouTuber known for her covers, moves to Florida to peruse her dreams. She...
  • creativity
  • sanderssides
  • roman
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Why I Run {Prinxiety} - Book One of Why I Run Series by maximumluv2004
Why I Run {Prinxiety} - Book One o... by Max
"I don't understand why you just won't talk to me!" Roman yelled, clearly frustrated. "That's not how relationships work, Virgil! We lean on each OTHER.&q...
  • prince
  • heartbreak
  • princexanxiety
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She Belong to Me by Alyanaima
She Belong to Me by Who's am?
(Cerpen 18+) Cerita pendek buat umur 18 tahun ke atas. Jadi yang umurnya udah 18 tahun pas atau lebih, boleh baca :) Siapa tahu pada suka, sekarangkan lagi trand cerita...
  • best
  • bagas
  • devan
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RYAN by blumendealer
RYAN by blumendealer
Tessa hätte nie gedacht, dass sie einmal so Probleme mit dem Pflegejungen bekommen würde, den ihre Mutter bei ihnen aufgenommen hat. Ryan wird zu einem echten Problemfal...
  • trauer
  • ryan
  • roman
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RWBY Daughter Scenario's  by Axellefox3
RWBY Daughter Scenario's by ❤RWBY Queen❤
The title says it. This has Team RWBY, JNPR, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Emerald, Cinder, Roman, Neo, Qrow, Ozpin, Adam, and Ironwood. Requests are Open.
  • emerald
  • rwby
  • blake
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Persephone by CarolineAdams
Persephone by Caroline Adams
Persephone, The Goddess of Life, book one of The Goddess series. Persephone was a beautiful young hearted soul. Her hair was as red as roses and bright as the sun. Her e...
  • mate
  • mythology
  • fantasy
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LARASATI ( Simpanan Terindah) by princesauntum
LARASATI ( Simpanan Terindah) by KING&QUEEN
Apa yang kamu fikirkan tentang 'simpanan'? Wanita jalang penengah dalam keluarga orang? Mari baca sedikit kisahku, agar kalian tahu apa itu simpanan. Semoga setelah memb...
  • adult
  • roman
  • fiksi
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ROSE QUARTZ by renitanozaria
ROSE QUARTZ by Renita Nozaria
[Completed] (sebagian chapters diprivat untuk followers, follow untuk membaca) You're so down to earth, you said. While I'm up around the constellation...
  • roman
  • adrian
  • kita
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STEPDADDY ~ bill skarsgård  by milevencolors
STEPDADDY ~ bill skarsgård by bitchin™
" the one where Isabella expects a dad; but instead gets a daddy " 🌻
  • romangodfrey
  • skarsgard
  • daddy
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Sanders' Sides Oneshots by ringpopprince
Sanders' Sides Oneshots by 💍🍭👑
**this book does not and will not have triggering content. Anything that mentions or has anxiety or panic attacks in it will be warned at the beginning** THIS BOOK HAS...
  • roman
  • lgbt
  • prince
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Sanders Sides Imagines And Preferences by Fandom_Princess_21
Sanders Sides Imagines And Prefere... by Kasie Winchester Who Holmes
  • thomassanders
  • patton
  • logan
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Cursed {Prinxiety AU} by PikaGirl_Oshi
Cursed {Prinxiety AU} by Olivie Phoenix
For generations, a great family heirloom has been passed down, along with mysterious powers. And now, Virgil has both of these things. Being a modern day warlock doesn't...
  • prinxiety
  • roman
  • logan
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