La felpa nera by lucyvocale
La felpa nera by Nobody Romance
Marika è un'adolescente che è appena tornata a Roma, la sua città natale, dopo aver passato un mese a Milano. Si trova al quinto anno di un liceo linguistico dove è cono...
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield love story) by Laylie_Love
Love A Bad Boy (WWE The Shield lov... by Layla Love Fanfiction
I skip down the hall with AJ Lee and Au'Bree. We were flipping around and just having fun period. I hit a cart wheel and when I landed on my feet I bump into a hard wal...
Todos los caminos conducen a Roma by Octaviarob
Todos los caminos conducen a Roma by Octavia Robinson Paranormal
Su mente comenzó a imaginar los atardeceres de lugares que nunca habia visitado y a ver personas en sus sueños que nunca habia visto antes. Escuchó las voces un par de v...
O Perfeito Estudante by Marcos1232018
O Perfeito Estudante by José Marcos Historical Fiction
Sinopse do Livro: Joaquim é um estudante do terceiro ano do Ensino Médio da Escola Europeia de Milão, o perfeito aluno da área de exatas, o belo fotógrafo do jornal da e...
ask the footballers by PhelpsFeels
ask the footballers by tiago mendes' babe Random
because why not ask your football hotties some questions. ©PhelpsFeels, 2017 highest ranking #714 in random
Buscando la Verdad by andreasparrow
Buscando la Verdad by Paula Alvarez Random
Un príncipe persa gustaba de coleccionar el amor y lo encontró donde menos lo esperaba...y no sólo eso, al encontrar lo que deseaba, encontró lo que no buscaba y aun más...
The Young Patrician Master (boyxboy) (En) by CrejaPasta
The Young Patrician Master (boyxbo... by EJ Historical Fiction
At the height of the Roman Empire's existence was a slave that goes by the name of Nicolaus. He may not admit it to anyone, but he too, dreams of someone who will love h...
Prospecciones mágicas by elpepitochico
Prospecciones mágicas by elpepitochico Short Story
En el año 16 a.c. la magia se extrae de yacimientos repartidos por todo el imperio romano. Pero hay mas fuerzas que pretenden hacerse con las reservas de magia. Esta es...
Awake by janebarr
Awake by janebarr Poetry
My thoughts when I can't sleep
Tsundere Burns:  (Romano X Reader) by Kibbles518
Tsundere Burns: (Romano X Reader) by Kourteney B. Fanfiction
Just another reader-chan book!!! X3 ENJOY!!
Argento adesso - Emma & Stefano by stemflix
Forever together [Romapiri] by Philippines_Hetalia
Forever together [Romapiri] by Maria & Emilio Fanfiction
A RomaPiri Fanfic!! and wait! This isn't my work! This is Admin's. You know she always partnering with anyone. and THIS IS ALL FICTION! Nothing is true! Admin: daldal. (...
Catching Love by hemisphere_dreams
Catching Love by ✨Velvet _viv✨ Werewolf
It's a love triangle . Savanah loves her life until it was turned upside down by her family . She lived with her mother's side of the family which are humans and lived...
La Ilíada de Omero by 3duard0Horta
Charmed (Watty Awards) by FeeyahSaysSo
Charmed (Watty Awards) by FeeyahSaysSo Paranormal
After inheriting her family's mansion, millions and artifacts that she has no idea are magically enchanted. She also inherited an odd hereditary gene at birth. Learning...
A Gift For You: Canada X reader by _laurzyn_
A Gift For You: Canada X reader by _laurzyn_ Fanfiction
Matthew and I have been best friends since forever. My parents died and He took me over. I start to develop a crush on him and everything changes when Christmas was here.
The Hunt by ZoeAlder
The Hunt by Zoë Alder Teen Fiction
The world fell two months ago. When the wars ended, everything was chaos. Nobody knew what to do, so nobody did anything. We were left to fend for ourselves. Then the Re...
Niki es una joven madura y responsable que cursa su último año de secundaria. Alessandro es un exitoso publicista de 37 años a quien acaba de dejar su novia de toda la v...
Unwinding (A GERITA - Hetalia FanFiction)(Book 1) |TheSaviorTrilogy| by Night_0_Shade
Unwinding (A GERITA - Hetalia FanF... by Zero Nights Fanfiction
Ludwig Beilschmidt has suffered from long term memory loss. After a terrible accident, Ludwig is left with nothing to his name but his ego-centric brother, and a tattere...
Differences Love (Tezuka Love Story) On Hold by KatherineIn
Differences Love (Tezuka Love Stor... by KatherineIn Fanfiction
Aya had a difficult childhood. She grew up without a mother. Her mother's family had no knowledge of her. She was bullied because she was different from everyone. Tezuka...