🌹"Ethereal"🌹 [A Yaoi Roleplay: Uke Edition] by x-Yaoi_Queen-x
🌹"Ethereal"🌹 [A Yaoi Roleplay: U... by 🌸
{Status: Open!} e•the•re•al /ə'THirēəl/ adjective extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. > [ ▪🌹 • 🌼 • 🌹▪]< ~°~°~°~°~°~°~°~...
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My Boss Is A Dom?!  by PsychadelikThoughtz
My Boss Is A Dom?! by LiyahPhilosopher2
What starts out to be an innocent crush, and a eager desire to please turns into something more. Much more. Aaliyah Pinkston didn't think twice before signing an agreeme...
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Superhero RP 2 by KarmaProductions
Superhero RP 2 by Grim and Karmen
Individual and Group Role Play with my superheroes
  • antihero
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  • villain
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JAILBIRDS//A Role Play//CLOSED by teamleovaldezfire13
JAILBIRDS//A Role Play//CLOSED by Toenail Cactus Tree
Next Generation of Delinquents
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Individual Roleplay by Keiko_x3
Individual Roleplay by Society's Puppet
☯Detailed individual Roleplay ☯ [ REOPENED ] W E L C O M E T O T H E W O R L D O F M Y O C 'S [ ~》Descriptive Responses] [ ~》Everyone...
  • individualrp
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Warriors Cats Roleplay by ruddergrl
Warriors Cats Roleplay by Redwillow
Make new Wattpad friends. Hunt with others. Be a true Clan cat! Hey y'all! You can do whatever you want here, as long as it's obeying the rules and chapters. This RP is...
  • witherstar
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Pokemon Adoption Center by ZoeSpook
Pokemon Adoption Center by zoey the kawaii writer
this is a pokemon adoption center that's it :p also please read the rules (first chapter) before adopting
  • roleplay
  • rp
  • pokemonrp
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SUGARDADDY by CantSleepMitch
SUGARDADDY by evergreen chemistry
Daddy please, just a little more.
  • roleplay
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  • bdsm
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My Undertale RP Book by Lexi_of_freshtale
My Undertale RP Book by Freshtale_trash
RP any undertale ship from any Au! (literate rps) Picture used for cover is made by @brokendollhouse13
  • undertail
  • sanscest
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BATIM Crack Memes by Genocidal_
BATIM Crack Memes by ➵『g』『e』『n』『o』
*distant screaming* {Highest Rank - #327 Random 12/15/17}
  • angel
  • batim
  • boriswolf
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Ninjago Roleplay :D by masterofF1re
Ninjago Roleplay :D by *nix*
Ninjago Roleplay! Yay! Anyone is welcome to join as this is a positive community! This is mainly consists of *indivisual roleplay* Thanks for checking this out! (Pl...
  • bleh
  • zane
  • jay
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Aphmau RolePlay by MeganTheWolfHybrid
Aphmau RolePlay by MeganTheWolfHybrid
Welcome everyone to my Aphmau RolePlay! I hope you all enjoy and have fun! Ciao~
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Aphmau Roleplay!! PDH, MCD, MS {OPEN} by Miss_Yukasan
Aphmau Roleplay!! PDH, MCD, MS {OP... by Ohhh yes!
Book two!! I'm putting a fork for the new people but if you in my last book then just tag me in that form! Start: 10/10/17
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Individual Roleplay 2.0 by yandere-chxn
Individual Roleplay 2.0 by «ヤンデレ»
Cover by: -spacebound ⚠💀W A R N I N G💀⚠ Author Chan is NOT responsible for nosebleeds, loss of sanity, and/or damage caused by fangirl/fanboy moments. You have been...
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(New) YAOI RP by Chubby_Bunny108
(New) YAOI RP by Chubby Bunny
F*ck you I'm making a new one!!
  • yaoi
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  • gay
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eddsworld rp by OhLookItsaCloudberg
eddsworld rp by im 99.9% sure
cuz im bored and i felt like it New scenario every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
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Individual Roleplay by Kawaii_marshmallow1
Individual Roleplay by Kawaii
Welcome to individual roleplay. All you have to do is make a form to enter. Have fun. The awesome cover is from @EllaSusyi
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I dunno
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Band/ YouTuber Roleplay by Allie_Clifford_1995
Band/ YouTuber Roleplay by 🍕🎮Allie 😜😘
Read the title
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  • ptv
  • cth
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Descriptive Yuri Rp by FireGire96
Descriptive Yuri Rp by FG96
Exactly what is says... Would love to rp in pm. Please follow the rules
  • individualrp
  • anime
  • lgbt
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