How To Guess  a Robin's Identity by RedRobyn2
How To Guess a Robin's Identityby RedRobyn2
When Batman gives Robin (Dick Grayson) the Okay to tell the team his identity, he decides to let them try and guess it which results in a lot of trolling. Starts of with...
  • friendship
  • superboy
  • artemis
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Just Robin one shots by Bi_Robin_Kid
Just Robin one shotsby Alannah.... that's it
Basically Robin/Dick Grayson is my favourite DC character, don't judge me, so this is all my random ideas that I have compiled together. Don't expect too much from me I'...
  • angst
  • wallywest
  • happy
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Lost sibling (teen titans) by rainshadow1996
Lost sibling (teen titans)by rainshadow1996
Beast boy discovers his long lost twin sister and keeps her safe in Titan tower.
  • cyborg
  • teentitans
  • starfire
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Young Justice-The New Teammate by Kiara121
Young Justice-The New Teammateby Koko Quinn
When a new team member arrives the young heroes must cope with her secrecy. Robin is the one that feels the most off about their mysterious comrade. Who is she, and what...
  • elementa
  • theteam
  • joker
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Batfam one shots by BangtanBatfam
Batfam one shotsby James✌🏻️the great
Cover by GlebTheZombie on deviantart. I DONT OWN ANY CHARACTERS OR DC. Batfam/brothers xreader requests welcome. KEY- Y/n - your name Y/ln - last name Y/bf - best fri...
  • dickgrayson
  • damianwayne
  • brucewayne
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Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNE by sophoeniz
Secrets | DAMIAN WAYNEby soph(ia)
"I don't have time for love." ~ 17 year old Damian Wayne decided to lock the door towards his heart ever since he was a child. It was impossible for anyone t...
  • superboy
  • jasontodd
  • brucewayne
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BatFam x Reader One Shots by _BRBAE
BatFam x Reader One Shotsby YoungJusticeRS
Title says it all Frequent Updates Request anything that has to do with batboys :)) Message me with requests :) thanks everyone I love you all <3 >I try to updat...
  • alfredpennyworth
  • jasontodd
  • dickgrayson
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Sick Bird. by -blackbones
Sick ⭕
Adopted from @HomicidalLunatic Robin is getting sick. His illness is thought to be a normal cold at first, until it escalates into something much more dangerous... Now t...
  • disease
  • batman
  • sick
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The Troublesome Trio by CringeWorthy38946
The Troublesome Trioby e l i
None of the Titans knew Robin, Kid Flash and Speedy went so back. None of the Titans knew they were such good friends. None of the Titans knew that they had a bunch of h...
  • kidflash
  • troublesometrio
  • noshiphate
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Out of My League by angl_ernshw
Out of My Leagueby Angel Earnshaw
All her life, Asteria had been raised to be one thing and one thing alone: a killer. And she's good at it. Why wouldn't she be, when she's been trained by the greatest...
  • justiceleague
  • comics
  • missmartian
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Damian Wayne x Reader by GothamGirlx
Damian Wayne x Readerby watty wankers.
It is the start of a brand new year in Gotham Academy and you have grown close to a certain Wayne... (You & Damian are both 15) Contains strong language and violence!
  • action
  • nightwing
  • batman
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His Lil Brother by Davidscrazy234
His Lil Brotherby Davidscrazy234
When the Grayson's died Dick and his little brother Danny where separated at the orphanage and taken by different families. Four years later Robin rescues the ghost boy...
  • brothers
  • hislilbrother
  • youngjustice
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Arranged Marriage - Distance (A Nightwing/Dick Grayson Fanfiction) by KaidoKurahana
Arranged Marriage - Distance (A Kaido❤️💙🔱
Dad says it's good for business. 'Cause your ex-Marine-daughter marrying someone she barely knows who has a girlfriend, secret life and a dislike for said daughter can o...
  • bruce
  • fanpresent
  • gotham
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Batfamily X Reader Oneshots by PoofyPhoenix
Batfamily X Reader Oneshotsby Damians Girl
Let's get this straight, I do NOT own -The cover art. -The art in the book (Unless stated). -Any of the Batfamily. I DO own -The plot. I do take request, but not OC...
  • jasontodd
  • redrobin
  • brucewayne
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Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, YJ) by CourtNicxYJ_Robin
Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, Courtney
One shots and shorts that are surrounded around the bat bros: Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Mature content. JayDick, JayTim, JayRoy, TimKon, BirdFlash, Damian a...
  • jaytim
  • brucewayne
  • damianwayne
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Dangerous Love  ➢ Dick Grayson X Reader by JaeJayAda
Dangerous Love ➢ Dick Grayson X ジャネッサ
Being the adopted daughter of Poison Ivy, meant growing up a villian. Being taught to hate The Justice League and their Sidekicks, something changes when meeting the Pla...
  • youngjustice
  • boywonder
  • robin
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Bethany Ford - A Young Justice Novel (Robin/Dick Grayson Romance) [Completed] by bethanygrace2017
Bethany Ford - A Young Justice Bethany Grayson
Bethany Ford isn't your average, everyday teenager. At fifteen, she's already mastered more than 12 fighting styles, mastered the art of street-conning, and is already a...
  • mystery
  • teenage
  • young-justice
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A Murder Of Crows by Blizzardwing47
A Murder Of Crowsby Blitz
He's as silent as a wreath, no one sees him coming until it's too late. His enemies don't survive long, and the few who do are scarred with sights of flashing blades and...
  • youngjustice
  • robin
  • justice
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BatBoy's In The Real World | COMPLETE by Skycrystal23
BatBoy's In The Real World | Lauryn
[COMPLETE] What happens when a girl makes a wish bringing her favourite four batboy's to the real world? It doesn't help that Ellie Allyn wakes up pinned to her bed wit...
  • damianwayne
  • robin
  • timdrake
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How Heroes Fall in Love (Robin X Fem Percy) by DCDemigodTimelord23
How Heroes Fall in Love (Robin X Multi-Fandoms
There was a new girl at Gotham Academy and she is a little strange. Dick takes an interest in the girl and tries to figure out her secret. During a mission, the YJ team...
  • fempercyjackson
  • youngjustice
  • robin
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