Como nos filmes [Completo] by JuliaBT
Como nos filmes [Completo] by Julia B. Teen Fiction
Amelia Clapp seria uma adolescente comum se seu pai não tivesse inventado de se tornar escritor. Na verdade, ela seria uma adolescente comum se as pessoas não tivess...
Sweet Devil [#Wattys2016] by dlviina
Sweet Devil [#Wattys2016] by VIN Fanfiction
"Ga bagus jari-jari cantik ini mengepal lebih bagus kalau ada jari-jari gue di sela-selanya, nah kayak gini" ujar rio sambil menautkan tangannya ditangan mungi...
The Walking Dead Sobreviventes do Brasil by HumbertoBaia
The Walking Dead Sobreviventes do... by Humberto Baia Fanfiction
A epidemia de mortos vivos se alastra por todo mundo. E no Brasil dia após dia a sociedade está em declínio, as instituições governamentais ruíram. Neste fanfic apresent...
My Little Princess by AranaZee
My Little Princess by Ara Zee Teen Fiction
"Ify nggak pergi! Nggak!" Lirihnya, ia menangis kemudian terduduk di lantai. Gabriel yang masih berada di sana bersama lainnya mendekat pada Rio. Shilla, Sivia...
Forelsket // Ryan Lochte by mbartra-
Forelsket // Ryan Lochte by viv Random
A model gymnast and a swimmer, what could possibly happen? SOCIAL MEDIA RYAN LOCHTE FF RIO OLYMPICS
PAG-IBIG SERIES #1: RANEIANA by r e n a Teen Fiction
PAG IBIG SERIES #1 "Ikaw, siya at ako. Pwede ba tayong tatlo?"
Finishing Second (A Klay Thompson Story) by DLittleWriter
Finishing Second (A Klay Thompson... by D.S. Little Fanfiction
Desiree Crawford is a setter for the Women's Indoor Olympic Volleyball team and has her mind focused on leading the team to their first Olympic gold medal in Rio. Becaus...
Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Reader by TinaCun
Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Reader by TinaCun Fanfiction
Hi, this is my first one shot books. I'm a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. If you want request then go ahead. Request any characters from Yugioh Zexal and let me know that yo...
Fearless (Karmaxoc) by EmberRosemj13
Fearless (Karmaxoc) by Ember Rose Fanfiction
Once upon a time is something every child hears before going to sleep. A beginning to a story that insures a happily ever after. However life is not a fairy tale. After...
Best Friend? by itsleirion
Best Friend? by l i l y Fanfiction
"But there is something more than that."
dear karma { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
dear karma { Karma x Nagisa } by a.s Fanfiction
Nagisa is a blue haired, short, college student. He never experienced love, but when he meets his new dorm roommate, that all may change.
Warriors: Pebblescar's Reality by CloudtailGrandmas
Warriors: Pebblescar's Reality by The Most Awesome People You W... Fanfiction
A horror like no other rises up itself in the Clans, causing a disturbance that shakes the forest's roots. Pebblescar, a loyal RiverClan warrior, is loved by all those i...
Learning To Love // River Phoenix by britishair
Learning To Love // River Phoenix by LittleSound Fanfiction
Anastasia Wilder vowed to herself that she would never love anyone. She simply didn't have the time, and she couldn't be bothered by such things. She was a stubborn gi...
Welcome To The Family (A Rio Fanfiction Rewritten) by LilBluCDRG
Welcome To The Family (A Rio Fanfi... by LilBluCDRG Fanfiction
Note. This book is full of my OCs and currently this is the fifth generation of spix macaws in relation to Blu and Jewel's Family Tree. Dark Nova and Andrea are the offs...
Pelangi Cinta (Rify Story) by VinaRise
Pelangi Cinta (Rify Story) by VinaRise Romance
-Ify Alyssa (ify), seorang gadis yang cantik dan ceria. Dia adalah fans fanatic PELANGI. Ohya dia juga siswa yang pintar di sma cendrawasih. Mempunyai tiga sahabat, yait...
Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CelestialWinter
Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanf... by CelestialWinter Fanfiction
BE WARNED. THIS STARTS OUT IN THE CARROT YEARS OK.......You can skip a couple chapters I guess but can also just go to the second book... Lydia. 18. Beautiful. Nice. Sma...
WE KNOW YOU! by TiyanavaLee
WE KNOW YOU! by Tiyanava Lee Fanfiction
Secret Admirer by sridevv
Secret Admirer by Coffeemilk Fanfiction
"Dia pangeran Ken ku" Begitulah Alyssa Lalify si gadis mungil penyuka barbie mendeskripsikan seorang Mario Steven, pemuda dengan milyaran pesona juga sikap kak...
Assassination Classroom [One shots] by HappyVirus223
Assassination Classroom [One shots] by Mhaye~ Fanfiction
The title says it all. I'm just goint to try to make a one shot.
The Genius Trio. by SeijohTrash
The Genius Trio. by ProudYaoiShipper Fanfiction
What if Nakamura transferred back to Kunugigaoka? Karma and Asano are constantly competing with each other. Can Nakamura prove herself to be a worthy rival for those tw...