Finishing Second (A Klay Thompson Story) by DLittleWriter
Finishing Second (A Klay Thompson... by D.S. Little Fanfiction
Desiree Crawford is a setter for the Women's Indoor Olympic Volleyball team and has her mind focused on leading the team to their first Olympic gold medal in Rio. Becaus...
Como nos filmes [Completo] by JuliaBT
Como nos filmes [Completo] by Julia B. Teen Fiction
Amelia Clapp seria uma adolescente comum se seu pai não tivesse inventado de se tornar escritor. Na verdade, ela seria uma adolescente comum se as pessoas não tivess...
dear karma { Karma x Nagisa } by animeshipperr
dear karma { Karma x Nagisa } by a.s Fanfiction
Nagisa is a blue haired, short, college student. He never experienced love, but when he meets his new dorm roommate, that all may change.
My Little Princess by AranaZee
My Little Princess by Ara Zee Teen Fiction
"Ify nggak pergi! Nggak!" Lirihnya, ia menangis kemudian terduduk di lantai. Gabriel yang masih berada di sana bersama lainnya mendekat pada Rio. Shilla, Sivia...
Mendadak Pacar by HagiDB
Mendadak Pacar by Hagi D Bastian [hiatus] Humor
Rio adalah seorang siswa SMA kelas XII jurusan IPS yang mempunyai dua orang sahabat. David, seorang gitaris band ganteng yang merupakan ladies magnet di sekolah, namun D...
Forelsket // Ryan Lochte by mbartra-
Forelsket // Ryan Lochte by viv Random
A model gymnast and a swimmer, what could possibly happen? SOCIAL MEDIA RYAN LOCHTE FF RIO OLYMPICS
Sweet Devil [#Wattys2016] by dlviina
Sweet Devil [#Wattys2016] by VIN Fanfiction
"Ga bagus jari-jari cantik ini mengepal lebih bagus kalau ada jari-jari gue di sela-selanya, nah kayak gini" ujar rio sambil menautkan tangannya ditangan mungi...
Assassination Classroom [One shots] by HappyVirus223
Assassination Classroom [One shots] by Mhaye~ Fanfiction
The title says it all. I'm just goint to try to make a one shot.
Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by CelestialWinter
Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanf... by CelestialWinter Fanfiction
BE WARNED. THIS STARTS OUT IN THE CARROT YEARS OK.......You can skip a couple chapters I guess but can also just go to the second book... Lydia. 18. Beautiful. Nice. Sma...
My Side [END] by titiksendu_
My Side [END] by j i h a n Fanfiction
Mario Stevano Aditya Haling, cowok ganteng yang menyukai rokok dan bolos sekolah, bertemu dengan gadis cantik bernama Alyssa Saufika yang merupakan gadis pindahan yang i...
Intoxicated by NateezysGirl
Intoxicated by NateezysGirl Fanfiction
Two swimmers; one love. How do you deal with love, fame, your career, and everything in between?
Welcome to Rio, Rio, Rio by PokemonRio
Welcome to Rio, Rio, Rio by || Rio || Random
Enjoy your stay in what is my mind- a mix of Danganronpa and Haikyuu hell, as well as random ideas on how to kill people.
Best Friend? by itsleirion
Best Friend? by l i l y Fanfiction
"But there is something more than that."
Wild Heart || Cameron McEvoy by Xxwannabex
Wild Heart || Cameron McEvoy by XxWannabex Fanfiction
At just 17 Georgie Goodwood, is almost on the Olympic team! When she achieves the dream she finds that training and focussing may be harder than she first thought. When...
Secret Wedding [COMPLETED & REVISED] by nrzdilla
Secret Wedding [COMPLETED & REVISE... by NrzDilla Teen Fiction
Beberapa part diprivate & hanya bisa dibaca oleh followers Tidak ada keterangan lebih lanjut, jika penasaran silahkan mampir Semua, murni karyaku sendiri. Buat plagiat m...
Shut up!!!  (repost: Griselda Dorothi) by anggunkagia
Lost and Found [Harvest Moon: A New Beginning] by Halcyon_Eve
Lost and Found [Harvest Moon: A Ne... by Halcyon_Eve Fanfiction
A Harvest Moon fanfiction. A Wattpad Featured Fanfiction in 2016! Sometimes what has been lost can be found, and sometimes what has been gained can be lost. A new town...
All At Once by catherine-nguyen
All At Once by 📚Catherine📚 ChickLit
Two time Olympic Gymnast Hali Jenkins is out for more than just gold at Rio. With a past history with the Olympic Swim Team, will old history be stirred up and how far...
Love Donuts by berlystories
Beyblade Truth or Dare by Eagle_Aquario
Beyblade Truth or Dare by INACTIVE Fanfiction
i could have put gingka and his goddamn skinny jeans as my cover but nope i am trash for tsubasa otori so here we go. oh right, description. okAY BASICALLy Bladers have...