Masked Lynch by demonic_fangirl
Masked Lynch by Isabella Renee Fanfiction
"Sometimes we hide behind masks because we want to protect ourselves."
Ross Lynch Imagines (Requests Open) by Crazy_Girl_002
Ross Lynch Imagines (Requests Open) by Crazy_Girl_002 Fanfiction
Just some imagines I write in my free time! If you want to request an imagine about Ross Lynch don't be shy! I'll write anything you want, but no smut! Sorry! If you wan...
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1
R5's Little Sister by AMarieV1 Fanfiction
What would happen if R5 had a little sister? What if she ran away? What would happen to R5? What would happen to her? Follow R5's little sister Riley on the adventure sh...
R5 All Setlists of All Time by monicahallr5374
R5 All Setlists of All Time by Monique Hall Fanfiction
R5's setlist from 2012-present time You'll be able to know what venues they've played more than once Who was on the tour with them Some pictures from the shows Music Vid...
Another Lynch (R5 Sister Story) by Lucyboo101
Another Lynch (R5 Sister Story) by BRoast Fanfiction
Ryan Lynch is R5's little sister. She hates it. Hates the fame. Hates the tours. Hates the unfair treatment. But mostly hates the comparison to her siblings. Can she con...
Instagram 2 ~Ross Lynch~ by AHS_R5
Instagram 2 ~Ross Lynch~ by Bloodyface🖤 Fanfiction
1ra temporada en mí perfil Portada por: @not_popular_girl Gracias!!!!💕
On My Own  》R5 Fanfic♡ by R5LetsSmileTonight
On My Own 》R5 Fanfic♡ by Hello Fanfiction
Zara's mother left her family a few month ago. Her father had to take care of Jason, Zara's brother. Her father wanted her to leave and drove her to some friends of his...
R5 Preferences (REQUESTS OPEN) by R5cr8zystupidloveBea
R5 Preferences (REQUESTS OPEN) by 💖😘 B⃟E⃟A⃟ 😘💖 Fanfiction
Requests are open for short time! NO SMUT IN THIS BOOK! I may do another book just for smut if I need to. Please also check out my other book. PM or comment for one
R5 Imagines by Patti2905
R5 Imagines by Patti Fanfiction
Just some random Imagines/One Shots and there might be some preferences as well. Imagines without [Name] in the title include all of R5. I do take requests for imagines...
Forget About You || r.s.l || by spun_sugar
Forget About You || r.s.l || by // LAUREN // Fanfiction
Lauren McGrath is just a normal 17 year old R5 fan. And of course she has her favorite, the Blonde Beauty, Ross Lynch. She goes to their concert one day, and all her wis...
R5 photos by R5familyforever0099
R5 photos by Presley🎤 Random
This is a book full of R5 photos!!!!!
Coach's Daughters  by adonner1loveraura
Coach's Daughters by Angela 🤤😍💍👑💜💙 Romance
A raura, rydellington, rikvannah, relsey, rocknessa, love story. Ryland and Riker are on the hockey team and Ross and Rocky are on the football team where the 2 sisters...
Unknown Number {Rocky Lynch FF// COMPLETED} by ThisGameIsSoNintendo
Unknown Number {Rocky Lynch FF// C... by Rocky's Apothecary ❤️ Fanfiction
Unknown: Ross, I swear to God. I will kill you. Where in the hell is my guitar!? You had it last! Mackenzie🦄:Um. . . this isn't Ross. ----- A simple text changed her w...
By Your Side (+ R5, Riker Lynch) by PS-Cutie-Comes
By Your Side (+ R5, Riker Lynch) by PS: Cutie Comes! Fanfiction
By Your Side - A quite musical love story. When the band R5 announces that they're going to take a two months' break, Katie Walden doesn't really care at all. All she ca...
Fate || Ross Lynch & R5 by lynchftmcvey
Fate || Ross Lynch & R5 by vicky Fanfiction
It's been 6 years and they still look at each other like they put the stars in the sky. cover made by @auratics @allnightshor © 2015
Different, An R5 Little Sister Story by FangurLOL710
Different, An R5 Little Sister Sto... by Jessilou Fanfiction
"We'll always love you. That's a promise, Rei," Riker said. "Yeah, no matter what, we'll always stick together," Ross said. "You can always coun...
wild heart | r.lynch by babydaddywriting
wild heart | r.lynch by babydoll g Fanfiction
audrina clarke & ross lynch are best friends. they go on tour together & everything changes. [ross lynch social media au] [lowercase intended]
I stand by you. Riker Lynch story by DirtyWriting
I stand by you. Riker Lynch story by That's a secret Fanfiction
Chloe is 18 year old and her last school year just started! She is super excidet to meet new people and just have fun! But everything doesn't quite go as she thought it...
R5 Imagines by httprydel
R5 Imagines by callie Fanfiction
r5 imagines/preferences!!
The Girl Across The Street {A Riker Lynch Fan Fiction} by coffeeandwanderlust
The Girl Across The Street {A Rike... by kaelyn Fanfiction
When Katarina Baxter moves to LA for a summer job, she fears running into her childhood neighbor from across the street, whom she hasn't spoken to in six years--since hi...