Wild | John Murphy (COMPLETED) by haechnn
Wild | John Murphy (COMPLETED) by morning light. Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] [THE 100: SEASON 1] [BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL 'LOST'] In a world where survival is key; Nova Shaw learns that to stay alive, in a place where danger l...
Skyfall ✧ John Murphy by Breathe_Me
Skyfall ✧ John Murphy by James Bond Fanfiction
Venus Bartone is one of the 100, the people that were put into the skybox because they were too young to be executed. She was put there because her knowledge on building...
Saturn [BELLAMY BLAKE BOOK 1] by grounderprincess
Saturn [BELLAMY BLAKE BOOK 1] by j.n.p Fanfiction
SATURN . . . "You ever wondered why I started calling you Poison Ivy? Because someday, you will be the death of me." Ivy Ainsworth was put into the Sky Box f...
MEDIA  ▷  BOB MORLEY by lukesyoutube
MEDIA ▷ BOB MORLEY by *.。mads! Fanfiction
( MEDIA. ) ❛ wren jaha is back bitches !! ❜ ( 2016 - 2017. ) social media. bob morley x oc. by lukesyoutube. ...
Red Lighter ✧ John Murphy by Breathe_Me
Red Lighter ✧ John Murphy by James Bond Fanfiction
***Sequel to Skyfall.*** The story of Murphy and Venus had seemingly come to an end after the accident that nearly cost Venus her life. Venus is a very strong human be...
The 100 imagines by Hyperventilatingkid
The 100 imagines by I LOVE SPACE™ Fanfiction
◆ John Murphy ◆ Monty Green ◆ Jasper Jordan ◆ Finn Collins ◆ Bellamy Blake ◆ Raven Reyes ◆ Clarke Griffin ◆ Harper McIntyre ◆ Octavia Blake Requests open Imagin...
OBLIVION ▹ BOB MORLEY ✓ by perfectlystiles
OBLIVION ▹ BOB MORLEY ✓ by — emily Fanfiction
Going To Earth (The 100)  by uncoolwinter
Going To Earth (The 100) by wintz Fanfiction
Being terrified out of her 13 year old mind, and the one of the youngest criminals on the ark; Apollo gets sent down to Earth with the rest of the 99 teenage Ark crimina...
No Way Out ➵ John Murphy by jackieburkharts
No Way Out ➵ John Murphy by hail Fanfiction
❝You're the King and, baby, I'm the Queen of Disaster.❞ Layla Evans was one of the original 100 delinquents sent to the ground and when the Ark came down, she'd do anyth...
HEARTBEAT, b. morley by murderwolves
HEARTBEAT, b. morley by britt <3 Fanfiction
H E A R T B E A T [ SOCIAL MEDIA ] ❛ let me fall asleep to your heartbeat. ❜ [ bob morley ] [ social media au ]
The 100 | Gif Series by deanmonic
The 100 | Gif Series by -ˏˋ sierra ˊˎ- Random
POETRY | RICHARD HARMON ✔️ by deathlies
POETRY | RICHARD HARMON ✔️ by ' lau ' Fanfiction
POETRY | RICHARD HARMON in which she writes poetry and he reads every single word and falls in l o v e #543 FF #1 RICHARD HARMON TAG DEATHLIES 2016 [COMPLETED]
Moonshine || Murven by bellamywanheda
Moonshine || Murven by Bellamy.wanheda Fanfiction
It has been four years since Praimfaya destroyed the world and forced a group of teenagers up into space. A lot can happen over four years. After falling into a dark hol...
ODYSSEY by opheliaes
ODYSSEY by — kaye cee Romance
[ BOB MORLEY ] She said, ❝ Where'd you wanna go? How much you wanna risk? I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts, some superhero, some fairytale bliss...
guys my age ❨chris wood ❩ by uhhbambi
guys my age ❨chris wood ❩ by ⠀ Fanfiction
" guys my age don't know how to " female oc x chris wood female oc x richard harmon started: 11.15.17 ended: tba ...
Spark Of Madness by RiddleMeThisMrNygma
Spark Of Madness by Murphy's Delinquent Fanfiction
"You're only given a little spark of madness - don't lose it" When an Arsonist meets a Lunatic, the outcome could be lethal. When John Murphy finds Avalon Cal...
Through Different Eyes ||Alycia Debnam Carey|| by punkymonkeyscience
Through Different Eyes ||Alycia De... by Maia Fanfiction
Alycia and Y/n had been best friends, but they'd been separated at a young age. Alycia thrived, becoming successful and productive. Y/n fell behind, losing all care for...
instagram | Alycia Debnam Carey  [ON HOLD] by fearlessheda
instagram | Alycia Debnam Carey [... by lexa ♡ Fanfiction
@arianahale: my face when i watch t100 and see lexa and her beauty @alyciajasmin: your face is cute .: social media series; book 1 :. ©FEARLESSHEDA [this story is on hol...
Lost | John Murphy (ON HOLD) by haechnn
Lost | John Murphy (ON HOLD) by morning light. Fanfiction
[SEQUEL TO WILD | JOHN MURPHY] [THE 100: SEASON 2] [ON HOLD] Nova has been to hell and back, fighting to survive in a world of danger. Now lost and seemingly alone, Nova...
Strawberry. Ricky Whittle - Social Media. by Kelly183
Strawberry. Ricky Whittle - Social... by Kelly Teen Fiction
@Ellieknight: Why does the 100 like to break my heart? RIP Lincoln. @Rickywhittle: sorry strawberry, never meant to break your heart. {Ricky Whittle x oc} I think I'...