The Walk Home - Gerard Butler/OC and Richard Armitage/OC by nightlife94
The Walk Home - Gerard Butler/ nightlife94
Two friends in London are on their way back to their apartment when they're stopped by a man with one thing in mind. Their heroes happen to be their biggest celebrity cr...
  • fan
  • premiere
  • romance
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The tall, handsome stranger by super_fan_girl
The tall, handsome strangerby super_fan_girl
What happens when Megan bumps into the tall, handsome stranger that is Richard Armitage? Will sparks fly as they get to know each other, or will they face some problems?
  • fanfiction
  • stranger
  • tall
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THORIN'S MORNING AFTER || Thorin Oakenshield FanFiction || COMPLETE by kkolmakov
THORIN'S MORNING AFTER || Thorin Katya Kolmakov
There is a Dwarf in your bed, a gorgeous, sleeping, naked Dwarf. Black and silver strands splayed on the pillow, lush thick lashes, prominent straight nose, luscious bea...
  • armitage
  • richard
  • thorinxwren
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Imagines by DMJBelieve
Imaginesby Desiray
Actor Imagines. No Requests at the moment.
  • imagine
  • jensenackles
  • stephenamell
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A Willing Heart by MorrighansMuse
A Willing Heartby MorrighansMuse
Aleanna always thought she was just a seamstress living in a small town south of Erebor. But when Thorin Oakenshield sweeps through town searching for work after Erebor...
  • erebor
  • armitage
  • love
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Shadow in the North by EmMarlow
Shadow in the Northby Emma
What if a work of fiction wasn't fiction at all? What if we only thought it was fiction because it was written down, and we were separated from it by the page? Isabel Da...
  • hale
  • gaskell
  • timehop
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"Love in the Great Pine Woods" by Gratiana Lovelace (2015-2016) by GratianaLovelace
"Love in the Great Pine Woods" Gratiana Lovelace
The year is 1955. At the age of 45 years, Samuel "Sam" Wakeforest has everything a man could ever want--a tight knit extended family, blue skies, land that ta...
  • richardarmitage
  • postwar
  • drama
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Eyes of Desire (A Thorin Oakenshield love story) by nightlife94
Eyes of Desire (A Thorin nightlife94
Regan, a girl who loves her books and trips, is ready togo in her annual family trip to Florida to escape the cold winter months in Michigan. When something unexpected h...
  • thorinoakenshieldsmut
  • mature
  • tolkien
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A Future for Sparkhouse by jayne2006
A Future for Sparkhouseby jayne2006
A story for anyone who wanted the lovely John Standring to have a future. I wrote this to lay some ghosts after watching Sparkhouse (more than once!) and feeling like I...
  • richardarmitage
  • standring
  • armitage
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A good day to die by Intothemoonlicht
A good day to dieby Intothemoonlicht
Life in Locksley was easy, until the sheriff and Guy of Gisborne ruined everything. They killed your mother and took all freedom away. Its horrible, until Robin Hood and...
  • sheriff
  • love
  • xreader
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"Encouragement", A Regency Love Story, by Gratiana Lovelace, 2016 by GratianaLovelace
"Encouragement", A Regency Love Gratiana Lovelace
Lady Madeline Lucretia Sinclair's very proper maternal grandmother Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott advises her that all a gentleman needs from a lady to offer for her is a l...
  • regency
  • richardarmitage
  • romance
The King's Daughter by HobbitLover1234
The King's Daughterby Theresa-Marie Armstrong
Rosie is the only daughter of Thorin Oakenshield, her mother was killed by Azog or so everyone thought Rosie joins her father on the quest to reclaim their homeland.
  • thorinoakenshield
  • suricruize
  • richardarmitage
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The Infection by batchofhiddles
The Infectionby batchofhiddles
This takes place less than a year into the apocalypse in San Francisco, where the Infected are the ones you need to fear. They are savage, flesh-eating beasts that act a...
  • benedictcumberbatch
  • adrienbrody
  • cassiehansen
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Richard Armitage Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Richard Armitage Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Richard Armitage and all of his characters' imagines.
  • robinhood
  • thorin
  • adventure
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A Fangirl's Dream: The Beginning (Richard & Nives 1) by LadyAngelEnglish
A Fangirl's Dream: The Beginning ( Lady Angel English version
A fangirl's dream is to meet her idol - actor, singer, athlete, it doesn't matter - and to capture his attention until he falls in love with her: let's admit it! XD Even...
  • romanticism
  • richardarmitage
  • explicitsexualcontent
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Time to Shine by bluehorse4545
Time to Shineby AriaBlue
When Aria flees from a killer she is transported to Middle Earth. Waking up to partying Hobbits, she meets a young Bilbo Baggins and discovers that sometimes fate turns...
  • epic
  • thorin
  • tauriel
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Broken Heart's (Sir Guy Fanfic) by Montana22Harwood
Broken Heart's (Sir Guy Fanfic)by Tana Rain
Sirius is a girl that keeps to herself. When Guy of Gisborne moves with his family to Locksley, he meets a girl. The girl doesn't really like him, but she gives him a c...
  • wattys2017
  • robinhood
  • richardarmitage
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A Love Worth Dying For || Thorin Oakenshield ~ The Hobbit ~ Completed by nightlife94
A Love Worth Dying For || Thorin nightlife94
"Will you have peace or war?" Bard shouts. Thorin looks off into the distance, back to the company and as a raven lands next to him, he grins stating, "I...
  • thebattleoffivearmies
  • thehobbit
  • thorinoakenshield
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Adopted by the Greek Gods by BeatrixLysandra
Adopted by the Greek Godsby Beatrix Lysandra
A young girl suffering from depression after her mother dies gets adopted by the Greek Gods. Follow along as she learns to love again
  • hermes
  • jonathanrhyesmeyers
  • davidgandy
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My Wish(Richard Armitage love story) by rhiannonluv101
My Wish(Richard Armitage love Rhiannon Casey
Rhiannon has the perfect life, the perfect friends, and even the perfect boyfriend. She has always gotten what she has wanted except one thing, someone to love her for w...
  • richardarmitage