All These Years by franchezkook1101
All These Years by Franchezka 🐰🍪
Anniversary Gift ko sa Lahat ng Bumabasa at Sumusuporta ng Story ko. Salamat ng marami!! =)
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"Mi nueva niñera"~C.V y Tú~ 1°y 2°Temporada by Abrilrac
"Mi nueva niñera"~C.V y Tú~ 1°y 2°... by Abrilrac
1°Temporada....⤵(Terminada) Él es christopher vélez y ella es ____ ____ su niñera. ¿Qué pasaría si christopher se enamorara de su niñera? ¿A ella le pasara lo mismo? ¿Ll...
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Devil for a husband by Mercy198
Devil for a husband by Mercy kalu
"You can't force me to marry you! " I said firmly, making sure there is no trace of fear in my voice but it was pretty much hard to read this guy's expression...
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Enamorado De Mi Hermano |JoErick|❤ by NaniXJoerickCPX
Enamorado De Mi Hermano |JoErick|❤ by Nicol 💕💖
Ellos amigos desde la infancia, pero hay un secreto que los une desde su nacimiento. Joel se enamora de Erick pero cree que no es lo correcto y se aleja pero Erick sufre...
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Arranged Marriage - Distance (A Nightwing/Dick Grayson Fanfiction) by KaidoKurahana
Arranged Marriage - Distance (A Ni... by Kaido❤️💙🔱
Dad says it's good for business. 'Cause your ex-Marine-daughter marrying someone she barely knows who has a girlfriend, secret life and a dislike for said daughter can o...
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Beating You by Lilohorse
Beating You by Kate
If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mother's deat...
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Walang Label by misstragicprincess
Walang Label by Miss Tragic Princess
"Ano ba ako sayo? Kasi Alden, ang hirap mong basahin eh." Maine sobbed. "May gusto ka ba sa akin? Please sabihin mo na para hindi ako umaasa at para simul...
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My Brothers Best Friend by Yamileth_Cardenas_
My Brothers Best Friend by Yamileth💜
My name? Yamileth. Regular name regular life right? Well, what if I were to tell you my last name was Pimentel? Then everything changes. All of a sudden everyone knows m...
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Safe Haven by xtinkyxbellax16
Safe Haven by xtinkyxbellax16
In an alternate universe, where Maine is trying to run from her past, while Richard is stuck and does not want to move on from his. But then, in everyone's life, there's...
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Playing House (Bahay-Bahayan) by SolunaSky
Playing House (Bahay-Bahayan) by SolunaSky
Highest rank #2 in Fanfiction (August 02-31,2017) An arranged marriage, An unspoken truth, An undeniable attraction, An inspiring love story. "Tell me not of your h...
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The (not so) Sweet Serendipity by AliceCase923
The (not so) Sweet Serendipity by Alice Case
Timing - a particular point or period of time when something happens. In all things, be it in love, career, academics, sports, name it. It is usually timing that...
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Jealous // Be More Chill by gayblep
Jealous // Be More Chill by Bre 🌈💙
A book in which, Michael and Rich date. Jeremy gets jelly. Ships: Michael X Rich Michael X Jeremy Rich X Jake Jeremy X Christine Jake X Jeremy Stagedorks RichJake Expe...
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Fix Us (Completed) by meyndeicm
Fix Us (Completed) by nikomeyn
Does their love story deserves a better ending?
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Con Solo Una Sonrisa (Christopher Vélez & tú) "2da Temporada" by BiancaVanessaDelgado
Con Solo Una Sonrisa (Christopher... by Bianca CNCOwner
Desearía poder hablarle,desearía poder sonreírle,desearía poder abrázala,pero sobre todo desearía poder besarla Su amor,sus besos,su cabello,su mirada,su boca,su aroma...
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Fearless |Joel Pimentel | by official_mariii
Fearless |Joel Pimentel | by official_mariii
My only best friend told me not to fall in love. I "listened" to her. -Mel I promised my self not to fall in love ever again. I "kept" my promise. -J...
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Cuando Todo Cambió © by greenxover
Cuando Todo Cambió © by —s t o c k h o l m
¿Qué si una noche despiertas y todo cambia? ¿Cuáles son las probabilidades de que le ocurriera a Emma? Si era, solo una simple noche con amigos. Richard Manganiello ...
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INSTAGRAM|| Joerick ||Chrisdiel || Vine & Youtube by Larry_HiOops27
INSTAGRAM|| Joerick ||Chrisdiel ||... by 🍟~Potato~🍟
¿Quien iba a pensar que por una recomendación de su mejor amigo conocería al amor de su vida? Y como dicen ¿no?...... Del odio al amor solo hay un paso
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CNCO Imagines by versacecnco
CNCO Imagines by ☁sunflower for halsey☁
Read this fan made book if ✅ you Stan CNCO or any of the members ✅Are mentally in love with any of the CNCO members ✅always imagine what if would be like to spend your l...
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Skyfall ✧ John Murphy by Breathe_Me
Skyfall ✧ John Murphy by James Bond
Venus Bartone is one of the 100, the people that were put into the skybox because they were too young to be executed. She was put there because her knowledge on building...
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Second Chance (Completed) by iAmAnggeL
Second Chance (Completed) by iAmAnggeL
It's been 2 years since the last time Richard and Dei saw each other. It was a painful goodbye. Richard handed to Dei their divorce paper. Though it was Dei who asked...
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