Football One Shots-Imagines and Other Stuff... by MrsJemsGinoble
Football One Shots-Imagines and Ot... by The Olympiacos Girl Random
The top stars play in other leagues ,the best players go where the money is.-Oliver Bierhoff It is not the strong one that wins,the one that wins is strong.-Franz Becken...
Einmal [Marco Reus] by Floraly89
Einmal [Marco Reus] by Mercy Florys Fanfiction
Wenn's schon schiefgeht, dann gleich richtig. Erst wird Stella von ihrem Freund betrogen, dann lässt sie sich frustriert auf eine Nacht mit einem ihr fremden Mann ein. ...
| Instagram | by XimenaVG6
| Instagram | by Paola✨ Random
Un viejo amor regresara para poner su mundo de cabeza.
settle down // marco reus by marcinhoe
settle down // marco reus by aria reus ☀ Fanfiction
"sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." © marcinhoe completed 2/10/15
wieder zurück ..  Marco Reus FF by lauryyy___
wieder zurück .. Marco Reus FF by lauryyy___ Fanfiction
Man will dem anderen in seinem Leben nicht mit seinen eigenen Plänen im Weg stehen .. Kennt ihr das? Zurück stecken, dafür das es den anderen gut geht? & dann wenn man s...
Proud To Be Yours | Marco Reus  by gtfotrin
football [zodiac] by lpiszczek
football [zodiac] by teodora Fanfiction
since zodiac and football are my two great loves i decided to put them in one book
Black and Yellow Together with Red (Goetzeus) by MissSoccer7
Black and Yellow Together with Red... by MissSoccer7 Fanfiction
What would you do when you heard your best friend saying he loves you? Well, Marco gets mad at Mario for lying to him all these years. But he doesn't realize what he has...
That WAG Life {A Neymar Jr Fanfic} by cloudedcorners
That WAG Life {A Neymar Jr Fanfic} by cloudedcorners Fanfiction
His lips curled with undeniable confidence. His eyes twinkled with mischief. His strides towards me were long and slow. Like a predator approaching a prey. I was falling...
trust ▪reus  by boreussadortmund
trust ▪reus by boreussadortmund Fanfiction
In which a young woman learns that sometimes you're going to fall, and just have to trust someone to catch you. Alessandra always thought that if you wanted something, y...
Jude || reus by desmadres
Jude || reus by guty galavyz Fanfiction
everyone thought marco reus was in love with a man.
Groupchat 2|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat 2|BVB09| by Kirah Fanfiction
After Candace and Marco have a baby things change quickly while shinji kagawa breaks the news of "dating Marco's sister".
Fußballprofi oder glücklich? by reusmichelle11
Fußballprofi oder glücklich? by Michelle Fanfiction
Die 21- jährige Schwester von Erik Durm zieht zu ihm nach Dortmund mit dem Ziel Profifußballerin zu werden. Wäre da nicht der beste Freund von Erik. Sie hätte nie gedac...
München | Robert Lewandowski by spcrosby
München | Robert Lewandowski by e l l e ♕ Fanfiction
Munich, the place for Oktoberfest, beer, beautiful architecture, and maybe, a little bit of love. (under editing-very, very, very slowly)
Football preferences by Ajla-TVD
Football preferences by Zquad❤ Random
Following Neymar jr, Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Aaron Ramsey
Germany: - Emre Can - Erik Durm - Julian Draxler - Kevin Trapp - Manuel Neuer - Marco Reus - Mats Hummels - Mesut Özil ...
Football Groupchat  by SherlockIsNotOnFire
Football Groupchat by JustAnotherDanosaur Fanfiction
"50 Shades Of Shinji" What happens when a duplicate of Gerard Pique gets added to the groupchat?
Football Preferences by fthiss
Football Preferences by mimi Fanfiction
Football preferences I really appreciate feedback and requests :) -R. Lewandowski- -M. Bartra- -C. Ronaldo- -L. Messi- -Neymar Jr.- -G. Bale- -M. Reus- -J. Draxler- -A...
A Little Lie | Marco Reus/Erik Durm by Abitlikelove
A Little Lie | Marco Reus/Erik Durm by Abitlikelove Fanfiction
Mila is a sweet and innocent 19 year old girl, she's never been kissed, never been touched, never even had a real boyfriend. But when a dare turns everything around, she...
It was meant to happen (Marco Reus FF) by carolinsouza
It was meant to happen (Marco Reus... by carolinsouza Fanfiction
Scandals, poor performances, women... Famous football player, Marco Reus, was full of problems that desperately needed to end. Albert Wolff, head of Wolff Management, d...