Valterra: Death Awakens by ktflynn
Valterra: Death Awakens by Katie Flynn Fantasy
The Shattering, a cataclysmic battle between the Light and Dark, left most of Valterra's civilization obliterated. Almost five hundred years later, the Dark disrupts the...
The One Whom Started It All [Under Heavy Editing] by WenylenEnriquez-Yuma
The One Whom Started It All [Under... by WenylenEnriquez-Yuma Romance
Furuya Chihiro is a very mysterious boy. Is into dead girls, fanboys over zombies, and technically the owner of a resurrection drink? What else would you want know? Poss...
Love Me Dead: Haunted [BOOK TWO - ON HOLD] by Emmiie
Love Me Dead: Haunted [BOOK TWO... by Emma Lowe Vampire
Chloe Faulkner was a troubled child. And still to this day, trouble seems to find her. After losing her high-school heartthrob and discovering her true power, Chloe seek...
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