You belong to me. [Alec Volturi love story] by EmaJaeger
You belong to me. [Alec Volturi lo... by Anera Romance
Hiding away from everything. Hiding away from everyone. That's what I did all of my immortal life. Because of my powerful gift. Because i was afraid that they would want...
His Little Mate by Black_Culture
His Little Mate by Black_Culture Fanfiction
Carlisle Cullen love story
Funny ~ Wolf Pack  by Wolf_Queen_101
Funny ~ Wolf Pack by The Angel's Devil Fanfiction
"Let me get this straight. You guys can change into huge fluffy mutts and the Cullen's are vampires that sparkle in the sun. God that is too funny!" "Oh m...
Renesmee's Twin Sister by Pllandthg4
Renesmee's Twin Sister by Pllandthg4 Fanfiction
What if Bella had twins? Beautiful baby Renesmee and who else Read to find out. Please read my book All credits go to Stephanie Myers except her twin Please no hate this...
Lost Moon by chey0000
Lost Moon by chey0000 Fanfiction
What if Renesmee had a sister? Her sister, being full human was given up at such a young age, which was a difficult decision for the Cullen's. What if Renesmees sister...
In the Darkness (Alec Volturi) by ActingQueen18
In the Darkness (Alec Volturi) by ActingQueen8 Fanfiction
One day not so long ago a baby girl was born. Just minutes later another baby girl was born in the firsts shadow, so in the shadows the second flourished. It was like th...
Salvation~ Jasper Hale [1] by Jdavis55
Salvation~ Jasper Hale [1] by ☁️Queen Of Clouds☁️ Fanfiction
Anastasia Cullen abandoned as a baby in the forest founded by Rosalie Hale and raised as a Cullen. She's Jasper's blood singer. Jasper has always been cautious with her...
The second child by Musiclife23
The second child by Izzy Fanfiction
Renesmee was not the only child of Bella Cullen. She has a twin; Fawn Lucy Cullen. She gets imprinted on by one of the wolves who recently joined Jacob's pack. Bella is...
Invisible (Carlisle Cullen x OC) by AlexisNicoles
Invisible (Carlisle Cullen x OC) by CarlisleArcives Vampire
Read the story and find out how a Not-so-Normal teen falls In love with the Leader of the Cullen Clan. This story takes place after BD, Carlisle has no mate, because Esm...
Twilight; Lost sister by Nini116
Twilight; Lost sister by Lost Fanfiction
While saving his brother's girlfriend from the hands of a bloodthirsty vampire, Emmett ends up finding his little sister who is terrified of everything. What happens whe...
Renesmees Sister (A Twilight Crossover) by TWolfG
Renesmees Sister (A Twilight Cross... by TWolfG Fanfiction
What if Renesmee had a twin sister but not as they thought they would ? What if Kara Zor-El was found by the Cullens when Krypton was destroyed and now is Renesmees sis...
mute ( twilight saga ) by --timeless
mute ( twilight saga ) by THE GRINCH Fanfiction
mute. ( alistair x oc ) ( june 2017 ) ( --timeless© ) ( twilight fanfic award winner for best nomad fic )
Cameron Cullen by QueenofOTPS
Cameron Cullen by SilverQueen Fanfiction
I am Cameron Jazsalie Cullen the daughter of Edward Cullen and Isabella Cullen nee Swan. I am also the sister of Renesmee Carlie Cullen and Mackenzie Emmalice Cullen, we...
Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen {Book 1} by AnnLunar
Mercy Cullen: The Other Cullen {Bo... by AnnLunar Fanfiction
When she was born, nobody could hear her heartbeat. Her thoughts were blocked by a shield. Assumed to be dead, Mercy Elizabeth Cullen spent 1 1/2 days in a box undernea...
Stubborn (Jasper Hale Story) by Cayla_Brooke
Stubborn (Jasper Hale Story) by Brooke Fanfiction
Bella Swan's cousin, Emma Jenkins, is visiting Forks, WA for the first time in three years. She was born a werewolf, but at the age of twenty she was turned into a vampi...
Renesmee's Twin Sister by kchas2202
Renesmee's Twin Sister by kchas2202 Fanfiction
Is Renesmee's twin sister, Elizabeth in the background? Is she a blood singer or a mate to one of the volturi -guard member? Does she have a power? If so is more powerfu...
Naomi-Mae: The Second Renesmee by JazzyWriterxxx
Naomi-Mae: The Second Renesmee by X Fanfiction
ALL CHAPTERS ARE EDITED At the same time that Renesmee was born, so was her twin sister. She wasn't expected, no one saw her coming, things won't be the same with two of...
Traditional. [Jasper Hale] by SiriuslyStilinski
Traditional. [Jasper Hale] by Bre Fanfiction
"i was just a casualty to you. isn't that right, major?" "you know that you were so much more than that." "do i?" [jasper hale x female OC]
Dreams | e.c by -lexusmckenna
Dreams | e.c by lexus Fanfiction
"You're telling me the dreams I have, actually happen?" "Pretty much." "Well shit." Edward Cullen | Book 1 | Twilight Cover by: meme-trashb...
The Return Of A Cullen by Alice_Mikealson
The Return Of A Cullen by Alice Fanfiction
Cassie is Renesmee’s twin sister; Cassie was put into foster care when she was 4 months old for a reason. 15 years later Esme and Carlisle adopted Cassie, will Cassie fi...