The Villain#The2017Awards#RoseAwards by Bird_of_Passenger
The Villain#The2017Awards#RoseAwar... by Ruby Rover Romance
Highest rank #14 in romance. In every story there is a hero, heroin and a villain. And this story is about THE VILLAIN who falls for a simple girl. He forced her to ma...
Journey of lost love馃挀馃槉... Abhigya's Life by suba30
Journey of lost love馃挀馃槉... Abhigy... by Suba 馃槉馃挄 Fanfiction
It's painfully unbelievable how the most beautiful moments of my life with him can be so closely followed by the tears of the worst....馃挊馃挊 ............. My tears are st...
You Could be the ONE by Khwaish98
You Could be the ONE by Khwaish98 Romance
Every heart desires a special someone. it's like they are the one who fill up all the empty spaces of your life and makes it worth living. They make you smile, They make...
I am possessive...Very very possessive by srithabhya
I am possessive...Very very posses... by srithabhya Fanfiction
Hi first story....with lots of twist and turns.....important chapters are made private....*need to follow to read*..... It's a story on ABHIGYA...About the...
 Locked Hearts by AuthorMae
Locked Hearts by Mae Spiritual
[The book needed to be heavily edited and I don't have time to do so!! Please bear with me] Alhumdulillah!! #10 in Spiritual (06/12/16) Azreea Hasan the cute innocent yo...
manan ff- rishte (soon)  by strawberrrrypie
manan ff- rishte (soon) by strawberrrrypie Fanfiction
This a story of manan and kyy cast but a different one read to know more about...... Manik father of naman, and nandini mother of manvi read the story to know more.....
Forced Marriage by EmmaKellar911
Forced Marriage by Eman Khan Fanfiction
Katniss and Peeta hate each other.But what happens when the situations or circumstances around them compell them to marry each other.Will they ever love each other? or J...
YOU CHANGED MY LIFE(COMPLETED) by anushasmart Fanfiction
its about two people who parted away because of trust issues... hw they came to know the truth?... how they mend their love?how was their love story?.... a lovely story...
Sex School by PleaseNoPleaseDont
Our Family Nest by HiddenInTheEpic
Our Family Nest by Arshia saif Kayanat Random
Some of the readers said that they are confused about the families of the books. So, it is decided to publish this book for erase all confusions. There are 7 families in...
Enemies with Benefits by FTSKfan1108
Enemies with Benefits by FTSKfan1108 Teen Fiction
He looked at me like I was supposed to agree. Did he honestly expect me to think that it was a good idea? Think again, buddy. I may be not the smartest, but I am no idio...
The Bad One by pinkunicorns07
The Bad One by :) Teen Fiction
Love is seriously a bitch. Life is totally an asshole. And I learned the hard way that bitches and assholes go very well together. --- When Talia Waterson gets...
Sacred Guardian - Book 3 of Werewolves Downunder by robbigee
Sacred Guardian - Book 3 of Werewo... by robbigee Werewolf
Book three in the Were series. Chrissy had reached out with her senses to touch all members of the Pack that was now hers to watch over. In doing so she inadvertently to...
Overwatch brothers and sisters by Astarlow
Overwatch brothers and sisters by Astarlow Fanfiction
Overwatch and Talon agents find their brothers/sisters after years of separation. How will they react?
The Unknown Power by bharvi19
The Unknown Power by Bharvi Fanfiction
Its fanfic about roshni walia, siddhart nigam and faisal khan.Wat if a celebrity girl has an unknown power? Wat will be the struggles in her life?wat pains she has?will...
Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(Swasan fs) by mars_111
Sanskar Ki Sanskari Swara(Swasan f... by mars_111 Fanfiction
Two strangers tied by destiny. They have their own lives and are opposite to each other. How they are going to manage when they will live alone away from family.
Heartly talks by angelshiva
Heartly talks by shivi Miglani Random
Highest ranking : 304 in poetry This book contains quotes, poetry, little tales and heart talks . Give it a try,Hope u all will enjoy reading it. My favourites one is...
!!Humsaffar!!- Rosid Fanfiction by AngelAishwarya
!!Humsaffar!!- Rosid Fanfiction by AngelAishwarya Fanfiction
A story of two lives, with the traditions and cultures of their families they wanted to keep the feelings for each other. In between Love, friendship, relationship and L...
Feelings is our Language (RagLak) by astra07
Feelings is our Language (RagLak) by astra07 Fanfiction
The story of the cop in USA and the simple Indian village girl. both of them language is different, their way of life is different.... How they can understand e...
My Fake Boyfriend by candypops3
My Fake Boyfriend by 路路-\-路\-路-\-路\---\路--\-路 Random
Ella Gabrielle, first day nya sa St. Joseph Academy. 'Di nya afford ang mapag-isa at kailangan nyang maka-hanap ng kaibigan. Nung nakilala nya sila Imee Salvador and Jan...