Boot Camp | ✓ by ginawriter
Boot Camp | ✓by gina
Always the last person picked in gym class when she was in high school and the first person to complain about running just one mile, infamously unathletic Whitney Carmic...
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Memes by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memesby Rose Gold Badass
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in person...
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Silhouette by HermyneKhaling
Silhouetteby no_crap
Currently #1 in Teen Fiction [Completed] You either hate him without a second thought or love him with all of you. There is no middle ground when it comes to Xavier. He...
  • highschool
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Everything I Never Said by feliciaing
Everything I Never Saidby Felicia Ing
❝This is the love I fail to say. One that caused him to go away, for our love was never made to stay.❞ - all of the poems are mine :) #1 in Poetry since 26/05/17 ! Than...
  • life
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A Year Around the Sun by sabbbycat
A Year Around the Sunby ✨ sabine ✨
"This is a story about our love. An intoxicating, fast-paced love that didn't think of time as a source of measurement over the course of a summer that changed my l...
  • boy
  • summer
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Zodiac Signs! (EDITING) by avengefandoms
Zodiac Signs! (EDITING)by Jenny ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ
Just a book filled with Zodiac Signs! {Tumblr/Google/Instagram Post} BOOK 2 IS UP♡
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East & Southeast Asian Problems by LuunaaPhase
East & Southeast Asian Problemsby ★ Lily Pham ✿
Stories about sensitive topics regarding East/Southeast Asian problems, issues many East/Southeast Asians can relate to, information to educate people about East & South...
  • southeastasia
  • proudtobeasian
  • southeastasianstereotypes
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Broken by Qiffy_
Brokenby Qiffy
HIGHEST RANKING #4 in poetry TOP 10 FOR 57 DAYS Life is not all smooth sailing. This book contains my emotions, thoughts and some 'short stories' that depict parts of m...
  • violent
  • crying
  • suicidal
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99 things: You Know You're an Otaku When... by paper-rose
99 things: You Know You're an Salma Xx
99 relatable otaku problems, issues and emotions. You know you're an otaku when you can relate to these things.
  • otaku
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•Opposites Don't Attract• [JJK Fanfiction] by BTSAJ11
•Opposites Don't Attract• [JJK 🖤
ONGOING "We're the complete opposite, how would we fall in love?" Admin: @_Honestly_Dead_ [HIGHEST RANK] #385 in Fanfiction
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Tumblr Posts by crystalaina101
Tumblr Postsby xoxo, crystal rose.
Enjoy ^•^ All credits to owners -*- Highest ranking - #87 in Random {*•* ahh!}
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Living With That... ; Adrienette AU by MIRACULOUSNESS
Living With That... ; Adrienette AUby ☍ Ϟ
[HIGHEST RANKING: #8] When your eccentric mother catches the eye of a famous hot model's rich father that's when you know to run. Abort mission, I repeat, abort mission...
  • famous
  • chatnoir
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Girls Only 2 by Jaffacake30
Girls Only 2by Jaffacake30
New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 If you loved Girls Only! you'll definitely love Girls Only 2. Funny posts that only us girls can relate to, this is not the place for you if...
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Relatable posts 2! by Jaffacake30
Relatable posts 2!by Jaffacake30
New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Welcome to Relatable posts 2! The place for everyone living the sloth life- slouching and snacking away watching endless hours of TV. This b...
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Percy Jackson Jokes & Headcanons by SparklesReader
Percy Jackson Jokes & Headcanonsby SparklesReader
Book of jokes and headcanons about PJO and relatable fandoms stuff. Basically, my collection of favorite jokes because I can't write. Read it if you want, or not, it doe...
  • fandom
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Raising the Stakes; Zelink Coffee Shop AU (The Legend Of Zelda) by Sheikahzen
Raising the Stakes; Zelink Sheikahzen
Zelda is an aspiring author who likes going to coffee shops for her inspiration. Forced to move away from her town, and her beloved coffee shop, she must find another...
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Tumblr Text Posts! by jenster2
Tumblr Text Posts!by jenster2
Relatable and Hilarious tumblr text posts!
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Relatable posts! by caitlinperriam
Relatable posts!by Caitlin Perriam Xx
If I drink alcohol I'm an alcoholic, soooo if I drink Fanta, does that make me Fantastic? VOTE :-) COMMENT:-) SHARE:-) FOLLOW:-) READ! Caitlin:)
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Types Of People On Wattpad by howto_
Types Of People On Wattpadby e l l a
Wattpad is like a dysfunctional family that seems to have a family gathering all year round... And some of them write stories. What I'm trying to say is that there are...
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caramel - l.s by daaamngina
caramel - l.sby idfk
"So, if I send a dick pic and you screenshot it, which one of us is gay?" "Get out."
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