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Hello everyone! Well to start off with my name is Katelynn. (: Well there's not that many interesting things to tell about myself but a few things that do come to mind are, - I'm 18 years old. - Wattpad is my addiction. - Reading and writing is pretty much all I do. (Sad I know.) - Music is a must. - I'm painfully shy. - I wouldn't even be mad if school didn't exist. - Boys make me stutter. - I can't see without my glasses. Well that's a little bit about me. I'm an interesting person I know, please note my sarcasm. I would also like to thank everyone who reads/comments/votes for my stories. You have no idea how much it means to me, I appreciate it so much. Thanks again. x Katelynn ❤
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Hey guys, I'm Alyzza y'all can call me A.j. I'm 17 and I love to do nothing all day long (I know I'm amazing! ) Follow me on Instagram if y'all like Alyzza_segovia and kik me at a.j_payne if y'all would like to talk about anything!
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HI guys! I just read books non stop! My first book is called Mistreated and Rejected the next book is called Abused and Forgotten. If you have read any of my books please feel free to COMMENT! |...............| Put this on your |...............| page if you have |............O| ever pushed a |...............| door that says pull ♀+♀=♥ GENDER ♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T ♂+♀=♥ MATTER -Jay
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Hi there, there are probably billions of things I could tell you about myself but I am going to limit it down to the really important stuff. I am a sophomore in college! I would love to say that its just like in the movies... but it is not. I have lots of homework and spend most of my days at work; though that sounds rough I would never give up my college experience! College is the best thing that has happened to me. I am a short, introverted, story writing girl with high hopes for the future. By high hopes I mean I would love to become a best selling author by night and a lawyer by day. That is something I will never give up on! In my spare time I like to have TV Show Marathons because I am a super cool kid with a big social life and that is my thing. I am super obsessed with The Selection series and with that revelation... I need to learn on how to budget my money better because I would honestly spend all of it on books. My wattpad bestie is @ClaireRenee check her out she is awesome!
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Things you need to know about me: My name's Sabrina. I'm seventeen. Pisces sun, Aquarius moon. I'm a senior in high school. I joined Wattpad when I was in the seventh grade. I like romance stories and classics, which makes Jane Austen my favorite author of all time. Things you don't need to know about me: I like playing the Sims. My favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray. I want to be a psychiatrist. My attitude is "idgaf" but my personality is "I'm fragile and cry a lot". I'm very attracted to Leos and if you haven't noticed, I'm very into astrology. Message me if you want/need to know anything! Ta ta for now, I love you guys. ❤️
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Don't mind me. I'm just a young writer who's been slacking. Be as critical with your comments as you like. I know I'm not the best at writing, and I'd love to learn and grow! Feel free to message me if you need writing advice! I may be able to give you a few pointers. Don't worry, you won't be bothering me at all! I'm happy to talk to you! Thanks for all the love, readers! *Hiatus* Contact me: Email:
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Hi guys. here is some facts about myself 1.I hate long upload waiting periods. 2. I love stories when people get together with who they are supposed to. 3. My stories are always connected to something that many people have experienced in some way. 4. I don't do sex scenes. 5. I don't tolerate online bulling or hating. There is a difference between someone giving constructive criticism and just being an ass. Build people up and don't break someone spirit. 6. Private Message me if you would like me to read your books. Please don't spam my walls. 7. I am dyslexic. For years I struggled with dyslexia, not knowing what it was or how much it affected my capacity. I figured out that I was when I read a book and Richard Branson described the challenges it caused him. I thought, wow that sounds familiar.That was the start to figuring out that hey maybe there is an answer to explain this fog that is in my head. So if you or anyone has trouble adding numbers, can't spell, or has trouble reading and interpreting information, google dyslexic. It can be the difference between remaining in a confused fog or seeing the world in it's complete fullness. I want to be writer that creates amazing stories. The kind where people think on them years later and smile in memory because somehow, my stories has stayed with them. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and that you love them as much I do. _____________________________________________________________________________ I have been interview:!p=1 _____________________________________________________________________________ The following users have plagiarized my works. They have done so by either stealing key concepts, ideas or extracted sentences paragraphs or chapters. TasniaAnchorette.
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I write stories. I love wolves, teen wolf, one direction, shadowhunters, harry potter, TMI, PJO, how to get away with murder and Supernatural
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I'm not really a writer, per say. But as a part of my bucket list, I have said I would write a novel of some sort. So here I am, doing just that. It's not the best, but its something I am accomplishing. You don't learn anything unless you get uncomfortable with life. And this is me, being uncomfortable.
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•Elle •I am in love with Niklaus Mikaelson/Joseph Morgan •1999 •Fil-Chi ♫Music is my life ♪ Singers are my inspiration ♬Lyrics are my story •I like eating salty raisins, •I am a TVD fangirl. •1D and 5SOS are my life. •Ariana is the most beautiful girl in the planet earth. •Selena is my world. •All Time Low is my guilty pleasure. •Salvatore and Mikaelson brothers own my heart. •Magcon is the most wonderful people I've ever known. •Kol Mikaelson is my inspiration 1D • 5SOS • Merrell Twins • Selena • Magcon • KianandJc • Zoella • Shawn • LM • Ariana • Hayes • Joker Fun fact: Barney Stinson is the perv version of Elijah Mikaelson. JokerxHarley is my otp Lex Luthor is my hubby Klaus Mikaelson is my life TVD is life ••• >>I don't take translations •I'm so confused, what's the meaning of calm, patience and sleep again?• Second Account: @cartersauce_ ♀+♀= ♥ GENDER ♂+♂= ♥ DOESN'T ♂+♀= ♥ MATTER Love has no limits ♥ Love wins twitter: hello_elle27 instagram: michelledy__ sc: elle.sophia email: ☭Writing is my escape from reality.☭ ~I can't be anyone, but myself~ Ellexx