BEST FRIEND | STAN by tonkinluv
BEST FRIEND | STAN by daenerys Fanfiction
Two best friends. One is hopelessly in love with the other. The other has no clue. |SOCIAL MEDIA FANFIC|
Supergirl Preferences and Imagines by punkymonkeyscience
Supergirl Preferences and Imagines by Clad Inplaid Fanfiction
Mainly female characters and Winn because Winn is adorable and should be protected at all costs. Mon-El will not be written for because he's a douchebag and I hate him...
Alaina by GhostlyWonder
Alaina by GhostlyWonder Fanfiction
Things aren't always what they seem.
The Empress' Gambit by sennalily
The Empress' Gambit by Senna Black Fantasy
For two years, Philomena has been separated from the man she loves. Now, to save his life, she must return to the imperial court of the Jovani Empire, and outwit one of...
Royal Blood | Francis Valois | #Wattys2017 by vo1dstiles
Royal Blood | Francis Valois | #Wa... by vo1dstiles Fanfiction
"Nothing, not even the royal blood that coursed through their veins, could ever stop the affectionate feelings the two royals had for each other." [COMPLETED] ...
Bastards in Love**Sebastian de Poitiers (Completed) by Winchester_Sister_
Bastards in Love**Sebastian de Poi... by Winchester_Sister_ Fanfiction
"What's wrong? Did I assume something?" "No. It's just that, you were right I'm not the girl you thought I am. I'm way different than you imagine." ...
Reasons To Ship by AlysiaOlivas
Reasons To Ship by Alysia Olivas Fanfiction
Reasons why you should ship a couple
Needed You (nick robinson) by jakesfitzgeralds
Needed You (nick robinson) by samarah ! Fanfiction
in which a girl needed her boyfriend the most but he wasn't there. And 1 year later he's trying to get her back
The Dream Keeper's Dragon by AlinaKG
The Dream Keeper's Dragon by Alina Fantasy
In the kingdom of Highfire, you can pack an entire house into one suitcase, grow a vegetable in a second, and have an intriguing conversation with a tree that is four ti...
Regal [Sebastian De Poitiers] by FelixValois
Regal [Sebastian De Poitiers] by FelixValois Fanfiction
|1st Place Diamond Winner of the Gem Awards 2017!| A quiet knock shook her out of her gloom. She hesitated on the door knob, before pulling it open. Bash. His eyes sh...
I Followed Fires by hexelles
I Followed Fires by Nadya Fanfiction
"Give me to the road Upon the heart That I had sold Warm my heavy hands My heavy hands For you to hold," I Followed Fires, written and performed by Matthew...
Reign by Jaylaadun
Reign by Jaylaadun Fanfiction
The realm seemed calm under the rule of King Henry. The alliance with Scotland was almost finalized by the marriage of his son Francis to Mary, Queen of Scots, the on go...
GHOST → MULTI FANDOM GIF SERIES by twentyonecrybabies1
GHOST → MULTI FANDOM GIF SERIES by ❝rugrat❞ Fanfiction
❝My ghost Where'd you go?❞ in which a potatoe makes a trash gif series. #704 IN FANFICTION
His Queen by rawoya
His Queen by rawoya Romance
"where did you come from?" He says as they both stare at me. "Wallahi I don't know where I come from, the only thing I remember was waking up in the woods...
Reign - My Rose by celestialqueen13
Reign - My Rose by Queenie Fanfiction
Princess Alison Lorraine is Mary Queen of Scots' sister. She grew up in Bulgaria for safety reasons, but returns to meet her sister and see to it the wedding happens. He...
Being Angelina Zdzisława by Peaudanne
Being Angelina Zdzisława by FairyGodMother Fanfiction
||Sebastian Stan|| New starlet Angelina Zdzisława finds herself in the midst of all Hollywood in an instant. First being engaged as a Victoria Secret angel, then success...
Multifandom gif series.  by crownedloki
Multifandom gif series. by semi hiatus. Fanfiction
A bunch of gif imagines from different fandoms because I'm in too much fandoms and every character... okay, some characters, need to be loved. ° Fandoms included ° - Su...
Famous Five |ongoing by aesthesisnarcosis
Famous Five |ongoing by Rhea ChickLit
Maybe you have read Famous Five. Maybe you have loved those little ones in vintage pictures. But this is 21st century. Famous Five do not even have the idea they exist,l...
The Love of A King ↠ Reign (Francis Valois/OC) by sammylove31
The Love of A King ↠ Reign (Franci... by sammylove31 Fanfiction
As Mary looks for love with Louis Condé, Francis starts to look for love with Roseline, his newly claimed mistress. Though, what will happen as the tensions rise between...
Royal ♕ Jaeden Lieberher by glittxrs
Royal ♕ Jaeden Lieberher by nicole Fanfiction
True love is something that a royal can never have. When Princess Emilia knew that she has been engaged to a prince for a political alliance, she let this ruin her perfe...