geeks >> phan by curl_almighty
geeks >> phan by satan
Dan is a geek. Phil is a geek. Somehow, fate brings them together.
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All This Time... (Mordecai x Rigby) by JustARandomFicWriter
All This Time... (Mordecai x Rigby) by Anne
Mordecai and Rigby have been 'the best of friends' as long as they can remember. But something has changed... Rigby has developed feelings for Mordecai. He can't remembe...
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My BestFriends Brother by XDevilsGirlieX
My BestFriends Brother by XDevilsGirlieX
FOR MATURE EYES ONLY FOR SOME CHAPTERS!😉 Allie Dawson she's 16 she doesn't let anyone get in her way but when a guy she's never seen before comes striding into her life...
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Regular show x reader  oneshot/lemon by petparty123
Regular show x reader oneshot/lem... by Pet ❤️
Most of these chapters are author's noted (Pictures and videos are not mine) (You should only be reading this on Wattpad)
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Morby One-Shots by lunahatesyou
Morby One-Shots by khiya.
Monthly Morby One-Shots. Mordecai ✖ Rigby @khiyaashe
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Just Random One Shots! (Requests Closed) by NovaMae019
Just Random One Shots! (Requests C... by Nova
One shots here! Requests closed!
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The sex game by shaebutera
The sex game by Abbey
Ansley thinks sex is all fun and games when one day she actually gets pregnant and loses all of what she had including her family and friends.
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Voltron Legendary Defender Onshots by mirrorv
Voltron Legendary Defender Onshots by Life
Voltron characters x reader. Requests are needed. I do lemons, fluff, langest, and crack. This is my first work so please go easy on me. Hope you enjoy!! All art does...
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Regular Relationships (Mordecai X Reader X Rigby)~human~ by VeggieChips
Regular Relationships (Mordecai X... by Isis C.
After getting into a fight with your roommate/ best friend about your living habits, you need to find a job to get a new place. Luckily you are, um, discovered (?) at th...
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Wrong Sister by niceneS
Wrong Sister by n i c e n e
It all starts with one boy, one decision, one love. When he chose the Wrong Sister.
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Ninjago Roleplay by Keith-Is-Bae
Ninjago Roleplay by Keith-Is-Bae
(I'm just super bored and trying to find some good roleplayers for Ninjago rp and Ninjago smut rp)
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IDEAS by IAmCandi
IDEAS by AcademyAddict
This book is literally about nothing but ideas I've had for stories. most likely they're here because Iwanna read em but I either: 1. dont think I have the writing skil...
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Adventure Time- Regular Show- Amazing World of Gumball- Spongebob Crossover by unaloof
Adventure Time- Regular Show- Amaz... by Incognita
Fanfic where the characters of Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show all meet in Bikini Bottom. Enjoy :D
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thoughts 💭  by carradioatorchadeath
thoughts 💭 by a_carradio_a_torch_a_death
These are some of my thoughts.
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Regular Show Quotes and Facts by jaz4life
Regular Show Quotes and Facts by Jasmine M
A bunch of Regular Show quotes and facts!
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Short Funny Stories and Jokes by TenPandaBearTen18
Short Funny Stories and Jokes by K~a~T
These are not mine except for some of them. Hope you Enjoy!!!
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Order by Drevkin
Order by Drevkin
All of these powerful and mysterious things and they needed the help of an ordinary human. A secret society of powerful wizards has taken interest in the magical propert...
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Emerald Eyes - A Viking Romance/Adventure by Legolass16
Emerald Eyes - A Viking Romance/Ad... by Liv
When Thora's village gets destroyed in a fire, she must seek the help of her childhood friend, Jarl Harek. But danger lurks behind every corner. Harek and Thora must fin...
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The Ginger Twin's Review Book [Completed] by kunoichirose
The Ginger Twin's Review Book [Com... by Rose Timothey
~ LOOKING FOR A GOOD READ? ~ Kunoichirose and Stickinthemud bring you, The Ginger Twin's Review Book. Here you'll find amazing reviews on brilliant works such as, Never...
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human! Mordecai x reader regular show by killerbunniez1922
human! Mordecai x reader regular s... by Trashmouth
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