Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tales) ✔️ by KDCampbell
Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tal... by KD Campbell Science Fiction
(Highest rank: #13 in sci-fi) The forests of planet Gaia are vast, unexplored, and ominous -- filled with horrifying alien creatures that threaten life as they know i...
Once Upon a Dream (ONGOING) by MayTijssen
Once Upon a Dream (ONGOING) by May Adventure
*ONGOING* *FCRA's Winner!* Asha dreams of being normal. Every day when the sun sets her beauty vanishes to reveal something else entirely, a curse she has had since the...
The Wolf & The Hood [ SebaCiel ] by Kemo_Memo
The Wolf & The Hood [ SebaCiel ] by Kem Fanfiction
[ i do not own the cover ART but i did make the cover. this story takes place in the 17th century in the early 1600's ] Ciel Phantomhive - better known as 'Crimson Kille...
A Throne of Bones by killer_in_heels
A Throne of Bones by b ø n e z Werewolf
❝Why you've gotten it all wrong, dearie; little miss Red was the real wolf.❞ In a world where the line separating good and evil is destroyed by blood, it's sometimes dif...
Do You Need To KnowΔCarlos De Vil by IWriteAndAct
Do You Need To KnowΔCarlos De Vil by Loser Fanfiction
The Second Book In My Descendants Series Yes, it's based on Descendants 2
Dark Forest (Watty's 2017) by Aint_It_Fun
Dark Forest (Watty's 2017) by Nikki Fantasy
*Now a featured Wattpad story! Zara was never meant to be an outcast. Once upon a time, she was a Red Cape- a member of the respected forest guard. That was before the a...
OUAT one-shots! by MegLPie
OUAT one-shots! by Meg Fanfiction
Hello once again, lovelies!!! Here are my Once Upon a Time reader insert one-shots! I do not own ANY OUAT characters. They belong to the creators and abc!
Blood Red by Total_G33k
Blood Red by Total_G33k Werewolf
There once was a village ruled by fear. Of what? Werewolves. The beasts that linger in the woods. The same woods that surround the village. Those same haunting...
Crimson Hood by xAerodynamicMotionx
Crimson Hood by A.M Werewolf
♚ Red riding hood inspired story♚ ♚ She has always felt like the oddball in her quaint little town. Working as a barista...
The Wolfgirl by _world_of_fandoms_
The Wolfgirl by Banshee Fanfiction
Ruby is the daughter of Red Riding Hood but something else is up her sleeve, she is half wolf. She can turn into a wolf whenever she feels like it but what happens when...
Red Riding Hood by ellarose12
Red Riding Hood by Jenni. Werewolf
Elizabeth Lowell has finished school and has decided to leave the familiarity of her grandparents home in London to join up with her mother and brother who have moved ar...
Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Curs... by Jeanine🇿🇦Croft Werewolf
Enter the Lair of Beasts and relive the romantic horror of this gothic adult fairytale. A 'Beauty and the Beast' come 'Red Riding Hood' retelling that will chill your he...
Red And Wolf by Lady_Violets
Red And Wolf by WhoAmIButMe? Fantasy
Do you know the real story behind Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Well read to find out!
Blood Moon Mate by embrace_passion
Blood Moon Mate by Letty Scott ♀ Paranormal
It's said that every thirteen years the beast that plagued the land come out seeking for a mate, during the blood moon. At this time girls from neighboring villages gath...
Red Riding Paws by bxaxnxa
Red Riding Paws by Mélanine érotique Werewolf
Remember that story Red Riding Hood? Well I'm about to tell you my version only in my version I'm the girl in the Red cape and my mate is the big bad wolf.
Red Riding Hood by Amelia_Huerta
Red Riding Hood by 🎃Amelia👻 Fantasy
*Completed* "Who are you?" He asked starring at the black midnight wolf that was snarling at him ready to kill. His sword and shield knock out of his hands and...
Twisted Fairy Tales by aprilkirk
Twisted Fairy Tales by April Kirk Short Story
"Cinderella" never did housework. The wolf didn't eat Red Riding Hood's grandmother. You think you know your fairy tales. You don't. Beware, dear reader, y...
The popular player by parrilla_gang
The popular player by parrilla_gang Fanfiction
Regina is the popular girl, Emma is an ordinary girl. Emma came out as a lesbian a year ago and Regina's friends bullied her for ages about it. Little did Emma know Regi...
Turning Point by hennwick
Turning Point by henn Werewolf
When hunter-gatherer Adele Shepherd comes across an injured werewolf in the woods she knows better than the back of her hand, it's up to her to take him in and save his...
Vampires by she_lalabs
Vampires by she_lalabs Vampire
Kaya mo bang mahalin ang isang immortal? Kaya mo bang mahalin ang sumira sa iyong buhay? Kaya mo bang mahalin ang pumatay sa iyong mga magulang?