How to be PERFECT II by Fighterprincess6100
How to be PERFECT IIby Prinz Mamua
A whole guide of beauty and health tips that may help you start a new lifestyle that will improve your attitude and life quality. Start and finish successful plans, set...
  • tricks
  • skincare
  • health
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FoodKart- Recipes by FoodKart
FoodKart- Recipesby FoodKart
Food, it is the glue that binds all of humanity together. All of us are equals at the table, and through food, recipes and ingredients, our cultures shine through. This...
  • culture
  • cuisine
  • global
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Witches' Grimoire  by wolfbit1232
Witches' Grimoire by wolfbit1232
This will have basics spells, etc. on what ever beginning witch needs to know. The information within this book is collage from books to websites that explain the best o...
  • recipes
  • fairy
  • witch
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Shokugeki no soma Recipes (Food wars) by Emina_Cisum
Shokugeki no soma Recipes (Food Emina Cisum
These are the recipes from the anime and manga Shokugeki no soma aka. Food wars. These recipes are taken directly from the anime and manga so you can make the dishes fro...
  • war
  • anime
  • shokugeki
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Tips and DIYs for Girls by lovepurple_
Tips and DIYs for Girlsby leah
Bored? Try out a diy or recipe. Don't know what to wear tomorrow? Get some style inspo! This book is filled with so many makeup tips, personal advice, fashion tips, life...
  • outfits
  • confidence
  • beauty
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Cafe 3: Donburi Shop | All Recipes by CableShark
Cafe 3: Donburi Shop | All Recipesby Cable Shark Jr.
All recipes are numbered in accordance with the game itself. Note that customers will almost always buy both don and soup if both are available, so dedicate one side of...
  • cheat
  • recipes
  • android
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ϟ Hogwarts, A History by haunted-by-humans
ϟ Hogwarts, A Historyby haunted-by-humans
A not-so-small guide containing all the tips, tricks and what's-it's of the magical wizarding world that is Harry Potter.
  • tips
  • ronweasley
  • potter
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Are you looking for new recipes? Want some desserts? Or some meals? Well you have come to the right book! In this recipe book, I will give you the ingredients and metho...
  • meal
  • chocolate
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RECIPIES by Walkerstalkers-
  • deadeats
  • twdrecipes
  • thewalkingdead
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My Recipe List (Book #1) by striving_muslimah
My Recipe List (Book #1)by شريفة زيد
A list of recipes I liked, found interesting, or plan to try. Feel free to share or try them out, too. Recipe requests are accepted. Request through private message only.
  • kitchen
  • dinner
  • recipes
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recipe for disaster ; graphic tips/tutorials. by wifidisconnected
recipe for disaster ; graphic ❅ zoechini ❅
❝ CREATIVITY BLEEDS FROM THE PEN OF INSPIRATION ❞ a cookbook of zoe's top secret recipes ↝ warning ; severely untested recipes, may result in explosions, seriou...
  • tips
  • tutorials
  • recipes
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Cooking Recipes And Tips by Naz_1998
Cooking Recipes And Tipsby Nazia
Are you guys looking out for good Indian Recipes? Need any tips for Cooking? Are you one among those who loves food? (Well who doesn't love food. Everyone loves to eat f...
  • cooking
  • baking
  • recipes
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A Girl's Guide To Almost Anything [ON HOLD] by NatalieGarcia_
A Girl's Guide To Almost Natalie
Hey there girlies! Oh, by the way if any boy is awkwardly reading this- THEN OUT! GIRLS ONLY! Go check out them other featured stories, kay? Let's get started! This is...
  • workouts
  • tricks
  • beauty
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Baking recipes by mitsuriamemiya
Baking recipesby mitsuriamemiya
Just read it :)
  • baking
  • bakebook
  • recipes
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Cake and Cookies! (Random Book) by Sinfully_Lynxy
Cake and Cookies! (Random Book)by Lynxy
Things that I want to rant about. Things I want to share. Things I want to love. And things that no one cares about! Have fun reading this interesting book that has a lo...
  • deserts
  • icecream
  • recipes
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Foods You Should Never Ever Eat Again by DayDreamingLady
Foods You Should Never Ever Eat Jennifer
All things in moderation, so the saying goes. With some food, though, the old adage doesn't ring true. The following foods are so damaging to our health that complete av...
  • health
  • recipes
  • food
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Girly Tutorials by lanvinasanjose
Girly Tutorialsby Bish Wut
this is all about tutorials, do it yourself (DIYS) and recipes for everyone hope you guys find this helpful
  • tutorials
  • recipes
  • girly
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My Fav Recipe's!!!!! by FeaturedFanfiction
My Fav Recipe's!!!!!by FeaturedFanfiction
Food and love!!!
  • food
  • recipes
  • delicious
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Stuff that vegetarians should know by Suchabritishboy
Stuff that vegetarians should knowby I couldn't think of a name
Hi. I'm Leo. I've been vegetarian for about 2 or 3 years. This book is just all of the stuff that I've learned about. I'm gonna cover everything including protein, diffe...
  • vegan
  • food
  • life
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Diya's Food Diaries by sweetdiya
Diya's Food Diariesby Sweetdiya
This is my collection of favourite recipes. I am a fan of cooking and learning and trying new recipes is a hobby for me. I love simple recipes as much as intense ones. I...
  • newrecipes
  • chefdelights
  • quickfix
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