Conquering Worlds: The Cultivating Celestial by Realm_Spirit
Conquering Worlds: The Realm_Spirit
When Li Yue met an unforseen disaster on one night, she didn't expect she would get betrayed by someone close. At the same night, she managed to stumble in an ancient ru...
  • alchemist
  • action
  • realmtheauthor
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Draeyer Academy by ShanaZeren
Draeyer Academyby Shana Zeren
(FIRST DRAFT) (53 Chapters + Bonus Materials) The Draes are wild, dangerous, magnificent and powerful creatures that thrive in Kosmiks. In their presence, the ancestral...
  • demons
  • flight
  • adventure
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Reign by Jennoula2009
Reignby Jennoula2009
"Reign means kingdom, reign means power, reign means sacrificing what you love most. Politics, intrigues, love. It's not what you think it is. It's more". Ale...
  • queen
  • dance
  • jealousy
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The Fallen Fairy by HanaNoAkatsuki
The Fallen Fairyby Ashlynn
Lucy Heartfilia, the one and only celestial mage and the light of the almighty Fairy Tail Guild. Everything started to crumble in her world. She was soon neglected, hurt...
  • roli
  • sticy
  • stilu
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Heart of Darkness (Winx Club Evil Bloom) by Amatarasu16
Heart of Darkness (Winx Club Amaterasu16
To say that Bloom was angry, would have been an understatement. How dare they go behind her back and do such things. Flashes of her dream the previous night came to mind...
  • bloom
  • darkar
  • realm
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Damned Hybrid Queen [Book #3 of the Damned Series; Ongoing] by MeepdoesMCthewizard
Damned Hybrid Queen [Book #3 of Meep
Book #3 of the Damned Series. With the throne now her own, Juliet finds out that it's a lot harder to rule than she thought. Even with now-dethroned Ashborne and he...
  • subjects
  • realm
  • death
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Attracting Princess Yara  by MaximuzPrime6
Attracting Princess Yara by Maximuz Prime
This shorty is Hot and I NEED HER!
  • realm
  • dark
  • honey
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ʀᴇᴀʟᴍ by Calla_Lily_8970
ʀᴇᴀʟᴍby Sydney
Long live the Queen. ******** "It's been hell meeting you, Damon Salvatore. Goodbye" In the final book of the Reign series, Calla Ames was a girl who got drawn...
  • callaariaames
  • theoriginals
  • kol
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Dragons and Kingdoms by freckledtears
Dragons and Kingdomsby ❝ lily ❞
As final cry for succor, the keepers cast three creatures of old to three children of wonder. And with blissful eyes and ensorcelled palms, boys and girls will slay the...
  • evil
  • realm
  • adventure
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Nalu: Revenge of the Two Lovers  by user12280164
Nalu: Revenge of the Two Lovers by user12280164
Hey guys, I hope you read my story. Mine is different so please read it!!! The characters are all Hiro Mashima's except my OC's. "Thank you Natsu, for being with me...
  • dragneel
  • fairy
  • powers
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Divine Awakening || Samelia #1 ✔ || Under Editing by GoldFantasy
Divine Awakening || Samelia #1 ✔ | L.C. Harrison
[COMPLETED] The only realm sixteen-year-old Christina Ammeen knows about is Earth, but when her mom commits a strange act, her world grows another realm bigger. To make...
  • soother
  • special
  • god
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Unknown (HPxBleach Fanfic) by LectorDominion
Unknown (HPxBleach Fanfic)by Misfit's Domain
Crossover: Harry Potter & Bleach When Harry died, he didn't know what to expect. Uncaring and broken, he just continued surviving while being cared by Death. He expecte...
  • quincy
  • bankai
  • realm
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Sakura Souls『Rewriting』 by ShelbyYuki
Sakura Souls『Rewriting』by Beansprout
STATUS: ONGOING! For the longest time the worlds have been made up of two main species. The humans and Souls (half human, half animal hybrids). But what if I told you th...
  • queen
  • ốc
  • art
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Dragon's Possession by minnie_mouse262
Dragon's Possessionby Leis
“Did you really think that you could call me here and I’d just fall into your arms?!” she shouted. Without giving him a chance to speak, she continued. “I’ll just bet yo...
  • dragon
  • trapped
  • mate
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Fluttering Dreams by bluedrop77
Fluttering Dreamsby Blue
The title of "Butterfly" is given to creatures who are worthy of ruling the realm of Flur. Who decides this? The Butterfly's Orb, of course! The Orb is just a...
  • squad
  • adventure
  • butterfly
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Heart of the Origin by TheAbstractKat
Heart of the Originby TheAbstractKat
The Long awaited Book 2 of the Mianite's Shadow Prophecy Series! YUS!
  • champwan
  • tony
  • mianite
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The Realm Beyond Death (A Paranormal Fanfic) by Nigel_meadows
The Realm Beyond Death (A StarLit-Road
13 Years ago, Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara tried contacting their 'Dead' teammate. And trying to talk to an alive person through spiritual means can cause certain...di...
  • paranormal
  • ghost
  • naruto
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God of Misfortune by NTullock
God of Misfortuneby N.Tullock
"You're a God and at a pure one at that, Jonah, whether you choose to believe it or not." In order to become a fully fledged God, they must first pass a multi...
  • destiny
  • god
  • magic
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Zilzadon - Realm Series by Kaylamberttt91
Zilzadon - Realm Seriesby Kayla A. Lambert
(COMPLETED) - It was never a once-upon-a-time kind of story, and a land far, far away wasn't that far away. On the same land-an area now paved with cement and buried un...
  • fantasy
  • newstory
  • beginning
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Demon Yami Yugi x Demon Reader by KuroRose123
Demon Yami Yugi x Demon Readerby Raiy'ana The Fox Second
There's a hell... And there's a heaven... But if your in between... You go to the Shadow Realm...
  • yugi
  • xreader
  • yugioh
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