His Infidelity _WILL BE EDITED SOON) by 0superwoman0
His Infidelity _WILL BE EDITED 0superwoman0
"I do." "I do." _________________________________________ I remember it like it was yesterday, I felt like the most happiest woman ever. It was like...
  • realisticfiction
  • love
  • infidelity
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An Accidental I Love You by VisualTragedy
An Accidental I Love Youby kris
❝ completed ﹠ ranked #248 in TF ❞ Of course, I sent that message to the one person I never want to talk to again. That message to the one person whose guts I hate the mo...
  • teenfiction
  • realistic
  • childhoodsweethearts
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Letters To The Moon by OneOfThePlanet
Letters To The Moonby Rebecca H.
In which Dakota Akihara, the boy who lost it all, and Rhea Walton, the girl who aspires to leave it all, quite literally tumble into eachothers' lives. Rhea Wa...
  • projectrichkids
  • diversityinlit
  • hiddengems
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"New boy" Tracob  by tro_hoe
"New boy" Tracob by 🍑✨🌸🌴
"Jacob is a cutie"
  • lovestory
  • jacobbixenman
  • fandomreferences
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Taken By Them by WalkingUndertheMoon
Taken By Themby Falling Out of Sight
Corinna is living a normal life when a notorious gang comes into her house late at night and kidnaps her away from her life. Adrian, a FBI investigator, is assigned in h...
  • dark
  • kidnapping
  • gangviolence
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Clear As Ice by PercyJacksonLover80
Clear As Iceby OMG YASSSSSSSS ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Marcus is a hockey player. read to find out more.
  • hockey
  • nhl
  • realisticfiction
H2OVanoss: Abrupt Stop [WIP] by ApocalypticSky
H2OVanoss: Abrupt Stop [WIP]by ☄ApocSky☄
[WIP] Evan Fong and Jonathan Denis had been best friends for years, promising they'd always be there for each other through the hardships and struggles. When their frien...
  • murder
  • realisticfiction
  • maturetopics
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Colorless Eyes   By Kimora Santos  by wallflower_725
Colorless Eyes By Kimora Santos by wallflower_725
Sixteen-year-old, Stefan, lives in a world where your eyes show your emotions. So he feels like he must always hide his. Until he meets Alex, a girl his age, with an eye...
  • romance
  • fantasty
  • adventure
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Shine A Little Brighter  by that_booknerd_mac
Shine A Little Brighter by
This is my life. It's complicated I guess you could say... I'm not the brightest crayon in the crayon box. Actually, I guess after a while you can say the light slowly f...
  • stupid
  • backstabbing
  • reallife
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Heart Brace by Stellbz
Heart Braceby Stella Forfar
Sometimes you wanna scream, sometimes you wanna cry, sometimes you wanna sleep. And sometimes you wanna do all 3, and you know what? That's ok! I do it all the time! Hec...
  • highschool
  • countryboy
  • cute
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How You Changed Me by VocaloidThalia
How You Changed Meby VocaloidThalia
It was hard to control the bubble of happiness flitting in my chest. Somehow, I managed to take the pen from him- I noticed our hands touched. I noticed this simple, off...
  • lovestory
  • cute
  • realisticfiction
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Cause & Effect || student x teacher by autonomity
Cause & Effect || student x teacherby autonomity
Trying to make it as a junior band student (AKA the best trombone player the school has ever seen) in a sea of wannabees and athletes? Hard. Living in a one-story home w...
  • band
  • finearts
  • student
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Friendships  by justtheeghost
Friendships by Silver Bow
So this story is about a pair or girls helping out each other when they're so young to have silly problems that they face. Now this is inspired on my friendship with my...
  • selfhelp
  • selfdiscovery
  • self-esteem
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Super by monepic
Superby e p h e m e r a l
If anyone can be a superhero, why can't Nora ever save anyone she cares about? Hint: It's not because she doesn't wear underwear over leggings (seriously Superman, what...
  • lgbtqfriendly
  • casthotterthaniam
  • youngadult
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Taken by RikerSP
Takenby S.P. Riker
Kendal Jameson was just a Junior in high school, working a job to help support her and her single mother. That was just her life up until her school goes into lock down...
  • kidnapped
  • survival
  • fiction
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Bad Together by AlistyleAthena
Bad Togetherby Alathea Spataro
A boy named Cody and a girl named Quincy, will they work out?
  • bad
  • badboy
  • realisticfiction
All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter by TheJackyEubanks
All That Is Gold Does Not Glitterby Jacquelyn Eubanks
It's 1998, and seventeen-year-old Jackson "Jacks" Rogers is attempting the unthinkable: she wants to be the first female football player at Truman High. Too ba...
  • 90sgrunge
  • featured
  • realisticfiction
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Scales  by Arielme9
Scales by Candi (Candace)
I'm Olivia. Something happened to me. Something that's impossible. Well at least I thought it was. I mean, I died. I think? But now I'm something straight out of fairyta...
  • search
  • realisticfantasy
  • âu
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Lip Gloss by brookewomack
Lip Glossby brookewomack
*WARNING*This story contains sensitive topics. If you are sensitive to ANY of these topics please feel free to discontinue reading my story(TOPICS: suicide, depression...
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • awareness
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New Girl In School by fictionalgurl325
New Girl In Schoolby fictionalgurl325
***This is a realistic fiction story that talks about things that might be personal or triggering to the reader, these things are also based off of things that actually...
  • realisticfiction
  • bullying
  • sexualabuse
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