Shawn Mendes Facts by Winter937
Shawn Mendes Facts by Camila Random
Facts about the one and only, Shawn Mendes. Learn something new about him in every chapter. Highest Rank: #6 in Non- Fiction Highest Rank: #86 in Random Highest Rank:...
Broken by QifFyy
Broken by Tha'qif Poetry
Life is not all smooth sailing. This book contains my emotions, thoughts and some short stories that depict parts of my life. The content is in the form of poems either...
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Awards {OPEN} by SmuttyPariah
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Award... by Smutty Pariah Random
Do you write real person fiction? These are the awards for you! Musicians, actors, youtubers, athletes- all celebrities apply! Entry submission open 6/25/17- 9/30...
I Remember (#Wattys2017) by heartfuly
I Remember (#Wattys2017) by ≫feli≪ Non-Fiction
"Who would've thought that a girl with a smile had so much to hide?" If you've ever wanted to hear someone out fully, here's your chance. Your one chance to li...
Adopted By Zoella | WATTYS 2017 by GirIOnIine
Adopted By Zoella | WATTYS 2017 by thinking bout' you Teen Fiction
#205 In Teen-Fiction Olivia Becker was your average child until her parents died in 2010. Since then her sister Rosalind has been taking care of her. She turned into a...
Insecure  by Kiki_21
Insecure by Kiki_21 ChickLit
Kia Washington learns how to love her insecurities and lives the life she always dreamed about until someone tries to mess it up
Why I Hate Tyren (Facts) by GottaDinahBish
Why I Hate Tyren (Facts) by 👾👾 Humor
what i'm saying is basically facts so if you ship this shitty ship lEaVE! (really can it end now)
(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Shura's Wrath by Kurokuropii
Shura's Wrath by Kurooii~ Science Fiction
To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. An ancient...
reality ; shawn mendes  by mendes-fantasy
reality ; shawn mendes by TASH Fanfiction
SEQUEL to 'instagram; shawn mendes' What happens after Shawn and Sophia's break up? Will Sophia's huge secret be revealed to the world? What will happen to Shawn and Sop...
Big Brother 19 // Paul Abrahamian by ahrrystyles
Big Brother 19 // Paul Abrahamian by ℳ Fanfiction
Rosa's life changed forever after she left the Big Brother house. What happens when Paul and Rosa reunite in the Big Brother house for another season? Will Paul and Rosa...
WHAT JUST HAPPENEND  by lady_detective97
WHAT JUST HAPPENEND by Anti_love Fanfiction
Manik Malhotra the super star of Bollywood, is been heart throb of millions of fan girls and even boys too. He is powerful, rich and famous. He swoons everyone with hi...
The Search for Cinderella by alexisgracexo
The Search for Cinderella by Alexis Teen Fiction
Annabelle Kennedy is a normal sixteen year old unaffected by the craze of internationally famous Xavier Matthews. Annabelle won't let an eighteen year old pop star distr...
1)Why I'm In Naruto?(KakashiXReader) 2)Come Back Home[S] by Memma_RedStrom
1)Why I'm In Naruto?(KakashiXReade... by SRena_Foxstar Fanfiction
I do not own naruto and I write randomly :D but still I follow the plot.. but first, let's go meet akatsuki and the others ~ (1) Why I'm In Naruto - Chapter 1 - 64 (2) C...
Thug fetish  by souneique
Thug fetish by Lil mama💚 Teen Fiction
[SEXUAL CONTENT AND PROFANITY WILL BE USED IN THIS BOOK] commenttttt give me yall feedback//still under construction ------------------------------------ Jadah is a ave...
Driver for a Month by neetikaalways
Driver for a Month by neetikaalways Short Story
(Book 2 of The CEO Series) Status: Completed A book in which the CEO falls in love at first sight. And the female lead so happens to be his best friend's sister. - Matt...
Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE Fanfiction
First Wattpad Story! Originally on my Quotev account, Eloise DeCrion. Original imagines, I didn't steal them from anyone. I don't do dirty imagines. I can do suggestive...
Reality Check (BoyxBoy) by TripleJxskittles
Reality Check (BoyxBoy) by TripleJ Teen Fiction
I just smirked at the way they all looked down on me. The way they all try to trip me down and glare like they can kill me with one look. I could easily laugh their stup...
Because I Can ⌦ Rants and Stuff by microwavedcoffee
Because I Can ⌦ Rants and Stuff by ☜ angry keet ☞ Random
❝another rant book, ... greeaaat❞ ⁂
College Life by GiovannieStorm
College Life by Giovannie Storm Romance
Jesse Jackson is lost and hopeless in his own little world. His mind is full of dark secrets about his past, about the person he lost. That one night changed his whole l...