My Heart of a Dragon || Hiccup x Dragon!Shifter Reader REWRITING by Animation_Mind
My Heart of a Dragon || Hiccup x D... by Animation_Mind✨ Fanfiction
(Name) is a normal girl. That is what everyone thinks. It is a secret. Until Hiccup finds out. Short chapters!!! All rights deserved (C) Animation_Mind 2014
Alpha Blaze by dcrekhale
Alpha Blaze by a n e e s Werewolf
He knew sorrow. He knew pain. He knew sacrifice. But he never knew anyone like her. She knew hardships. She knew strength. She knew determination. Yet she never knew any...
Gods And Demigods Read Percy Jackson |The Lightning Thief  by cool_bowties
Gods And Demigods Read Percy Jacks... by Winchester Fanfiction
ALL OF THE GODS ARE TOO DRAMATIC! Except Hestia . . . The seven are sent back in time, by The Fates to read with the gods about the story of Percy Jackson. The two time...
Falling Too Far by anifantasies
Falling Too Far by Anahita Teen Fiction
Noelle Richards. An introvert, adorable, shy, obsessed with books, classified a type-A nerd, and has never fallen in love. And here we have none other than Harper Andrew...
The Voltage Awards 2017-2018 [OPEN] by TheVoltageAwards
The Voltage Awards 2017-2018 [OPEN] by The Voltage Awards Random
Welcome to the Voltage Awards!!! Are you a new author looking for recognition? Look no further! The Voltage Awards are for you. We look for, and support new and incomin...
First at Last by WillowDeane
First at Last by Willow Deane Fantasy
Erika Lovet is used to being in the background, always in her sister's shadow. Since she was a child, her parents have always doted on Alice, have always wanted the best...
Hogwarts Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by OwenHumphrey
Hogwarts Reading Harry Potter and... by Owen Humphrey General Fiction
another reading the book(s) fanfiction.
The Bookworm | ✔️ by KimberlyWritesBooks
The Bookworm | ✔️ by Kimberly Diehl Teen Fiction
WARNING: Book ahead is pretty cliche and my first work on here. It's got plot holes and a main character you might want to beat with a stick. Be gentle lol * ****** In...
BEWARE The Cowboy [BWWM] by Stars-vs-Chocolates
BEWARE The Cowboy [BWWM] by Angel General Fiction
Reilly Jones works at Ruby's Inn. A prominent diner in Red Oak. She's young, naive and last but certainly not least, one of the only black waitresses working there. She...
//Stained_Tea's ARTBOOK// by Stained_Tea
//Stained_Tea's ARTBOOK// by 🍕❓❓ Random
OCCASIONALLY i try lmao jk
Wonderland Book Club by WonderlandBC
Wonderland Book Club by WonderlandBC Random
Book club where your books get fairly and well critiqued, where you are encouraged and inspired to write more and more and better and better. That's why it's called Wond...
She Can Fight (completed) by byth3sea
She Can Fight (completed) by byth3sea🌊 Teen Fiction
Alexis Marie Carson, she isn't like every ordinary 'good girl' who is completely helpless. She's exactly the opposite. Lexi has never really known her family, since, we...
Mr.Styles by 20nstewart
Mr.Styles by natasha stewart Fanfiction
Natasha Stewart is getting a new reading teacher . She stays after school one say and he drives her home. That drive home changed her life. Harry or mr. Styles likes her...
The Survivors by AmandaHavard
The Survivors by Amanda Havard Paranormal
"It's unlike any paranormal book I've read--very smart, very fresh, and very addictive, and very still in my mind." –And Anything Bookish In 1692, when witch t...
Story Ideas by House-of-lost-cards
Story Ideas by ❝Kalopsia❞ Random
Where I give you guys story ideas, so you can write. :)
Gods and Demigods read Altered Destinies by BlueMoonStories_
Gods and Demigods read Altered Des... by BlueMoon Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction imported from my FanFiction account due to terms of use and stuff. In case you don't know, this is a reading of Anaklusmos's story, Altered Destinie...
The Life of a Fangirl, Basically : The Sequel by libraryhaunter
The Life of a Fangirl, Basically :... by libraryhaunter Random
If you're reading this book, I assume you've already read the first book, The Life of a Fangirl, Basically. If you haven't, I'd suggest you go read that first, but it do...
Groupchats(magcon) by heartforjacob
Groupchats(magcon) by Tori Fanfiction
you got added into a grouchat....
Books & Honey [A Book Club] by UnderMySkin
Books & Honey [A Book Club] by Sabrina Random
A book club dedicated to helping writers on Wattpad to gain readers and friends. Friendly, open-minded people only. All genres accepted except Fan Fiction. Mature wor...
Tips & Tricks to Writing on Wattpad by JJJiangx
Tips & Tricks to Writing on Wattpad by JJ Jiang Random
Part guide, part rant. Everything I've learned on writing, from Wattpad, experience, or how-to writing books. Leave requests on the second chapter :)