More Than A Bandmate? → Raura by queenlauraaa
More Than A Bandmate? → Raura by ; c Fanfiction
when two best friends/bandmates fall in love. -------- All Rights Reserved ©queenlauraaa 2016
He made it better (Raura) by Raurauslly1995
He made it better (Raura) by Raura shipper Fanfiction
Laura Marie Marano, a simple yet misunderstood girl who lives in LA, goes to Marino High School, senior, but she's living a horrible life. Her mother left her at 5 years...
My New Girl by HeilynR30
My New Girl by HeilynR30 Fanfiction
The new girl, Laura, has soon grabbed everyone's attention. Every girl envies her, and every boy wants her. She's taken, but Ross doesn't take no for an answer. -Not th...
*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Raura Fanfiction) by TheHipsterNotebook
*Editing* Hating on my Co-Star (Ra... by TheHipsterNotebook Fanfiction
She had a dream, so she fought for it and made it come true. What she didn't know was that with the dream, her biggest problem came along. Or probably just something s...
Pure Bliss With You     by StrawberryNugget
Pure Bliss With You by σlgα🌹 Romance
"Ross" He does not hesitate, he grabs me by the hips and kisses me And I feel what I always feel when I am around him Pure Bliss
Player vs Me | Raura by raurauslly2011
Player vs Me | Raura by ⊱BTS⊰ Romance
Player Vs Me; Laura knows everything about loving a bad boy. She's experienced it herself. So when she keeps getting involved with the school's player, she couldn't be...
Finding you by -rAtliff-
Finding you by FocusOnMyBoomboxBaby Fanfiction
The perfect couple happened to find an abandoned little girl in the streets. Read to find out more.
When Love Bites: A Raura Story by Fan_Of_All
When Love Bites: A Raura Story by Raura/Auslly Fanfics Fanfiction
Ross Lynch and his girlfriend Laura Marano are the 'it' couple. With Ross being the quarterback of the football team and Laura cheering him on as head cheerleader they a...
Life of a Popstar by BrittniFarr_R5
Life of a Popstar by Britt Moonson 🌙 Fanfiction
R5 has 5 members, 4 siblings, 3 blondes, and 2 brunettes. They are basically 1 family. Ross Lynch; lead singer and youngest member of R5. He has a girlfriend, Courtney...
Changes. by notasawrap
Changes. by All the bullshit that you put... Teen Fiction
No era nada planeado o imaginado, solo fue algo que sucedió. Ella era la luz que él necesitaba para cambiar todo, o, eso era lo que creían, pero no todo es lo que pare...
Immortal Love by abbs_4234
Immortal Love by Abby●◇● Vampire
| HIGHEST RANK: #56 in Vampire on 2/14/17 | She was the girl everyone loved. She was also the girl everyone wished to be. But everyone has their secrets and dark pasts...
The New Boy (Raura Revised) by Raura_Revised
The New Boy (Raura Revised) by Jisel Rubio Fanfiction
When good girl Laura Marano gets involved with the new player in town Ross Lynch her life will get turned upside down through love, lies, ex's, and a big secret no one w...
it's the little things | raura by rauraomfg
it's the little things | raura by i ship raura Fanfiction
"Screw it, let's do it." He laughs, almost mocking my actions. "Not so fast, sweetheart." His suspicious grin made my heart beat a mile a minute.
It Hurts -Raura by Raura_Larano16
It Hurts -Raura by Raura's Daughter Fanfiction
Laura- i cant take it anymore! i want to die Ross!! Die!! i have nothing to live for! im A Worthless Ugly, stupid girl! i deserve everything.!! from Being Beaten to Almo...
Mystreet x Reader by lilyliyloulou
Mystreet x Reader by Michell Aless Parker Fanfiction
Editor: @delennjadzia Hello peps this is my very first book and of course it has to be mystreet x reader. I want to let you know I'm not the best speller so I'll tr...
Two in a Million || Raura by rydelly_belly
Two in a Million || Raura by raura's child Fanfiction
A famous lead singer in a band. A very popular YouTuber. • • • amazing cover made by @Vivi324
So what if daddy's rich? by -rAtliff-
So what if daddy's rich? by FocusOnMyBoomboxBaby Fanfiction
They are rich. They are not. First day of senior year. Best day ever. Laura Marano is a 17 year old girl that lives in California. She has an older brother, two older...
You Never Know! *Raura* by RauraFan98
You Never Know! *Raura* by Unknown Romance
Laura is new in town she doesn't have anything to hide but she doesn't have any friends wither one day she goes to the mall and bumps into a girl called Rydel and her 5...
Do I love you? [editing] by lyrixio
Do I love you? [editing] by Harmony🎶 Fanfiction
The Marano family moves from Italy to Cali. Laura & Maia Marano walk in the school. One of them catching the eye of one certain blonde. Who will the young blonde pick ou...
Arranged marrige by raurashipper99
Arranged marrige by Raurashipper99 Fanfiction
This story is really about ross lynch and Laura Marano hating each other since they were 5 Now they are all grown up . Things fall apart parents forcing marriage , figh...