The Nerd and The Rockstar by R5loverforever1229
The Nerd and The Rockstar by Kaitlyn Romance
Laura Marano is the Ultimate nerd. You know the kind with glasses and braces. Yeah that kind! She gets picked on all the time. She thinks she is ugly. Will all that chan...
He made it better (Raura) by Raurauslly1995
He made it better (Raura) by Raura shipper Fanfiction
Laura Marie Marano, a simple yet misunderstood girl who lives in LA, goes to Marino High School, senior, but she's living a horrible life. Her mother left her at 5 years...
Coming Home •Ross Lynch• •Raura• by supernova_ross
Coming Home •Ross Lynch• •Raura• by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fanfiction
Ross left after Austin and ally. Leaving Laura for his band. But what happens when he has to go back to California for a cast reunion?
Adorkable by Gogurt1995
Adorkable by LongLiveRaura Fanfiction
Adorkable: descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable. For reference see Laura Marano Seventeen-year-old Laura Marano is done with dating. Or at...
Raura One-Shots  by R5_fan_maddie
Raura One-Shots by Maddie lewandowski Fanfiction
These are just little stories I wrote.
It All Started With A Concert - A Raura/R5 FanFiction by Pennygeorgia
It All Started With A Concert - A... by Penny Fanfiction
"He leaned in and slowly closed his eyes, his lips were now so close to mine, I could feel his warm breathe." It was at Laura's first R5 concert. Outside the v...
Do I love you? [editing] by lyrixio
Do I love you? [editing] by Harmony🎶 Fanfiction
The Marano family moves from Italy to Cali. Laura & Maia Marano walk in the school. One of them catching the eye of one certain blonde. Who will the young blonde pick ou...
My illegal relationship *Raura* by RauraandPLLlover
My illegal relationship *Raura* by Lily Fanfiction
18-year-old Laura Lynch has a great life with her dad Ross Lynch, Laura has an amazing job as an actress on ABC, she has a sweet boyfriend, and 3 loyal best friends, but...
The Coach's Daughter (A Raura Story) by sunshinemarano
The Coach's Daughter (A Raura Stor... by kenzie Fanfiction
Ross Lynch is publicly known for his well-known talents in the baseball field. He is practically the star player. He makes the home runs and wins almost every game. Laur...
Pure Bliss With You     by StrawberryNugget
Pure Bliss With You by - ᴏʟɢᴀ🌹 Fanfiction
"Ross" He does not hesitate, he grabs me by the hips and kisses me And I feel what I always feel when I am around him Pure Bliss
After We Fell  by livingmylifexxx
After We Fell by Raura.890 Romance
This is the 3 in the After series. You can read the first 2 books on my page. Hope you enjoy! As always credits to the amazing Anna Todd
Romeo's Balcony (raura) by rosslauramoon
Romeo's Balcony (raura) by R.l Moon Fanfiction
Highest rank #146 fanfiction/ #312 Romance Ross lynch was always the guy who girls fall inlove with, laura marano was always the girl to come for love advice. They have...
Immortal Love by abbs_4234
Immortal Love by Abby●◇● Vampire
| HIGHEST RANK: #56 in Vampire on 2/14/17 | She was the girl everyone loved. She was also the girl everyone wished to be. But everyone has their secrets and dark pasts...
The Austin and Ally Movie × raura  by lovinraura_
The Austin and Ally Movie × raura by ShorsMarie♡ Romance
Remember the Austin and Ally movie we didn't get? How'd it be like if we did get it? Fans were furious over Disney not making an Austin and Ally movie so they decided t...
YouTube Love by lostgirl619
YouTube Love by TheFanFic Girl Fanfiction
Ross lynch, a famous singer and pranker you tuber .He is 17 years old,he signs up for a youtube show, that you have to show one of your YouTube vids to get in. And gets...
fake number ⇴ raura  by unicornz324
fake number ⇴ raura by unicornz324 Fanfiction
Unicornl0ver1129: Fuck you In which Ross gets a fake number and ends up texting someone else.
Finding My Other Half - Raura fanfic by RYLANDBEAR
Finding My Other Half - Raura fanf... by RYLANDBEAR Fanfiction
An old lady gives Laura a necklace, and the other half of the necklace belongs to the love of her life... I've been posting this to instagram, but now I start to write t...
We aren't meant to be [Editing] by lyrixio
We aren't meant to be [Editing] by Harmony🎶 Fanfiction
Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. Raura or not? This story takes place in Cali at the A&A studio, where everything happened. Their career, their life, their music, their cont...
My Hero. ( A Raura Story ) by _valerriaaa_
My Hero. ( A Raura Story ) by _valerriaaa_ Romance
.. c; after Ross saves Laura, they fall in love, but with people getting between them and problems going on.. Will they ever have a happy ending?
My Teacher by xTheDorkyRomanticx
My Teacher by xTheDorkyRomanticx Fanfiction
Laura Marano is a shy girl, she doesn't like to socialize, she likes to stay to herself. The reason? No one really knows. But on the first day back to school she got all...