Starting out by shiningstar95
Starting out by shiningstar95
Julie is a shy, sweet innocent girl whose life will get turned upside down when she meets the new guy in town with a bad attitude. What happens when every thing starts...
  • relatioship
  • illegal
  • hospital
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my new life, in the werewolfs claw by dead-fantasy
my new life, in the werewolfs claw by dead-fantasy
Singing, playing the violin, studying like crazy and lastly enjoying the little free time she has with her friends- this is all she needed and all she wanted- a normal l...
  • revenge
  • gore
  • kidnapping
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Could Life Get Worse by christinaizere
Could Life Get Worse by christina xx
  • abuse
  • love
  • pain
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Please dont daddy by Welsh_saphire
Please dont daddy by Holly
  • depressing
  • sad
  • peado
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Lust or Love...??  (COMPLETED) by mrsbaker02
Lust or Love...?? (COMPLETED) by mrsbaker02
  • boys
  • premature
  • marriage
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Invulnerable by CryingStatues
Invulnerable by CryingStatues
Nathalie Polanski. You'd think shes normal right? Wrong. With her father trying to kill her, high school and a new addition to her already limited family, shes anything...
  • girl
  • rape
  • dead
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Truth or Dare ... I dare you to love me by me2you804
Truth or Dare ... I dare you to lo... by Katherine
Taylor Fox arrives at university ready to start fresh away from nagging parents and annoying brothers. But when familiar faces appear, Taylor face things she has kept b...
  • twins
  • university
  • kiss
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my story. my life. my rape. by lovebugnibblecookies
my story. my life. my rape. by Summer
  • true
  • story
  • grandfather
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I hate Aaron Pike... by SiaElleria
I hate Aaron Pike... by SiaElleria
  • humor
  • creepy
  • party
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Silent Hill #multimedia by nngevr
Silent Hill #multimedia by Ever
(Short Story loosely based on games & movies) Laura comes across Silent Hill, an abandoned quiet little town. What better place to hide from a life you don't want; And t...
  • sexual
  • pyramidhead
  • humor
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obsessed by 5775happy
obsessed by 5775happy
Marissa is just 13 year old girl who is madly in live with her first boyfriend but what happens when her boyfriend takes advantage of that? See meets a guy that has s...
  • trafficing
  • teens
  • sexual
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Arms of Refuge by adeacia
Arms of Refuge by Georgina DeBurca
Christine has had lots of things to overcome in her past. Family passing leaving her alone and continuing on with her lifelong inability to talk. For months the calls ha...
  • wewolves
  • mute
  • chase
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You-You RAPED Me??? by ChERRY73
You-You RAPED Me??? by Cherry
  • rape
  • victim
  • girl
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Eden High by SmileMyLove
Eden High by SmileMyLove
Follow the boy Dimitri Mello and his days at his new school, Eden High, where he comes across the agressive Sin Manson and the slightly curious Carlisle Johnson. At firs...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • love
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My mate wears superman boxers. by dancer0708
My mate wears superman boxers. by kari
Nina is a werewolf. She loves to be free and wild and is her own person. But what happens whens she finds her mate and isnt the guy she wanted? And instead is a badboy p...
  • banana
  • monkey
  • raping
Preppy + Emo = Emo?!? An Arranged Marriage Story by LoveIsTheBegining
Preppy + Emo = Emo?!? An Arranged... by Tara
  • ring
  • lib
  • james
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Arranged marriage to the king of jocks!!! Can my life gets any worse??! by Didoo16
Memories that come back by xobutt-n-shoesxo
Memories that come back by Sammy
for belle life is complicated. after being raped by her best friend two years before she still has trauma but is getting through it with her new boyfriend. but memories...
  • abuse
  • dad
  • love
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Didn't See it Coming! by 0Elise0
Didn't See it Coming! by Elise
  • secrets
  • life
  • teen
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Premonition by courtneymo96
Premonition by Courtney
Premonition is an intriguing story about a 17 year old girl, Jillian Nicole, who sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night, to go to a party down the street. Wh...
  • alcoholic
  • fanfiction
  • fantasy
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