Common Wattpad Stupidity by pennyroyaltear
Common Wattpad Stupidityby penny.
Here, I present to you, a slew of pretentious rants about Wattpad's lack of originality.
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lETs noT dO pR by GottaDinahBish
lETs noT dO pRby Razzer Amber 😏
Some random ass thoughts with me! yay sounds fun !
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rant book bitch⚠️ by tgziam
rant book bitch⚠️by Hi my name is Ti💕
This for all y'all who obsessed with Tay-k47 suhh😭😭😭💦
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Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy Jackson Fanfics by Chilea
Moments Worth Facepalming in Percy...by ❀Don't Worry, Chilea is Here☼
Just typical stupid things I see in PJO fanfics. [Warning: Contains satire. If you can't handle that, then don't read.] ||Cover made by @lostamongstars|| Most Accomplis...
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Another Plethora of Wattpad Cliches by PunGlasses
Another Plethora of Wattpad Clichesby PunGlasses
Wattpad, home of the fanfiction. And cliches. A lot of them. Here I will talk about them, and give you tips if you find yourself writing about them.
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→ sჩιτხ●●κーღе」 by xsmbshht
→ sჩιτხ●●κーღе」by ιo⊥ ənbιu həн
→ τσυτes ოes ხυllsჩιτs🌙 ーK-Pop (bah oui mon compte est un peu basé là dessus ahem💕) ーtag très rare du fait que je suis mal aimée ㅠuㅠ ーdès que j'ai envie de partager qu...
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good samaritan hours by anxioussobs
good samaritan hoursby سحر
we can't all be heroes
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APPLYFIC RANTS. rant book by bfyixing
APPLYFIC RANTS. rant bookby ❝ empathy ❞
join the spilling tea party and EXPOSition hall
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Suck My Lollipop by lovinglexy
Suck My Lollipopby lexy devika
Y'all can suck my lollipop. // The ruination of a nonexistent reputation. // A place where I can rant and everyone judges me. Wow. Sounds like everywhere else in this wo...
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the eighties 'n' nineties guide  [DISCONTINUED] by peakythings
the eighties 'n' nineties guide [...by -b
- not really a guide, just a lid of cool stuff -
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hyetal  by hyetal
hyetal by skinny legend.
is that a chicken nugget? no, it's a toyota. fifth edition of my rant series.
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i have had enough by millie_
i have had enoughby M I L L I E
y'all mind if i wild out???
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Bi, Cry, Die «me» by squishyiman
Bi, Cry, Die «me»by d e s t r o y e r
in which i'm bi, i cry, and i want to die.
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Problematic. by Evanaissante
Problematic.by john
Rant book from yours truly.
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Linear equations random thoughts by Theeffingunicorn
Linear equations random thoughtsby Camila’s Wife
Just a dumb trashy blonde fangirling over people and talking about shitty things.
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twice rant ➵ book 2 by puppyjeong
twice rant ➵ book 2by puppyjeong
memes and more rants. __ TT ERA OCTOBER 14, 2016 - FEBRUARY 12, 2017 BOOK 2 OF TWICE RANT __ i own none of these pictures so i'd like to give credits to all those amazi...
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Nikki's Knickers In A Twist by nikki20038
Nikki's Knickers In A Twistby nic
In which Nicole tells people what she hates and gets annoyed by. Heads up: she gets annoyed and hates a lot of things. Cover by @brainnemesis
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Luci's Rant Book by luciferspinkwings
Luci's Rant Bookby Luci
I don't even know why I am doing this... I'll just make this my rant book I guess. I will rant about whatever I feel like. It will probably revolve around Supernatural t...
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i have too many different personalities  by ProfessorMoriarty_
i have too many different personal...by see you in court
random shit you probably shouldn't waste your time on and other things no one cares about
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a mess | me by D0NGHYUKS
a mess | meby ♡
➵ ur fav girl is back with her shitty book :) ↳ D0NGHYUKS ↳ 2018 ↳ ongoing
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