°MEIN LEBEEENNNN° by katotoku-arimx
°MEIN LEBEEENNNN°by katotoku-arimx
[suite de mon rb "MY LIFEUUUUUU"] Venez suivre pendant à nouveau 200 parties, ma fabuleuse vie ! (c'est faux-) En passant par mes pensées, la k-pop, des infos...
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ICED COFFEE.  (unpopular opinions ) by JAlDYN
ICED COFFEE. (unpopular opinions )by — JAI
❝ miss keisha? miss keisha? oh my fuckin god she fuckin dead. ❞ © 2018, jaidyn UNPOPULAR OPINIONS BOOK STARTED...
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A Tsundere's Book by Zuramaru-chan
A Tsundere's Bookby NicoNicoNii!
Mei new Rant book!
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Hottest rapper in town !! Fire bars !! Honest shit !! Soundcloud.com/aquamarine
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RODENNIG  ◦  ALYSSA'S RANTS by theroyalpack
a place where the lovely alyssa can post her rants since she has so much complaining and bitching to do :)
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1 3  || Spam Book 2 by nop_h-unintended
1 3 || Spam Book 2by 🌸 Sweetheart 🌸
Spiral to happiness
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black → personal  by blackbangtantrash
black → personal by 「 yumi 」
❝ the color of my heart is black.❞ rants, tags and shit about me and my depressing life. started 28/1/18
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sᴀɴs' ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴜɴɢʀᴇᴀᴛғᴜʟ ᴘᴜɴs ☁ [ᴍʙ⁄s] by laziness-
sᴀɴs' ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴜɴɢʀᴇᴀᴛғᴜʟ ᴘᴜɴs ☁ [...by ꧁✧ sᴀɴs ꉂೋ
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Rants & Bants by iwearheelys
Rants & Bantsby brit
bant: shortening of the word banter (chat that is playful, intelligent and original). not to be confused with b.a.n.t. which apparently stands for big ass, no tits.
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women + girls (I lov them) by xangoddess
women + girls (I lov them)by pari.🍓
Miss Katie? Miss Katie? Oh my fuckin god she fuckin GAY.
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Rantbook du Phoenix by Gothycka
Rantbook du Phoenixby Gothycka
Ceci est mon deuxième rantbook, publié à l'occasion de mes 1 an sur Wattpad ! Le premier s'intitule "Si vous voulez savoir qui se cache derrière Gothycka" En c...
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•Crushing• the rant book  by MyBabiesVmin
•Crushing• the rant book by Chim
i just need to rant about life and what it gives me.
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Fanfic rants by PusheenLyfe
Fanfic rantsby BTS is my lyfeu
I'm gonna rant about fan fiction because I'm a mean person who likes to crush people's hopes and dreams :3
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Bi, Cry, Die «me» by squishyiman
Bi, Cry, Die «me»by i m a n//semi-hiatus
in which i'm bi, i cry, and i want to die.
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RANT RANT RANT by mukeismysunshine
RANT RANT RANTby mukeismysunshine
this whole book was written in 2015. this is the rant book/public diary of thirteen year old me. here's a cringe warning just in case (2015)
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[RANTBOOK 3] Le journal du Cap'tain Umi by UmiPage
[RANTBOOK 3] Le journal du Cap'tai...by Capitaine
Bienvenue dans le rantbook du grand, du magnifique et de l'incroyable capitaine Umi ! Entre fou-rires, tags, coups de gueule, amour, racontage de vie et plein d'autres c...
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Rant-Book Junior by coeurdetempete4
Rant-Book Juniorby Coeur de Tempête
Le 09/01/2018, vers 18h30, alors que j'écrivais sa 114ème partie, mon Rant-Book a disparu au moment où j'ai voulu publier. Effacé par un malheureux bug, emportant avec l...
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Problematic.  by Evanaissante
Problematic. by john fitzgerald
Rant book from yours truly.
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RantBook d'une Masky au Pays des Tobys by Elsa_Inflammed
RantBook d'une Masky au Pays des T...by Elsa La Goule
What the f*POULET!*
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