Alone together by SaiPoshithaThupili
Alone togetherby mysterious me
This is the story i wanna write from about a period of 10 days.Its the story of a girl who has no bounds.She can move out with early bird ,she can roam all around the gl...
  • girl
  • race
  • cold
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included (in alphabetical order): -BUMLETS -CRUTCHIE -DAVEY -JACK -LES -MUSH -RACE based on the 1992 film, but feel free to imagine these as the broadway cast if y'all w...
  • racetrackhiggins
  • preferences
  • 1992
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Race × reader imagines by Broadway_central__
Race × reader imaginesby Kiera Davis
Hey everyone I'm going to start a race × reader story that's made up of small imagines. if you want one with a specific plot DM me or comment! Also Please give feedback.
  • race
  • racetrack
  • newsies
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Mace's and Talons • Viggo Grimborn • by EvelynAubrey
Mace's and Talons • Viggo Grimborn...by Evelyn Aubrey
"Perhaps we can come to an agreement of sorts" he said as her dragon held him over the lava with it's tail. "So now you want to talk" she smirked. At...
  • edge
  • httydfanfic
  • race
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Hidden Girl Newsie by LazyWriter041036
Hidden Girl Newsieby 😴 Lazy writer 🤔
Danny has just escaped her abusive household. She decides to pretend to be a boy and become a Newsie. But what will happen if the other newsies fall for her?
  • newsies
  • davey
  • broadway
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We will see better days  by kpop_boyxboy
We will see better days by Jikook_kaisoo
Four best friends form a group under Sm entertainment called O.M.G! They will go through hardships , relationships and relationships with other idols .
  • hatemail
  • love
  • culture
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Diary of a Mixed Girl by SamWhite98
Diary of a Mixed Girlby Sam White
I've had this up for a while things got pretty serious in my life here recently so if you read This does contain sensitive topics pre-warning. I decided to start my own...
  • sterotypes
  • funfacts
  • mixed
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Bipolar Love- Ybn Nahmir & Molly Brazy by bbyhigghness
Bipolar Love- Ybn Nahmir & Molly B...by YBN HIGGHNESS
"I Love u"
  • gangs
  • tayk
  • love
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HIM  by tellme_boy
HIM by ♡
He's going straight for the barriers with full speed. I look away before I can see him crashing, again. I can't loose him. Not now, not ever. Quickly I have a look at th...
  • daniel
  • ricciardo
  • redbull
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Boys by Aviana101
Boysby Aviana
Achilles and Grayson have been dating for a while now, but unlike every other happy little romance story you've read, this one wont end with a happy ending. Who will win...
  • race
  • gayromance
  • death
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Newsies Preferences by TheGingerKingOfTexas
Newsies Preferencesby Ginger King of Texas
Will do • Jack •Kid Blink •Crutchy •Spot •RaceTrack •Skittery Those are the only ones I'll be doing, I'll be doing Oneshots too. Please suggest preferences, I'll do smu...
  • scenarios
  • kid
  • race
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Hidden thoughts (On Hold) by DoriSCoyle
Hidden thoughts (On Hold)by Dori Coyle
You ever spilled your emotions and thoughts to someone in the spur of the moment? Then instantly regretted it because you could tell by the look in their eyes they saw y...
  • world
  • hidden
  • parasite
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The bad boy saved me by Babycream
The bad boy saved meby Babycream
You know when one person comes into your life and crashes your walls down. Well, that happened to me, but I had someone to bring them back up. I'm Tammi Black and this i...
  • boy
  • suicide
  • family
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Race To The Nether // Aarmau Fanfic (Book~Two) by Kayla_kelly04
Race To The Nether // Aarmau Fanfi...by ThunderGirlsKAY
Our Story Continues, Aphmau Jessica Phoenix just lost the love of her life Aaron Shadow Lycan. After getting a note saying Aaron was being held captive in the nether, tw...
  • race
  • aarmau
  • aphmau
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This compendium is a tribute in poetic form to Hillary Jordan's novel and its heart touching cinematic interpretation by director Dee Rees. It touches upon the construc...
  • earth
  • salt
  • mudbound
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Black Humanity by dkseelro
Black Humanityby dkseelro
After the struggle of millions of years, Human has achieved a lot but that is never enough for him, or an end mark. Today we are living in the best time of human age, no...
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • religion
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Faced by XKdiamond
Facedby XKG
a twin brother a boy unwanted parents and one wait.... two fucked life copyright @xkdiamond
  • chicklit
  • race
  • cars
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Newsie One-shots by CalumandNewsielover
Newsie One-shotsby Abby Hood ;)
These are newsie one-shots! If you want one then I will make you one! Just comment and vote! **Requests are closed**
  • bumlets
  • mush
  • snoddy
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If I Were You (Editing) by andreasheizla213
If I Were You (Editing)by A.L
a beautiful and intelligent student,,, envy of all the girls because of its characteristics: beautiful good-natured, smart smooth skin and a normal person Pero pag kata...
  • car
  • love
  • romance
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