ISLAMIC QUIZ by FathimaZak
ISLAMIC QUIZ by Unique_Hijabi
Assalamu alikum warahmathullahi wabrakathu.. ~ NonMuslims are also Welcome...!! ~ Ok.. Thanks 4 coming across this book.. :) ... I want to remind all the readers that...
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Understanding the Prohibited, the Permissible, and the Doubtful matters of eating in the West
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No God but One: Allah Or Jesus? by TruthStandsAlone
No God but One: Allah Or Jesus? by Psalm23
In the New York Times bestselling book No God but One: Allah or Jesus?, Nabeel Qureshi examines the most important questions at the intersection of Islam and Christianit...
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If you're interested in understanding ayahs of Qur'an and wisdom behind it... then you're at the right place... I'll be posting random ayahs of Qur'an which are very rel...
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Islamic reminders by Tharealnerd
Islamic reminders by Muslimah ❤
Assalamualeikom! This book will contain a little facts, own thoughts about islam (however if you are a non muslim or a muslim who have thoughts or questions please do co...
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How to Learn Islamic Prayer Times by user08699954
How to Learn Islamic Prayer Times by
The Islamic Prayers are a form of worship which establishes the link between man and his creator whom we call Allah in Arabic. Through Prayer a person communes with his...
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Kareem Ahmed by NanoK614
Kareem Ahmed by NanoK614
Donald Trump or is it Kareem Ahmed? Young adult Kareem jokes around without realizing he has changed the world. I might have made many mistakes in this, and I know that...
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7 Flowers: 7 Characteristics All Believing Women Should Possess by Bilalsgirl1974
7 Flowers: 7 Characteristics All B... by Bilalsgirl1974
Shaykh Bilal Rasheed offers fact-based, historical phenomena on the characters that best define women of nobility. In this book,He endeavors to Explore, Conceptualize, A...
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My Journey to Islam: Daily diary of a non Muslim Girl by Geeta4islam
My Journey to Islam: Daily diary o... by Geeta Sharma
This is not a fictional story but my first hand experience till today in understanding and learning about Islam Hope i will receive strength and guidance from my fellow...
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The little things.  by Cloud2Wishes
The little things. by Cloud2Wishes
By the soul and (by) Him who made it perfect, and then inspired it to understand what is wrong and what is right for it. Truly is successful the one who purifies (his so...
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Key To Jannah by AmnaYaroof
Key To Jannah by Amnah❤
Assalamualaikum my fellow brothers & sisters.I'm here to present you some islamic guidance and reminder.Please read it once for the sake of Islam.I collected them from d...
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Ayat ayat Quran Hadits yang terdapat pada Taurat dan Injil by Nurdin889
Ayat ayat Quran Hadits yang terdap... by Nurdin889
ayat ayat quran hadits yang terdapat pada taurat dan injil
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I'm sorry, mother. by _Diarra_16
I'm sorry, mother. by Umm_Diarra🥀
"I'm sorry mother .." "Ummi I didn't mean to..." - I've made the wrong choice, I chose my friends over my own mother. And now I regret it
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The Holy Quran (English Translation) by STPRYTELLER
The Holy Quran (English Translatio... by STORYTELLER
This book is the Holy Quran in the English Form. None of these verses are made up. Rules: No rude comments towards the Quran or they will get reported. No use of negati...
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