I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders  by luvluv3
I Am A Muslim: Islamic Reminders by Hiba Nina❤️ Spiritual
Wallahi there is good and bad in everything and everyone. If you look hard enough you can see that. You just need to search for it. And soon you will realise the beauty...
Islamic Quotes by TheWazeera
Islamic Quotes by Wazeera Sanni Spiritual
Verses of the Qur'an, Ahadith of the Prophet, Sayings of the Sahabahs, Saying of the Salaf and many more.
Islamic Reminders - 2 by FearlessMuslimah
Islamic Reminders - 2 by FearlessMuslimah Random
◇بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم◇ " And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers. " [ Quran 51:55 ] Sharing a collection of...
Islam by Jasmine969946
Islam by KittyLover Spiritual
Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu beautiful people! This is a Q&A book where I will tell you things about Islam and where you can ask me questions about Islam...
Almost Paradise by Vivian_Blue
Almost Paradise by Vivian Blue Spiritual
#41 in Spiritual 2/3/17. Religion. It's a big part of you. Some would say that religion is basically who you are. All her life Amira has been told who she is. What sh...
Did you know? (Inspirational Islamic Stories)#wattys2017 by syedafatima001
Did you know? (Inspirational Islam... by syedafatima001 Spiritual
Since days, I was thinking to share a topic which could really help us, strengthen our Iman. Alhumdullilah, finally I achieved to choose a topic, "Did you know&quo...
Islamic Etiquettes by FearlessMuslimah
Islamic Etiquettes by FearlessMuslimah Non-Fiction
◇ بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ◇ Abu Hurairah reported that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said, "And what is most likely to send peopl...
Because We Were Meant To Be by WreckedHearts511
Because We Were Meant To Be by Aafreen Foorooskar Spiritual
Having lost her parents at a tender age of two, she was never angry with life. She instead lived her life to the fullest within the Islamic boundaries and she spread hap...
Explanation Of The Holy Quran by undeadanthemxx
Explanation Of The Holy Quran by -Notorious Killer Non-Fiction
"Proclaim! In the name of thy lord Who Created Created Man out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood Proclaim! And thy Lord is most Bountiful He Who taught the (use o...
Life of a Muslim by awns__
Life of a Muslim by سيتي نور واهيدا أبراريا Spiritual
In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Exceedingly Merciful
Live & Let Live... by BinthNadeem
Live & Let Live... by Binth Nadeem Spiritual
Sometimes... all u need is a few soothing words in your world of disaster... to remind you... that indeed there is someone up there controlling all your affairs... and w...
Quotes from Quran by mahtabstories
Quotes from Quran by مونلایـت Romance
اهْدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ Guide us to the straight path ما را به راه راست هدايت فرما :)
Zina | A Muslim Story (ATTRIBUTES OF A MUSLIMAH #2) by saudi_araybia
Zina | A Muslim Story (ATTRIBUTES... by Adelaide London Spiritual
I looked at my sins and saw they were great. Then I looked at the mercy of Allah and saw that it was much, much greater. *** ATTRIBUTES OF A MUSLIMAH #2 Can Be Read As...
The Islamic Way by HijabiQueen74
The Islamic Way by Aysha Sumaiya Spiritual
AssalamuAlikum Warahmatulahi Wabara Kathu. I hope that everyone is doing very well. This isn't a story or any kind of novel. I just want to share something about Islam...
The path of Islam 🌙 by _Diarra_16
The path of Islam 🌙 by Di'arra ✨ Spiritual
Islamic reminder book which contains a lot of mini stories including the stories of Iblis on how he became Shaytaan and the stories of the Prophets (May peace be upon th...
Reality Of Islam by rehma5
Reality Of Islam by rehma5 Random
Welcome, people of all kinds. Girls, boys, kids, teens, adults, everyone is more than welcome. Especially non Muslims. I'm not going to compare Islam to any religion her...
♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11
♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11 Random
My Lord: Grant me wisdom, and join me with the good.[26:83] ♡♥Enlightening souls is a book in which Authentic HADITH, SUNNAH, DIFFERENT DUAS, THOUGHTS & SM...
Problem by ranark
Problem by ♾Rąnø Spiritual
Highest Rank - #3 in spiritual - #12 in Fan Fiction - #79 in Teen Fiction "I'm gonna try my best" I said. ...
Destiny by hareemrahman
Destiny by Meerah Rahman Spiritual
This is a story which I want to write on the wattpad is , how Destiny plays a role and two opposite fell in love after marriage. how different they are in thinking and p...
Is this love? by Amandaclearwater
Is this love? by Rachel Sparks Spiritual
Armana and Tahan, both believe in halal marriage. Time brings them together and something sparks in their heart. Is this love?