Dumb Celebrity Quotes by JaneConquestBackup
Dumb Celebrity Quotes by JCB Random
All the craziest and stupidest quotes from celebrities! Enjoy!
Oranges And ADHD by TheOrangeGryffindor
Oranges And ADHD by Sarcastic&Fantastic {Festive... Random
This is where I'm going to post all of my unfinished or half baked ideas. It's basically a bunch of random rants, quotes, gifs, memes, fandoms, thoughts, short storie...
Speechless: Lost for Words by DefensiveNaAuthor
Speechless: Lost for Words by 「κінаяս.сом」 Poetry
Do you wanna hear my thoughts? Here it goes .. You're not alone. You might feeling down, hurt and useless, but at least believe me. You're not alone. Problem is indeed a...
WATTPAD CLICHES by joana32190
-Werewolf -Vampire -Teen Fictions -Romance -Zombies -Fanfics -Poetry/Quote -Fantasy -Anime + more cliches! Read on to find some of the most common cliches in these categ...
unrequited || poetry by itsmirahhh
unrequited || poetry by 米拉 Poetry
❝ I like you ❞ ❝Your problem❞ {Highest ranking #175 in Poetry}
Quotes thanh xuân by HnhMon2
Quotes thanh xuân by Hồng Hạnh Random
Cậu ấy của năm đó chính là cậu ấy tuyệt vời nhất. Nhưng tôi của mãi sau này mới là tôi tuyệt vời nhất. Giữa những con người tuyệt vời nhất của chúng tôi cách nhau một tu...
kDrama Quotes by jouruba
kDrama Quotes by C🌼 Poetry
So since I'm a big Fan of KDrama I decided to make a Book with all my favourite Quotes💯Some may be from kpop groups or songs 🎵♥️
Hospital Ghoul (Ereri) Tokyo Ghoul Cross over by _BlueGoo_
Hospital Ghoul (Ereri) Tokyo Ghoul... by BlueGoo Fanfiction
Eren has cancer in the right eye and in the hospital for God knows how long, and ghouls have found an easy food source... Hospital patients. Levi is hungry and finds the...
YES, WE ARE by PahilaFiravaka
YES, WE ARE by PahilaFiravaka Random
Kumpulan quote tentang Cintaku, tentang Cintamu dan tentang "Kita". ❎ DILARANG BAPER !!! ❎
Fall to Pieces by mylifeissweettt
Fall to Pieces by mylifeissweettt Romance
You stood out to me from the very beginning. From the start, I had this feeling that I can't quite put into words. A feeling of intimidation mixed with unknown interes...
The Pact by moniqueread
The Pact by moniqueread ChickLit
Monique, Alexis, Brittany, Natasha, Lizzie have been best friends since childhood.(They are not sisters) What will happen when they get pregnant by the same F boy. Will...
100 Love Quotes | ✓ by Miss_unbelievable_
100 Love Quotes | ✓ by Maybe you? Random
In this book you will find 100 love quotes. It's an unexplainable feeling, an expression. It's a touch, it's a feel. Once you feel it, it's like no other thing in the wo...
Formula One Secrets by astroblem
Formula One Secrets by Astro Random
A collection of quotes from the world's best and worst Formula One (F1) drivers. -------- Want to say a huge thank you to @bibleinabathofbleach for the awesome cover.
Quote book 3 by eyelesskittykat
Quote book 3 by eyelesskittykat Random
My third quote book. Warning: may have swears, talk of suicide and depression.
Cute Quotes by savandjai
Cute Quotes by Sav&Jai Random
Cute quotes by Savanna
Cutting quotes by lashton_daddy
Short Poems by maliksdolan
Short Poems by ella Poetry
In which I post a collection of short poems. None of these are made by me x
Behind The Smiles by youeffohh
Behind The Smiles by Don Tasyo van Gogh Poetry
Original thoughts from the author. No copyright infringement allowed. © YouEffOhh
Book of Quotes by Writer_4ever
Book of Quotes by ℰvelyn ✝︎ Random
(Completed) A book of quotes from random people I do not own any of the media or quotes in this book. #793 - Random 1/5/17 #581 - Random 3/5/17
The Bad Boy Boxer  {IN EDITTING} by WriterGirlx
The Bad Boy Boxer {IN EDITTING} by Molly Teen Fiction
Ever heard of the quote 'a life spent making mistake is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.' Yes well that is what made me switch...