No Strings Attached? by franciscoxxlachowski
No Strings Attached? by franciscoxxlachowski Teen Fiction
"No strings attached?" I asked as he kissed down my neck. "No strings attached." He replied, before placing his soft lips on mine. ...
The QB Bad Boy and Me by episodetay
The QB Bad Boy and Me by Tay Teen Fiction
"I know what you like, Cheer." He growls in a low tone beside my ear. He spins me around and slams me against the wall, his face hovers a mere inch away from m...
Captain vs Captain  by littledancerxx
Captain vs Captain by Little Dancer Teen Fiction
Adding a head Cheerleader and a Football Captain together is bound to cause trouble
The Principal's Daughter by NamedUnique
The Principal's Daughter by Baby Wallace Goat Romance
She is shy. He is the quarterback. She is an outcast. He is popular. She's a book nerd. And he's hopelessly in love with her. Cover: @RaeSarai
Bad Boy Rumors | √ by DidTheyFallInLove
Bad Boy Rumors | √ by Leah ✌️ Teen Fiction
"I heard he got shot and died" "No, I heard he shot someone and went to prison" "So not true, I heard he got kicked out of his gang and had to s...
Football Girl by BecklieBeckaBraae
Football Girl by Becka :) Teen Fiction
Ayanna Jones has always loved football. She loves playing it, she loves watching it. That's why her friends call her Football Girl. As she settles into a new life with...
Best Friends with the Player √ by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friends with the Player √ by ℓosaℓini Teen Fiction
player (n) : a male who is skilled at seducing women and is only interested in sex. Santana Marie Klaus has always had a crush on her best friend, Daemon Matthe...
The School's New Whore by bisalliff
The School's New Whore by Ally Teen Fiction
Camila Diaz liked to sleep around. She wasn't scared of anyone and I guess you could call her a bad ass. Her mom and dad were both killed in a car crash and she's always...
I Stole the Quarterback's Position by -blue-skies-
I Stole the Quarterback's Position by -blue-skies- Teen Fiction
"You... you can't play football!" Aaron spat in my face. I wiped the spit off my face and turned to him. "Yes, I can." I said calmly putting my helm...
The Blind Girl And The Quarterback (Wattys2017) by mnkprincess
The Blind Girl And The Quarterback... by Mira Random
My name is Ruby. I was born with rare ruby eyes, but I don't know what they look like anymore. I like to believe they're still the same color, but it's hard to when I ca...
High School Love by tennis-dance
High School Love by Bryles love Fanfiction
This story is about Briar always being picked on and has no friends but uses dance to escape that. Myles who is the most popular boy and the quarterback and his girlfrie...
The Quarterback, Outcast and Me ✔ by WinterStars
The Quarterback, Outcast and Me ✔ by WinterStars Teen Fiction
Chloe Martin, Jace Jones and Caleb Constantine are on completely different ends of the High School hierarchy. One is just your plain average teenager, the other is th...
Honor (Kickstarting My Heart # 1) by ChasingMadness24
Honor (Kickstarting My Heart # 1) by Kyra Blackthorn Teen Fiction
Sixteen year old Ariel Thomas was happy living in her Quarterback older brother's shadow. That is until her brother and his best friend are in a car accident that kills...
Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy) by AmesMax
Take Me Beyond Me (boyxboy) by Amara Teen Fiction
[COMPLETED] Shane Cooper is the supposed "bad boy" of the school, but it's just another rumor. In reality, he's a broken boy who has had a hard time facing l...
Receiving by thewiseone12
Receiving by The Wise One Teen Fiction
Riley Daniels isn't your normal girl but no one remember the normal girls that blend into the background. For starters her two best-friends are her twin brother Thomas a...
Football girl ☑️☑️ by olivia_chase123
Football girl ☑️☑️ by olivia_chase Teen Fiction
UNDER MAJOR EDITING // READ AT YOUR OWN RISK this is quite possibly the worst book on the planet. i wrote this when i was a dorky 12 year old. "Come on, let's go h...
Stealing the Bad Boy Jock by C4_Faith16
Stealing the Bad Boy Jock by Cassandra Teen Fiction
"You are a nothing more than a bitchy slut" He hissed at my sister My sister looked at me and then at Our interlaced hands and then back to me. "I thought...
The Quarterback Still Like Me by afiyaedwards123
The Quarterback Still Like Me by Afiya Edwards 17 Teen Fiction
-Sequel to The Quarterback Likes Me?- Must read The Quarterback Likes Me? before reading this book. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ________________________________________...
The new girl by Supernaturally_Loved
The new girl by Susan R. Teen Fiction
Slowly Editing. Charlie just moved to a new school, and she hates it. She's done this many times before, but wishes she could just have a place to call home. Eric has...
Heart Intercepted by LindsyLou
Heart Intercepted by LindsyLou Romance
(COMPLETED!) Reese Reynolds has a pretty amazing life. A best friend as a roommate, three loving older brothers, and a boyfriend of four years which she considers the lo...