Ten Years Later by DancingYellowPiggies
Ten Years Later by DancingYellowPiggies
Macey Young had big plans after high school. Yes, she partied every weekend, wore skirts that no decent girl would wear, and didn't exactly have the best morals, but sh...
  • humor
  • happyending
  • romance
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16 And Pregnant   by jennxpennfanforever
16 And Pregnant by jennxpennfanforever
Eve is happy go lucky till she goes drinking under age and ends up having a one night stand. What happens is she pregnant or not. If she is will she keep the baby...
  • teenpregnancy
  • quads
  • romance
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Trust no one-blue sky's by ilikehorsesandcake
Trust no one-blue sky's by Sophie😁
If theirs one thing I've learnt so far, is trust no one-except my best-est friend, my defender, my Alai, my mate, my love, my life... I trust him so much, I trust him wi...
  • horses
  • motorbikes
  • things
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Test Subject by __fall__out__girl__
Test Subject by oops
When a teenage girl is kidnapped and impregnated by scientists, she must escape.
  • danger
  • pregnancy
  • quads
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Waves by SuzieQooh
Waves by SuzieQooh
Just like waves, Bambi's life has up's and down's. There's moments when she feels like she's on top of the world. And the next moment she feels like she has been crushed...
  • sad
  • anxiety
  • twins
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The Quad Squad by BrittTheBookSlayer
The Quad Squad by Brittany Geragotelis
Seventeen-year-old Brewster Bay is never alone. Like, EVER. And she likes it that way. As one-fourth of quadruplets, she feels most like herself when she's alongside her...
  • anxiety
  • panic
  • book
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