Puppet Boy by z0mbies
Puppet Boyby z0mbies
"My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry...
  • kidnapping
  • horror
  • gore
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Human(Marionette x Reader) by Fandoms_4_life02
Human(Marionette x Reader)by Fandoms_4_life02
  • puppetxreader
  • fnaf
  • marionette
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Jester | Jikook | by Sincerely_Jikook
Jester | Jikook |by Sincerely Jikook💋
"Your job is to make me laugh..not to fall in love.." Jeon Jungkook is a young, tall and handsome black haired king that rules over his palace alone. Because o...
  • circus
  • ringmaster
  • jimin
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Ojos de Animatronica. Cuerpo de Humana (Foxy y Tu) by Suicide_Army
Ojos de Animatronica. Cuerpo de Hu...by Fabulous Killjoy
Que pasaría si les dijera que los niños que murieron a manos del hombre morado en realidad eran adolescentes? Y si les dijera que en el sótano de la pizzeria se encuen...
  • goldenfreddy
  • wattys2015
  • toychica
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Bill's Favored Puppet [Billdip] by BlueCipher0
Bill's Favored Puppet [Billdip]by Blue Leader
Another plot twist that I came up with for the final episode of Gravity Falls, Weirdmageddon. Instead, Dipper is the one to do the suicidal mission to take down Bill by...
  • puppet
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
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The Man (Puppet Boy Prequel) by z0mbies
The Man (Puppet Boy Prequel)by z0mbies
Everybody has a tale of how they came to be - some tell the journey to strength, some tell the journey to happiness. Some happen to involve cruelty and torture. Thi...
  • man
  • scary
  • puppet
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They Are My Friends; FNAF✔ by xSanBonx
They Are My Friends; FNAF✔by •Moonlight•
•female reader• You're not doing well at your home. Your parents would always abuse you and say that you're worthless. One day, you become the new nightguard of the famo...
  • animatronics
  • fnaf
  • fanfiction
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¿Quien es el mejor? →FNAFHS Y Tu←. by MissYandere910
¿Quien es el mejor? →FNAFHS Y Tu←.by Madeleine Liset Allendes Aray...
«¿Fue el destino quien hizo que nos conociéramos?. Yo no lo llamaría destino, sino, una apuesta. Lo que que se convertiria en un romance de pelicula se transformara en u...
  • foxy
  • freddy
  • ed00chan
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Marionetë by erilda_
Marionetëby Er🌙
"Pse duhet te te jap nje mundesi te dyte?" "Per ta kthyer jeten tone ne nje telajo plot ngjyra!"
  • lovestory
  • marion
  • marionette
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Fun-times aren't always great. FNaF: SL (Fun time Freddy x reader) by PsychoticFun87
Fun-times aren't always great. FNa...by Psychotic
Just a Fun-time freddy x reader. Sorry if this story gets confusing, hope you enjoy!
  • bonnie
  • freddys
  • fnaf
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Hidden In Shadows( A Mystreet and Fnaf Aphmau Story ) by SnowWolfhowling
Hidden In Shadows( A Mystreet and...by SnowWolfhowling
The sudden apperance of Aphmau's old friends makes it difficult to hide her secrets from her new friends. She needs to guard her secrets from her new friends while guard...
  • shifters
  • freddy
  • minecraft
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Ask or dare the Fnaf crew! by Eeveegamer1234567
Ask or dare the Fnaf crew!by Derp
Chica : Can you ask or dare me? Toy Chica : NO! Ask or dare me cuz I'm the best! Chica : Aaahhhhhhh! ( faints from being scared ) Emma : No your not the best.. CUZ I AM...
  • puppet
  • emma
  • chicaxbonnie
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The Deadly Beauty by whiterose211
The Deadly Beautyby Jessica(:
Allie is a girl focused on only one thing...revenge. But what will happen when she meets up with her first love? Which one will she choose...love or revenge?
  • spy
  • bittersweet
  • training
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In My Arms (Fangle) by Manglecupcake10
In My Arms (Fangle)by Jaden Armida Chavez
"Woah, look at her eyes!" "What a freak." "Is that even normal?" Mangle held her head in her hands, breathing slowly. Please make it stop...
  • toyfreddy
  • springtrap
  • purpleguy
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Jewelry box ~ a Ballora X Reader fanfic by Willow815
Jewelry box ~ a Ballora X Reader f...by Clocks are turning
Ballora was always your favorite. Ballora was always your favorite. Ballora was always your favorite. Ballora was always your favorite. Ballora was always your favor...
  • ballora
  • toyfreddy
  • sisterlocation
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Fnaf x Reader One-Shots by Jaschicken
Fnaf x Reader One-Shotsby Jas
Fnaf 1 - 4, and Sister Location, Hope You Enjoy... Request Are Still Open.... New Stories Uploaded Daily Or When Ever I Have Time...
  • bonnie
  • frexy
  • fnaf
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Aphmau's secret [Completed] by super-ninja-unicorn
Aphmau's secret [Completed]by ¯\_◕ω◕_/¯
Kawaii~Chan is moving in with Reese. Since Kawaii~Chan is moving Katelyn is moving to, she is moving in with Dante and Nicole. Aphmau has the choice of staying alone or...
  • puppet
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • pizza
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Hearts and Strings (Sasori Love Story) by Kunoichi101
Hearts and Strings (Sasori Love St...by Ron-chan
“I don’t have any feelings,” he muttered. “Yes you do,” I said. “You’re not a puppet anymore which means you’re supposed to feel. You’re supposed to love, hate, and othe...
  • pein
  • strings
  • akasuna
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Her Puppet, Now and Forever (Assassination Classroom Fanfic, Nagisa x Karma) by LavishingShips
Her Puppet, Now and Forever (Assas...by Keilani
I do not own Assassination Classroom nor its characters, just the story line and such for this fanfic. This fanfic was inspired by many other Karmagisa shippers who wrot...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • fakesmile
  • fanfiction
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Ask and Dare the Afton Family by LimexMemes
Ask and Dare the Afton Familyby JUST AN IDIOT
Here we go... William: Yay, I get to spend time with my family again! | Puppet and Springtrap: I hate you and I hate this. | Circus Baby: I still love you daddy! | Willi...
  • marionette
  • dareorask
  • funny
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