Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanfic by WaitForItStyles
Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanfic by :-)
"If kissing me shows how much you hate me, then hate me baby, loathe me, detest me." From sibling rivalry, to an enemy to all, Harry Styles is a manipulating a...
  • romance
  • malik
  • dark
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The CEO and the Punk by DisasterStrikesMe
The CEO and the Punk by E. Benitez
This isn't your typical business romance book you find with the sexy secretary who falls for the jaw-dropping CEO who is very serious and powerful. It doesn't start with...
  • ceo
  • punk
  • chicago
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Pen Pals With A Criminal. (Niall Horan A.U) by feed_your_head
Pen Pals With A Criminal. (Niall H... by feed_your_head
"You know I can treat you better than any man here. But only if you stop acting like a little bitch and come to realize that. I won't be your boyfriend, I won't tel...
  • horan
  • punk
  • penpals
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soft ✃ reddie  by suicidal-headcase-
soft ✃ reddie by bambi
pastel!eddie punk!richie (this is not a FACK fan fiction. this is simply about the characters they play in the IT movie. they've said before that they're uncomfortable w...
  • richietoizer
  • losers
  • fanfiction
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Aesthetically Vintage |Punk!H.S| by Blue_Obsession
Aesthetically Vintage |Punk!H.S| by - Lo,
Light green eyes penetrating mine, he looked at me with adoration. And I looked at him in admiration. Such green eyes, dark loose curls, baby pink lips and tan skin. I w...
  • harry
  • punk
  • aesthetically
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Where Did I Go Wrong? //Phan// by phanaticphan
Where Did I Go Wrong? //Phan// by My name is [Madi]
Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil... Dan is bullied by a group of boys at school. Phil is one of these bullies but he sees Dan differently. *triggers listed at the top of the...
  • pastel
  • danandphil
  • phil
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Anarchy by styleslegend
Anarchy by Megan
--Watty Award 2014 Winner-- Anarchy (noun): a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority --Book One of the Anarchy series-- The world as we kn...
  • one
  • wattys2014
  • harrystyles
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Arms||Cake AU|| by Banana_Cake19
Arms||Cake AU|| by Anna
Calum was the "bad boy". The smoker, the drinker, the fighter. He had tattoos all up his arms and multiple piercings. He demanded the respect of everybody els...
  • calumandluke
  • wattys2017
  • lgbt
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Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
He was a tattoo artist by day, a painter by night. He possessed what is commonly known as an addictive personality. Perhaps inherited. He had always been like that. H...
  • harryau
  • louistomlinson
  • painting
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Wonderland | jikook by sadboyjimin
Wonderland | jikook by snow ❄
A story when two odd people become one with another. All Copyright Reserved 2016 Bangtan | BTS
  • punk
  • bts
  • boyxboy
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Punks and pastel  (markiplier x reader x jacksepticeye) by FrozenFever281
Punks and pastel (markiplier x re... by FrozenFever281
Yn Ln a 16 year old girl is what you call a pastel girl she loves wearing pastel and flower crowns she's the kindest sweetest girl in school yes yes she gets bullied but...
  • markiplier
  • jacksepticeye
  • xreader
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voltron ☆ various by hunkgarettofficial
voltron ☆ various by 🌻Hunk🌻
Voltron headcanons, fanart, fanfics and the occasional rant! (also memes) I'm actually in love with Hunk, so expect lots of him. (#984 in Fanfiction)
  • keith
  • lance
  • kunk
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Feather After  by Releasse
Feather After by Release
"You drive me fucking crazy, baby," he says and runs his tattooed hand through his hair. He bites on his lower lip and his lip ring pops out. I back up, &qu...
  • love
  • drama
  • punk
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Choice ~ Phan by SleeplessSophie
Choice ~ Phan by Atlas
"Leviticus 18:22 - Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." The preachers words rang throughout the church and a series of "...
  • punk
  • wattys2017
  • choice
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Gift [Larry Stylinson Hybrid Louis] by amy_henry17
Gift [Larry Stylinson Hybrid Louis] by Tiny-Lou
Hybrid Louis and Punk Harry. A story where a Harry receives a 'Gift' which wasn't meant for him.
  • cute
  • possessive
  • punk
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The day I met you by whatsagoodphanname
The day I met you by Anne Douglas
This is an AU of dan and phil. Basically the Pastel X Punk. Phil is a highschool bully and bullies pastel dan. Then something happens.. (This is loosely based off of an...
  • phanfiction
  • phillester
  • danandphilfanfiction
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BAD ➶CHANDLER RIGGS by -harrington
❝I do bad things, and I do them very well.❞ © -harrington
  • bad
  • punkchandler
  • chandler
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Inked // Klance, Hidge, Shatt by Patty-Thompson
Inked // Klance, Hidge, Shatt by ❤Anime Addict❤
Klance / Hidge / Shatt Lance works in his friend's small cafe in a busy street. Across from said cafe is a tattoo studio, belonging to a young boy. Lance has had a crush...
  • shiro
  • pidge
  • punk
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Tutor / Muke by addiictedtomuke
Tutor / Muke by Tiana :-)
"You're just my tutor, we're not fucking friends." Or where Luke's parents force Luke to get a tutor and he's not so happy about it. fem!michael punk!luke ...
  • punk
  • muke
  • luke
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Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson AU] by Larry_Lashton
Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson... by Baby
After the teachers realize the different grades of Cheshire High School aren't interacting, they decide to start a project. Cheshire Chatroom is an online pen-pal projec...
  • harry
  • styles
  • louis
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