Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanfic by WaitForItStyles
Stay Alive // Harry Styles Fanfic by :-) Fanfiction
"If kissing me shows how much you hate me, then hate me baby, loathe me, detest me." From sibling rivalry, to an enemy to all, Harry Styles is a manipulating a...
The bad boy saved me by mrsddhoran
The bad boy saved me by DD Romance
What will happen when the bad boy falls in love with the abused girl? Will he save her from her abusive parents or will he Hurt her just like them? Will she fall in...
What If It's Right? by bandsvansraybans
What If It's Right? by S.S WHO CARES Teen Fiction
Some may say it's wrong to love someone older than you. Let alone your dad's bestfriend. Others may be doing it themselves, but you can't let others tell you who to love...
Speechless (Harry Styles AU) by duckiilovesyou66
Speechless (Harry Styles AU) by Duckii Fanfiction
It’s been 14 years since I last spoke a single word. 14 years of silence. The doctors told me I would never speak again. But even if I could speak Harry Styles would hav...
Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts Fanfiction
He was a tattoo artist by day, a painter by night. He possessed what is commonly known as an addictive personality. Perhaps inherited. He had always been like that. H...
Cigarettes by drawing-5sos
Cigarettes by adela Fanfiction
His hand reached down for mine, intertwining our fingers together. I questioningly looked down at our hands and then up at him. "So you don't fall again." © dr...
Toxic Lips [l.h] by My_Chemical_Muke
Toxic Lips [l.h] by Mia Fanfiction
--- Those who fear darkness have no idea what the light can do ---
Kryptonite || Cake au by xDancingDreamerx
Kryptonite || Cake au by Tee. ☻ Fanfiction
Luke Hemmings had always had a soft spot for his shy and nerdy best friend Calum Hood.
Somber (Punk Harry Styles Fanfiction) by stylesoriginal
Somber (Punk Harry Styles Fanficti... by stylesoriginal Fanfiction
Block out all your feelings, then there's no way of getting hurt.
Reject ❀ c.h. [punk au] by lovablenarry
Reject ❀ c.h. [punk au] by lovablenarry Fanfiction
❝I would have followed him to hell if he had asked me, and maybe I did.❞ copyright © 2014 / lovablenarry
The Bad Boy's Girl (H.S)  by Directioner-stagram
The Bad Boy's Girl (H.S) by Keona Styles Fanfiction
I watched as he lit a cigarette, held it between his lips, and squinted at the road. "You should probably stay away from me." He said, without looking at me...
The day I met you by whatsagoodphanname
The day I met you by Anne Douglas Fanfiction
This is an AU of dan and phil. Basically the Pastel X Punk. Phil is a highschool bully and bullies pastel dan. Then something happens.. (This is loosely based off of an...
Arms||Cake AU|| by Banana_Cake19
Arms||Cake AU|| by Anna Fanfiction
Calum was the "bad boy". The smoker, the drinker, the fighter. He had tattoos all up his arms and multiple piercings. He demanded the respect of everybody els...
soft ✃ reddie  by suicidal-headcase-
soft ✃ reddie by bambi Fanfiction
pastel!eddie punk!richie (this is not a FACK fan fiction. this is simply about the characters they play in the IT movie. they've said before that they're uncomfortable w...
Feather After 2 by Releasse
Feather After 2 by Release Teen Fiction
Aria has finally made it to the isle but at what cost? ~ Ranked #101 in Teen Fiction
Not Approved. > N.H by DianaTheR5Girl
Not Approved. > N.H by Diana Fanfiction
"My dad won't approve of this Niall." I whispered against his lips. "F.uck what your dad thinks." He grips my waist tightly smashing our lips togeth...
Heavy Wears The Crown by ObsceneIrrationality
Heavy Wears The Crown by R.A. Franco Romance
Carter Reid is looking for only one thing when she meets drug addicted, womanizer, lead singer Nolan Doufer. A job. Nolan Doufer is used to getting what he wants, a bab...
Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson AU] by Larry_Lashton
Cheshire Chatroom [Larry Stylinson... by Baby Fanfiction
After the teachers realize the different grades of Cheshire High School aren't interacting, they decide to start a project. Cheshire Chatroom is an online pen-pal projec...
Adoring You (mpreg)  by larry_shipper_00
Adoring You (mpreg) by We ship bullshit Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson- A gay cross dresser who lives and has lived with his best friend Niall, for four years after his mother kicked him out for being gay and a cross dresser...
Adopted by 5SOS? by bxndtxbers
Adopted by 5SOS? by ash Fanfiction
I'm Cara. A complete mess that no one wants. I ruin things and wreck peoples lives... That was until they came and fixed me and showed me what love truly is. SLOWLY UNDE...