ROADKILL! by EduardoLopesdeSouza
ROADKILL!by Eduardo Lopes de Souza
Michael, o irmão exemplar, tem a missão de ir buscar seu irmão mais novo que cumpria pena em Milwaukee. Parecia ser mais uma viagem tranquila pelas estradas dos Estado...
  • rock
  • horror-comedy
  • trip
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A Quiet Night by mujikcom
A Quiet Nightby P.R. Ryan
Boyd is a trained and able assassin who's inner sense of morals and karma tends to dissuade him from overt violence unless absolutely necessary, a counter point to the v...
  • murder
  • fiction
  • crime
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Onyx City Gods by MrSanguine
Onyx City Godsby ...
In the crime-ridden district, Onyx City, Darius Prince lives as an unemployed immortal. His choice to not partake in the lucrative criminal industry has made him unable...
  • grownupreads
  • murdermystery
  • fantasynoir
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Bad Stories by AntonioAsmodeo
Bad Storiesby Antonio Asmodeo
Racconti che si legano al filone americano del realismo sporco.Dialoghi surreali e scene di vita quotidiana,si intrecciano in un crescendo di visioni,talvolta assurde e...
  • racconti
  • wattis2016
  • sesso
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Dekker's Dozen: The Last Watchmen by ChristopherSchmitz
Dekker's Dozen: The Last Watchmenby Christopher Schmitz
When a demon-possessed tree tries to impose its will on the universe, the future turns dark. But what does Dekker want? The leader of the only mercenary squad capable of...
  • zombie
  • starwars
  • firefly
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The Starship Adventures:Volume 4 by ZestyWordsmith
The Starship Adventures:Volume 4by ZestyWordsmith
The adventures of a cynical space pirate and his incredibly bizarre companions continue once again!
  • timetravel
  • spacepirates
  • pirates
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The Experiment Escapes... by laakos
The Experiment Escapes...by laakos
When Lily hits a stranger speeding down the highway at 2 a.m., she struggles to wrap her head around how he could've survived. Weirder still is the full recovery he pull...
  • scifi
  • adventure
  • rebel
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Different Class by generationvelvet
Different Classby Just a little dazed
Society will always bother me; people live mindlessly, only caring about themselves, not once stoping to think about those around them or the world. But he wasn't like t...
  • smiths
  • blur
  • rock
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Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthology by Sam_Castle
Roads To Hell: A Horror Anthologyby Sam Castle
A collection of horror short stories and flash fiction. Alex is awakened by the sound of a dog barking from inside his house, but he doesn't own a dog. Three boys find a...
  • poe
  • dark
  • short
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Paraplegic Zombie Slayer by LostDMBFiles
Paraplegic Zombie Slayerby David Mark Brown
"In the dust zone every man lives with a shotgun under his mattress and a bullet in his brain." Life in the post apocalyptic dust zone of the Texas Panhandle c...
  • gore
  • hachebrown
  • lost
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Pulp Fiction - Supernatural x drug addict reader by that-fanfic-chic
Pulp Fiction - Supernatural x drug...by that-fanfic-chic
Charlie walks in on reader shooting up, shit goes down. The end scene is kinda like that scene in Pulp Fiction. This isn't a very serious one-shot, I had fun writing it...
  • addiction
  • drugaddiction
  • overdose
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This is a spell book, I promise by HaveMeABlueLatte
This is a spell book, I promiseby Catrotronikal
Atlantorth, the secretive school for witches and wizards located in the suburbs of the Atlantic. Someone has committed a crime, but who was it? Including the members of...
  • jarvis
  • oasis
  • britpop
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Fistful of Reefer by LostDMBFiles
Fistful of Reeferby David Mark Brown
A spaghetti-Western, refried alternate history, Fistful of Reefer features goats, guns and the camaraderie of outcasts. Set along the Texas border during the waning year...
  • files
  • dmb
  • pulp
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Aşk dedikleri yerde doğar bir piç by GkhanPeken
Aşk dedikleri yerde doğar bir piçby GkhanPeken
Gece kinini kusuyor Ruhuma Tik tak Tik tak yüzüm çarmıha geriliyor Kudüs'te .. Dinsel bir acının en orta yerinde oturuyordun sen ölümü anlatıyorsun, ölmüş bir adamın yüz...
  • siir
  • edebiyat
  • pulp
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R.W.S. by NickolausPacione
R.W.S.by Nickolaus Pacione
Egg horror authors on why don't ya; okay one doesn't live in Castle Rock, Maine, or Arkham, MA, but a very real area like Joliet, Illinois, and grew up in the Chicagola...
  • rapinglilsuzy
  • worldweirdweb
  • latinkings
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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by shebablake
20,000 Leagues Under the Seaby Sheba Blake
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne. Verne returned to the theme of an outlaw submarine captain in his much late...
  • pulp
  • adventure
  • classics
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The War of Wind and Moon (Season One) by DarcyConroy
The War of Wind and Moon (Season O...by DarcyConroy
How do you fight evil if death is not the end? Seventeen-year-old Mia trusts no-one. She wants to - she'd give almost anything to be able to - but when your survival de...
  • adventure
  • australia
  • superhero
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Warmachine by JJMarmite
Warmachineby JJMarmite
Short, pulpy, unrelated chunks of mech-suit based violence. Abrupt, harsh and largely meaningless they are exactly what they set out to be. At least I think so. Bloodth...
  • sci
  • fiction
  • science
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FATALLY BOUND (McRyan Mystery Series - Excerpt) by rogerstelljes
FATALLY BOUND (McRyan Mystery Seri...by Roger Stelljes
Fatally bound... by one decision with deadly consequences. Hannah opened the backdoor of her house and walked inside, closing the door behind her and locking it. Out of...
  • hard-boiled
  • police-procedural
  • detective
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