The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Series by RowenaBlack
The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Seri... by RowenaBlack
I'd Like to think I was a good person, before it all began. I didn't cheat on tests, or steal. But throughout my entire life, I was treated if I were a monster. At the...
  • mystery
  • supernatural
  • fae
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The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 1 by Jordy_Marie
The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Boo... by Jordan Marie
Brody, Andy, and Miles are the members of the use-to-be-hot show Ghost Trackers. Their show is about to bite the dust, but the network has one more trick up their sleeve...
  • possession
  • unmasked
  • spiritguide
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The Psychic Next Door by YvetteRussell
The Psychic Next Door by Yvette Russell
Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And it might have something to do with Luc, the handsome and mysterious guy who lives next door. { Book I...
  • magic
  • spirit
  • secrets
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The Frozen King's Mate  [COMPLETED] by Aspiring-Writer-19
The Frozen King's Mate [COMPLETED] by Asia Daye
Marcus Night was next in line for the throne. But, there was one problem: his wolf. Well, the color of his wolf; it's white. Marcus realizes that his wolf only blends i...
  • witches
  • royalty
  • humanqueen
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The Human in the Wolf Pack by RoyalyBree
The Human in the Wolf Pack by RoyalyBree
This story isn't about the werewolf who found his mate, but a human. Vera White was raised by werewolves, and grew up hated by the majority of her pack. She despised t...
  • power
  • psychic
  • love
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Dreamscape by SheHopes
Dreamscape by Sandra Grayson
(BOOK II IN THE DREAM SERIES) All her life, Dani Deleon has been plagued by other people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a woman that's gone missi...
  • crime
  • crazy
  • dreams
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Dream Hunter by SheHopes
Dream Hunter by Sandra Grayson
(BOOK III IN THE DREAM SERIES) With a single touch, Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When she starts seeing a cloaked figure in all of...
  • psychic
  • horror
  • stalking
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I'm Not Your Mate, Sir [Werewolf Student/Teacher Romance] by ISukadi
I'm Not Your Mate, Sir [Werewolf S... by Isaneuve
It's Melissa Sanchez's Senior Year and everything is about to seem normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a werewolf. Until, she meets her mate, Ben Arley. The problem...
  • teacher
  • story
  • teen
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The Psychic Within by YvetteRussell
The Psychic Within by Yvette Russell
After narrowly escaping the wrath of the Beast and its deranged master, Rachel Vaughn just wants to feel normal again. But the appearance of a ghostly girl -- a girl onl...
  • romance
  • mythology
  • heartbreak
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UNSHEATHED by rsimkin
UNSHEATHED by Rebecca Simkin
Exiled from her homeland, Elena found purpose in her work as the Captain of the Guard to the Queen of Kalad--at least, until she was ordered to help a brooding Prince re...
  • love
  • war
  • peace
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Dream Phantom by SheHopes
Dream Phantom by Sandra Grayson
(Book IV in the Dream Series) How do you fight a nightmare? Dani Deleon has always been able to see the nightmares of others. When an evil creature begins to threaten Da...
  • suspense
  • nightmares
  • dreams
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Immortal at Seventeen by princessAarya
Immortal at Seventeen by Arya
|completed; 15th April, 2017| (first book in Immortal Queen Trilogy) Alexandra Ravens, the only daughter of a multimillionaire, stood before the elaborate cake that had...
  • love
  • romance
  • fiction
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Saved by an Angel (a Castiel love story) by black_smoke_angel
Saved by an Angel (a Castiel love... by Mae
When an unknown force pulls Kristena Singer and her older brother, Dean from Hell, they come face to face with an angel. As the Apocolypse grows closer, Kristy finds her...
  • bobby
  • lucifer
  • michael
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In the Spirit of Letting Go by reaweiger
In the Spirit of Letting Go by Rebecca Weiger
[A Wattpad Featured Story] At the age of seventeen, Harper Pearce is no stranger to death. Since the night of her parents' fatal car accident, she's had the ability to...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • ghosts
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Tuesday's Child by DaleMayer
Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer
What she doesn’t exactly what he needs. Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can’t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and liv...
  • paranormal
  • thriller
  • vision
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Because My Car Hit You | ✔️ #wattys2017 by SheaStephanie
Because My Car Hit You | ✔️ #watty... by ☼ SheaStephanie ☼
When Hanna Greenbay hit Sage Fischer with her car, she planned on two things: 1. To not go down for attempted murder 2. Move on with her life Unfortunately for her, num...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • humor
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Letters From New York [Blood Magic, Book 2] by deathofcool
Letters From New York [Blood Magic... by Monica S. Kuebler
(Completed) Until Mills and Keel, the sorcerer-vampire bond was solely the stuff of folklore and legend - a whispered myth with one hell of a body count. Now Mills has r...
  • bleeder
  • blood
  • fiction
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Dark Eros by Ophelia_is_Knightly
Dark Eros by Ophelia D. Knight
"He was a great lion and she was merely a gazelle. He was stalking her in the tall grass, crouching on his mighty hinges, his claws extended, his teeth bared. She s...
  • lust
  • erotica
  • want
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Immortals by HoodGirl1993
Immortals by HoodGirl1993
Danny: Fire/Lighting Louis: Water Harry: Healer Niall: Psychic Alexis: Weather Liam strength/werewolf Zayn: plants (green thumb)
  • psychic
  • weather
  • elements
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The Psychic [2] by ThePenguin246
The Psychic [2] by Ady
Почти година и половина след завръщането си, Селестия и Тай са по-щастливи от всякога. След поредната мисия, двамата се опитват да разпуснат, когато попадат на друго Ро...
  • lucifer
  • shadows
  • psychic
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