Beyond the Veil by tallisaurus
Beyond the Veilby Avelley Ellis
All Serena Whitehall has ever wanted was to fit in. Something that is a bit hard to do when you can hear the thoughts of everyone around you. Unable to control this stra...
  • fantasy
  • psychic
  • mindreading
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The Shadow Child by Kyra_Davies
The Shadow Childby Kyra Davies
17 year old, Amaya Kaelynn is forced to run from everything she knows when the King's guards show up in her small village in the middle of the night. Recently, she's be...
  • kingdom
  • fiction
  • dark
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Guardian Angel or Devil's Advocate (Frerard) by elamazinggerard
Guardian Angel or Devil's Amazinggerard
Zero's ability to read other people's minds has gotten him in trouble before, but when he meets his new classmate Frank Iero, 'trouble' gets a whole new meaning...
  • fantasy
  • murder
  • violence
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Kinesis pedia : All types of powers by Linny_Quinn
Kinesis pedia : All types of powersby ~ł ₳₥ Ⱡł₦₴₳₦Ɇ~
Have you ever wonder how many kinesis abilities are there? Well.. Here it is! !!! Also none of da info totally belongs to me!!! The idea is original and please dont stea...
  • fantasy
  • elemental
  • psychic
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The Entities Within by Cynthia_Jay
The Entities Withinby JuCynthia Rolle
Entity... a word meaning 'existence' or 'being', a word usually use to describe the existence of something unknown or of spirits and other-worldly beings... but what if...
  • teen
  • darkpast
  • telekentic
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Online Traditional healer and Effective Spells Caster +27783223616  in the World by user96175550
Online Traditional healer and
Specializing in lost Love Spells, Marriage Spells, Protection Spells, Spiritual Healing, Fortune Teller, Love Spells caster,Native healing, Spiritual healer, Magic love...
  • control
  • divorce
  • love
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For Love of The Unknown by ValkyrieSky7
For Love of The Unknownby Jessica Mariah
After the mysterious death of her mother five years earlier, 16 year old Kaitlin Reynolds find solace in science and academia. Her only dream is to be a scientist, like...
  • supernatural
  • school
  • teenage
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Copycat Cupid by SoSauce
Copycat Cupidby Alex
They say you can't force love. But what if a psychic tells you otherwise?
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • bl
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Under the Gibbous Moon by RebusScott
Under the Gibbous Moonby Rebus Scott
Something grotesque has happened in normally cheery Port Gevaar. A man has been found murdered, horrific wounds forming an occult symbol carved into his body. The only c...
  • monster
  • paranormalmystery
  • smalltown
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Little Birds by LeoraLuvh
Little Birdsby LeoraLuvh
"When I was younger I used to hold my breath for as long as I could. When my lungs started to burn and I couldn't hold it any longer, I would open my mouth gasping...
  • psychic
  • ghosts
  • sisters
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Wasting Time (A Madeline Hughes novel) by emmajaaneexx
Wasting Time (A Madeline Hughes Emma Hiscock
------ TRIGGER WARNING ------ Madeline Hughes has been having visions since she was 10 years old. Her husband Wyatt has been working on a case for the past 5 months g...
  • modernday
  • marriage
  • murder
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Astrologer Kashi - Astrologer in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane: by astrologerkasi
Astrologer Kashi - Astrologer in astrologerkasi
Astrologer Master Kashi is Top Astrologer in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane, Australia. Astrology is a base of world everything based on Astrology. It...
  • famous
  • brisbane
  • best
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Premonitions by notoriousoz
Premonitionsby notoriousoz
Troubled teenager Marlowe Lennox can't help but feel that her life is in danger. Still reeling from the death of her brother, Marlowe decides to turn things around for s...
  • supernatural
  • ghost
  • mystery
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The Weirdo On North Lane  by strangerthingsraini6
The Weirdo On North Lane by musicobessedhufflepuff
Austin Johnson just moved to Salt Lake City, Utah with her aunt. She's not your normal 15 year old though. Austin can see the dead. Nobody else knows except her aunt. Bu...
  • fiction
  • psychic
  • ghosts
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Saudade by NoTostitosForYou
Saudadeby NoTostitosForYou
Stuff happens
  • ficiton
  • magic
  • psychic
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Lola's Coffee Bar by skateboard_chick13
Lola's Coffee Barby Totally Anonymous
A girl wants to find love, and who's going to stop her? Winter has been stuck in her comfort zone for far too long, so she sets out to find love in a coffee shop. Matche...
  • relationship
  • backstory
  • passion
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Can You Read My Mind? by KGFrederick
Can You Read My Mind?by KGFrederick
There are only three supernaturals in school. The vampire brothers, older Donavan and younger Thaddeus, along with a psychic Thaddeus' age named Gregory. Donavan catc...
  • homosexual
  • mythandlegend
  • contest
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A Diary of a Psychic-An Outsider Experience [#everydaymovie contest entry] by MarilynVix
A Diary of a Psychic-An Outsider Marilyn Vix
This short story is an entry in the Every Day Movie contest posted by #fanfiction. It is basically a true story that just recently happened, but I have changed some name...
  • paranormal
  • ghost
  • everydaymovie
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The Off-Switch  by UnderAverageOriginal
The Off-Switch by No and No
Rena was young. Only 9 when she discovered her powers. The powers that she never asked for. what is this power? The power of mind reading. You might be saying, "Wh...
  • girl
  • finite
  • girlandboy
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