S O W E D by WriterBells
S O W E D by WriterBells Poetry
[Highest - #1 in POETRY] [Short Poetry/Prose] SOWED: Words planted to grow into love. This book is the garden where I have sowed my words to grow into sentences and bloo...
No Spilled Ink~ by Fangmiserly
No Spilled Ink~ by Cinderelly Poetry
Cover art by @fairrosamund (Instagram) ~Extraordinary poems that tell stories from an ordinary latina Girl.• "They're simply perfection."~RobTheir Some are sh...
waste away | poetry & prose by __numa
waste away | poetry & prose by numa 💭 Poetry
ramblings of an overthinker
echo by youareagalaxy
echo by ⋆ may ⋆ Poetry
diamonds fall where they must and like all things beautiful they come to you. for those of you who were told you don't matter; I promise, you do,,
EARTHFLOW by vangohs
Of boyhood found beneath a turbulent sky. (p45 - 100917) © VANGOHS, 2017 WARNING: PRETENTIOUS TRY-HARD POETRY INSIDE.
Path to the Moon by queentroverted
Path to the Moon by ˗ˏˋ Lily. Poetry
We are all simply doing everything we can to find our charted path to the moon. © Copyright 2016 by Lily White. All rights reserved.
Honey and Gold by avreate
Honey and Gold by Y.R Poetry
There is a warrior in you. © Y.R 2017 Do not copy. All rights reserved.
excerpts from a book i'll never write by runriots
excerpts from a book i'll never wr... by runriots Random
An idea occasionally comes to me; a story, a poem, a scene. However, they never seem to have a plot. They never do. These excerpts don't belong in a larger work. They're...
Lucotion [poems]  by spicytofuu
Lucotion [poems] by kㆍeㆍi Poetry
lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》 highest rank - #7 in Poetry current rank - #7 in Po...
The Wrong Side of Right by Aestrophilia
The Wrong Side of Right by erica❀ Poetry
❝We all are addicted to something that ruins us.❞ Just some powerful quotes that I found and compiled them into a book. Highest rank; #1 in Poetry (straight #1 from Marc...
Catastrophe by dessiphile
Catastrophe by dessi Poetry
You and I are the definition of catastrophe. | Highest ranking: #5 in poetry. Cover by: @pajibar
What Are You So Scared Of? | ✓ by rescuingraven
What Are You So Scared Of? | ✓ by R A V E N Poetry
You are the reason I have ink stains on my fingertips.
Bad Boy Marlowe by Ximone
Bad Boy Marlowe by ximone Short Story
« j a d e » ∞∞∞ © copyright 2017. ẍ
corazón de mi melón  by -honeypie
corazón de mi melón by ♀ Poetry
i wish i had met a boy like you in my teenage years ©honeypie
3 AM by CerealForTheSoul
3 AM by Cinnamon Pebbles Poetry
The thoughts that cause amnesia.
veins  by xcatchingmoonlightx
veins by megan 💙 Poetry
"there is art trapped in your blood and the confines of your veins and the paper is a ruthless vampire prepared to taste it, if only you'd be willing to share your...
The Things That Cannot Be - - Completed!  by JansHayne
The Things That Cannot Be - - Comp... by Jans Hayne Poetry
SERIES COMPLETED! Thank you to all the wonderful readers who followed all of my writings. All your wonderful comments and loveliest messages have truly inspired me to k...
ENTANGLED - A collection of love prose and poems by rejectedwriterREBORN
ENTANGLED - A collection of love p... by Lokesh Poetry
THE content is all about love , laments, joy , pain, memories, nightmares, sweet dreams , reality and much more. The work is an experience of an imaginary lover sprinkl...
Let me Speak by Varanjit_kor
Let me Speak by varanjit kor Poetry
Ranked at #49 in poetry on 20/10/17 Forbidden by tongue; embraced by poetry. A collection of short poems by a wordsmith. 😋 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Pointless Verses, Nonsense Curses by ssafehavens
Pointless Verses, Nonsense Curses by k.a. Poetry
"drinking cough syrup when you didn't have a cough was ironic, because in reality, you were sicker than you thought." a book of poetry, phrases, paeans, and pr...