Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ] by FatimaO111
Muslim Love Story. [ COMPLETE ] by Bismillah. ✨
Read this story as it follows the beautiful journey of Hira and Amir on their road that takes them closer and closer to marriage, love, Islam and Allah. *prologue in th...
  • allah
  • romance
  • prophet
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Together, Forever by FatimaO111
Together, Forever by Bismillah. ✨
He looked down at me, taking in a breath before his warm hands cupped my face and he ran his thumbs up and down my cheekbones as if wiping away tears. "I'll never...
  • forgiveness
  • family
  • children
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Finding Islam by FatimaO111
Finding Islam by Bismillah. ✨
King and A'ishah. Two people. Two completely different worlds. Lifestyle's that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fate brings them together and by the will of Al...
  • wife
  • halal
  • allah
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I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by Ella Charlotte
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
  • prophet
  • argue
  • paranormal
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Dani Willow (Supernatural Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Dani Willow (Supernatural Fanficti... by Pietro Maximoff
16 year old Dani Willow has tried to have a normal life but she was born with wings. She was bullied and abused because of them, she had few friends but that all changed...
  • prophet
  • sam
  • fanfiction
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Lycan Pass by PrimordialPeach
Lycan Pass by PrimordialPeach
Diane Fellow was just on her way to another swim meet when a tragic bus wreck ripped her friends and family away from her, and change her life forever. Saved by an unrea...
  • oracle
  • lichen
  • tragic
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Her Angel, His Prophet (Castiel X Reader) by _BlackEyedAngel_
Her Angel, His Prophet (Castiel X... by TheCellistLee
Your name is (Y/N), you're 30 years old. Your life was once normal, nice house, good job, friends, but all of that changed once you met Sam, Dean, and their angel friend...
  • fanfiction
  • prophet
  • demons
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Supernatural BSM and DDM Preferences and Scenarios by Simply-Fandom-13
Supernatural BSM and DDM Preferenc... by He/Him
Warning// I don't own Supernatural or you. Trigger warning all throughout the book, but not every chapter.// REQUESTS CLOSED Y/n- Your Name F/c- Favorite Color F...
  • spn
  • prophets
  • sister
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Supernatural Preferences and Imagines by emeraldcity221B
Supernatural Preferences and Imagi... by Mischief Managed
My second Supernatural Preference and Imagine book, hope you enjoy! I own none of these characters. If you like this, I think you also enjoy my other books: -Supernatura...
  • destiel
  • winchester
  • impala
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The Islamic Way by HijabiQueen74
The Islamic Way by Aysha Sumaiya
AssalamuAlikum Warahmatulahi Wabara Kathu. I hope that everyone is doing very well. This isn't a story or any kind of novel. I just want to share something about Islam...
  • videos
  • ayah
  • messengers
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Your Hijab Story. (Interactive) by FatimaO111
Your Hijab Story. (Interactive) by Bismillah. ✨
Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu! May peace and blessings be upon you all! If you're struggling to wear hijab, jilbaab or niqab, or struggling to; wake up...
  • hijabi
  • honour
  • halal
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Are We Okay?? by RafahRahman99
Are We Okay?? by RafahRahman99
Meet Aminat Rahman, a 23 year old muslimah who is shy, quiet but can be crazy and is studying to medicine so she could be her dream job which is am obstetrician. But wi...
  • innocence
  • husband
  • romance
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The Trials (Wild Ones) by TheMoonsRose
The Trials (Wild Ones) by Helena Rose
They've protected the remains of the human race from fear and darkness. They've helped restore art, color, and life to a dull, synthetic world. They've saved their own f...
  • deviant
  • mystic
  • mourner
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Rita Skeeter Weekly by ThatObviousFangirl
Rita Skeeter Weekly by hashslingingslasher
My name is Rita Skeeter, aka the Queen of Quills. You may know me as an ex-writer for the Daily Prophet. After my unfortunate...resignation for the top-leading paper in...
  • interview
  • potter
  • granger
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♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11
♡♥Enlightening Souls♥♡ by chickse11
My Lord: Grant me wisdom, and join me with the good.[26:83] ♡♥Enlightening souls is a book in which Authentic HADITH, SUNNAH, DIFFERENT DUAS, THOUGHTS & SM...
  • hadiths
  • reminders
  • teachings
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Life history of the Prophet(saw) and his companions
  • martyrdom
  • muslimahs
  • quran
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Valuable Messages by _cuteRoses_
Valuable Messages by A.Parvi
Awakening Valuable Mind Boggling Must Ponder upon Messages and Reminders A book dedicated for the Community Service (as a Islamic Online University Student) T...
  • prophet
  • dawah
  • islamic
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The Head Cover by bellasonline
The Head Cover by Ada Light
When her individuality and belief is questioned by her school management, she fights against them with passion. The head cover (Hijab) is her symbol, her eccentricity an...
  • foul
  • evil
  • false
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A Wolf's Kitten by Thundering_Love
A Wolf's Kitten by Thundering_Love
Elizabeth Ivory is the last remaining heir of the Royal Werecat family. Two hundred years have passed since she saw her family slain, but time has done little to diminis...
  • girlsrule
  • wolf
  • luna
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Overly Religious || Ongoing by DavisRJ
Overly Religious || Ongoing by DavisRJ
She's a prophet, complete with psychic visions and angelic guardians. However, instead of spreading the Lord's message, the angels are helping her spread the Lord's kind...
  • backstory
  • religiousfiction
  • archangels
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