I'm falling for my Fiancé - (Arranged Married) by heyitsbubble
I'm falling for my Fiancé - ( heyitsbubble
Avalana Skylar Valerie is a sweet carrying girl with a good grade and a great sport skills. She's the Daughter of Karl Valerie the CEO of Valerie and co. She is a broken...
  • vacation
  • couple
  • secretrelationship
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Rules of a Rebel by OutsideMyWindow
Rules of a Rebelby yours truly
A somewhat traumatized Peyton Monroe moves to Florida, creating a set of rules to ensure that she never again date a boy that is: a) good-lucking b) popular c) flirtati...
  • peyton
  • bullied
  • teenfiction
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Chase by nikki20038
Chaseby nic
"Just go to prom with me." "How many times do I have to tell you no?" Side note: this story is pretty "fluffy" and was made from the many...
  • teenagers
  • texting
  • prom
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • blue
  • ending
  • poker
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I Can't Let You Go Back by XxMasterfulSaraXx
I Can't Let You Go Backby Sarafina
Kaylie Jennings is an exchange student from England, ordinary human girl? Ian is the bad boy alpha of one of the most respected werewolf packs in North America. Kaylie e...
  • kidnap
  • exchange
  • soccer
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Not Cinderella's Type by JenniJames
Not Cinderella's Typeby Jenni James
Indy Zimmerman has a new stalker who won't leave her alone no matter what she says to him. Never mind the fact that he's one of the most popular guys at school, she's p...
  • ballgown
  • tale
  • high
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Phone Number by aengelic
Phone Numberby 97 ✨
In which a girl sends chocolate to her crush with a note of her phone number, but she refuses to tell him who she is when he texts her. #3 in Short Story 2016.06.11 #190...
  • jungkook
  • bts
  • prom
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Prom Night - J.G by GrierInspired
Prom Night - J.Gby GrierInspired
"You came with my bestfriend." I scoffed, but my heart still skipped a beat. "I would rather be with you."
  • prom
  • jack
  • shawn
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Message Sent | ✓ by crystal5466
Message Sent | ✓by isabella
I looked at the message I just finished writing, reading it over before shaking my head. There was no way I could send this to him, he'd think I'm a freak! I sighed, hit...
  • goodgirl
  • prom
  • message
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Stuck Like Glue | ✓ by ariadneptune
Stuck Like Glue | ✓by a r i 🍉
Scout Jones is witty, sarcastic, and sometimes a little too adminant for her own good. She's not one to accept change, but rather likes to live her life in a routine, se...
  • bidding
  • oldversion
  • funny
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for my eyes only by waripad
for my eyes onlyby ariana
"no," i whispered in pure disbelief, "you can't be Ashton, that can't be." my voiced cracked making me weaker in his eyes. i stared at the man in fro...
  • drama
  • horror
  • love
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Thunder by TinySam_SepticTim
Thunderby Ells
You know Jack! You know, the one with neon green hair, and those bright blue ocean eyes? That's him! He's the famous one. He's a YouTuber. He's a year older than me. He'...
  • crankycrew
  • senpai
  • septiishu
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Barchie: How I always come back to you. by xbecinx
Barchie: How I always come back xbecinx
Archie realizes how much he's changed since Veronica Lodge entered his life. He realizes that something is missing, and that something might just be Betty.
  • jugheadxbetty
  • barchie
  • 2018
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VIOLET (The love story of a half) by VidishaLahiri
VIOLET (The love story of a half)by Vidisha Lahiri
Emotionless Violet meets kindhearted Blaike. Will they fall for each other? And how will she react when she will come to know that Blaike is a half demon who's kind she...
  • separated
  • death
  • murder
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Rampage ✔ by UntilWeCollide
Rampage ✔by Melissa
All Quinn Casey wants is a fresh start. She thinks that's what she gets when she moves to small city Crestfield, but she couldn't be more wrong. New friends, boys (as in...
  • couple
  • wattys2017
  • ruinn
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Wicked Games (Z.M AU) by TTYL_XOX
Wicked Games (Z.M AU)by Louis' Bae
"You saw me in a way no one had before." Zayn whispered after a minute or two of silence. I looked up to read his overwhelmed gaze, and for the first time, I c...
  • wicked
  • zayn
  • direction
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A Whole Different Meaning {{BWWM Luke Kuechly Love Story}} SLOW UPDATES! by Beautiful_Huney
A Whole Different Meaning {{BWWM Big&Beautiful😘
Terra Covac is a soon to be high school graduate being that this is her last year she wants to go out with a bang and make everyone remember her name before the end of t...
  • kuechly
  • southern
  • bwwm
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Beauty IS the Beast by JenniJames
Beauty IS the Beastby Jenni James
When Arabella Mercedes Monroe first learns she's won a major award--becoming the senior representative for the state of Colorado--she's ecstatic. She'll be attending sw...
  • beautyisthebeast
  • fairytale
  • modern
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May I Have This Dance by StarAce11
May I Have This Danceby Star
It all starts with a group text KayHanAti and Migos Pairings?... you have to read to find out
  • joshprice
  • willsimmons
  • baileysok
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My Market Sales Geek Marcel by SunDanielle
My Market Sales Geek Marcelby SunDanielle
Perhaps Highschool is not all about bleachers, books, and boys. Maybe in the midst of it all you can figure out what you really wanted was always standing right in front...
  • marcel
  • styles
  • higschool
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