The Sunset Awards 2017 (OPEN) by TheSunsetAwards
The Sunset Awards 2017 (OPEN) by TheSunsetAwards Random
Have you written a story that you have worked really hard on, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get enough people to read it? Well this award is for you! Th...
The Sunflower Awards (OPEN) by MakaylaDJ7
The Sunflower Awards (OPEN) by MakaylaDJ Random
ALL CATAGORIES EXCEPT FANFICTION ARE OPEN! Hello! This awards focuses on the unspoken talent and skill of unkown writers within Wattpad. To find out more about the priz...
News & Updates by Wattpad
News & Updates by Wattpad Random
Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more! Cover by @onederstruck-
Mysty's Big Help + Contests by MissMysteryGame
Mysty's Big Help + Contests by Mysty Non-Fiction
Done FUN: insider help from a twice Featured Author and Wattpad Ambassador, plus contests to showcase your work! ~~ New material posted regularly.
The Profound Awards 2017 [ OPEN & ACCEPTING ENTRIES ] by humourism
The Profound Awards 2017 [ OPEN... by x squared Random
[ highest ranking #401 in random ] OPEN & ACCEPTING ENTRIES! Hello & Welcome to The 2017 Profound Awards! Here we have many prizes and awards just waiting to be won. So...
Billu Aur Billi Ki Kahani  by Ishqbaaziparivaar
Billu Aur Billi Ki Kahani by Ishqbaaziparivaar Club 😘💕 Random
This a place where we conduct os competitions........😘We welcome all of u to come and participate and win prizes......💟😍💟 Cover credit : @ImLilMissComplicated
Cover Contests by peachspit
Cover Contests by slug Random
"Edit your way to the top" Details inside 2017-
The Tattoo Awards by Only_Awards
The Tattoo Awards by Only_Awards Random
Ranked #729 in Random 11/17/17||||The first Awards hosted by @Only_Awards, affiliation to @Twisted_Skulls. These awards are to help authors get recognition for the stori...
The 2017 Night Star Awards by TheNightStarAwards
The 2017 Night Star Awards by Night Star Awards Random
We understand how hard it is to write your own books, and trying to get your books discovered. That's why we have created this award book to help those authors be more s...
Cover Contests  by Skipper_019
Cover Contests by Skipper Random
Highest Ranking: #467 in Random Following the success of my writing contests book, I have made one for covers! New contest every two weeks, and some great prizes to wi...
Best of Bangtan Awards [JUDGING] by BestOfBangtanAwards
Best of Bangtan Awards [JUDGING] by BestOfBangtanAwards Random
Highest Rank: #214 in Random (11/01/17) Best of Bangtan Awards is here to help discover the undiscovered fan fictions that are about BTS. That's why if you have a fanfic...
Cover Battles by wallflower_r
Cover Battles by ❀ t i n a ❀ Random
Test out your amazing cover making skills here. STATUS: open #937 in random
The Vibrant Awards {~OPEN~} by TheVibrantAwards
The Vibrant Awards {~OPEN~} by ~The Vibrant Awards~ Random
Want to be recognized for your hardwork but don't have many reads? Well this is the contest for you! Enter this contest for the chance to win big rewards! *Book must b...
The Melancholy Awards [OPEN] by harrilat
The Melancholy Awards [OPEN] by Captain Cookie Random
A swift movement... A rustle of leaves... This is a place to live in your fantasy land. This is a place to reach for your dreams. The universe is your friend, an...
The Precious Awards     [Entries Closed!] by Meisha13578
The Precious Awards [Entries C... by Budgie_ Lover3 Random
{NO MORE PLACES AVAILABLE!} Battle of the best LOTR fanfiction! Enter now to partake in The Precious Awards for your chance to score some awesome prizes! Anyone...
Fire 🔥 Awards🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖[ON HOLD] by TheElementWielders
Fire 🔥 Awards🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖[ON HOLD] by The Element Community Random
Here to help undiscovered authors spring and blossom Official Awards Voting and judging Graphics as well All categories accepted
Ishqbaaz- Beginner's Luck by Ishqbaaz_Forever
Ishqbaaz- Beginner's Luck by Ishqbaaz Forever Random
The contests have already been started. Be a part of this club as a writer and have an awesome opportunity to establish youself here. Fill the forms and be a part of thi...
The Open Novella Contest by Fantasy
The Open Novella Contest by Fantasy Random
The Open Novella Contest - the biggest collaboration on Wattpad and a contest of long word counts and big prizes!
The Fox Awards - 2017 [OPEN] by OMGTheFoxes
The Fox Awards - 2017 [OPEN] by The Foxes Of Wattpad Random
OPEN [✔️] CURRENTLY JUDGING [] CLOSED [ ] Currently Run By: SH Are you a writer who feels as though they deserve more? More reads? More comments? More votes? Well, if...
YC Book promoting club(English) by ThisIsYourChoice
YC Book promoting club(English) by Your Choice Random
The perfect place for both discovered and undiscovered books. Are you new to wattpad? Don't know how to write or are you not getting enough reads for your story? No nee...