The Freedom Awards (OPEN) by IEscapist
The Freedom Awards (OPEN) by Kounj Muzafar Random
An undiscovered writer? Do you believe your story is amazing? It deserves an award? More reads? More appreciation? Welcome to The Freedom Awards! We we...
The Golden Star Awards 🌟 Closed For Judging by Golden_Star_Awards
The Golden Star Awards 🌟 Closed F... by The Golden Star Awards🌟 Random
Started on: August 18, 2017 Last date of submission: September 20, 2017 #87 in random An undiscovered book? Hidden gem? Is your book not getting enough attention? Well y...
The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards
The Sunset Awards 2017 by TheSunsetAwards Random
Have you written a story that you have worked really hard on, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get enough people to read it? Well this award is for you! Th...
The Golden Quill Awards - [ OPEN ]  by thegoldenquillawards
The Golden Quill Awards - [ OPEN ] by The Golden Quill Awards Random
Welcome to the Golden Quill Awards! This competition solely focuses on the hidden talents of the undiscovered authors that are out there on this platform. To find...
The Writers' Olympics (CLOSED) by The-Writers-Corner
The Writers' Olympics (CLOSED) by TWC Random
Welcome one and all to The Writers' Olympics. The summer's hottest judge-based award! Want to have your book judged by competent people for the chance so win awesome pri...
bang bangtan awards 2017 ツ CLOSED by DIGNITAE_
bang bangtan awards 2017 ツ CLOSED by ↭ Random
[OPEN] Bang Bangtan Contests 2017 ⚠ONLY FOR BTS STORY WRITERS⚠ Highest Rank: #56 in Random [07.13.17] Wanted to have more reads? Undiscovered stories? infamous author? ...
News & Updates by Wattpad
News & Updates by Wattpad Random
Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more! Cover by @onederstruck-
Yellow Star Awards 2017 (JUDGING) by SeasonStarAwards
Yellow Star Awards 2017 (JUDGING) by Season Star Awards Random
JUDGING A seasonal award. An every summer award. an opportunity for your books to be noticed and discovered. Discover the hidden authors and books Entries are open t...
Gem Awards 2017 [ Open ] by Gem_Awards
Gem Awards 2017 [ Open ] by GemAwards Random
We are looking for undiscovered gems in wattpad. If you think your book is worth winning, then what are you waiting for ? Check Inside !
Cover Contests by musicality_17
Cover Contests by ᎬᏞᎽ Random
[ ✓ ] open [ x ] closed Graphic making skills will be put to the test! Do you have what it takes? *read inside for more entry info/prizes
In the ocean of graphic designers, do you have something unique in you? Something so captivating and creative that can seek the attention of the masses? Something which...
Genre Awards [ROUND 2 RESULTS FOR... by Butterfly Quill Random
If you are an author that values a great story line, wonderful characters, amazing writing style and lovely presentation, then these awards are for you! Every month will...
The Authors Award by TheAuthorsAward
The Authors Award by The Authors Awards Random
This award is for Author who want their story's to be heard. There will be a winner from each genre and from those winners, there will be on big for the grand prize. Con...
The Coruscate Awards by CoruscateAwards
The Coruscate Awards by Keep Sparkling! Random
Welcome To The Coruscate Awards! Coruscate means to shine and sparkle. So here is the chance to make your books be in the spotlight and shine. Just remember leave your...
Cover Contests  by Skipper_019
Cover Contests by Skipper Random
Highest Ranking: #690 in Random Following the success of my writing contests book, I have made one for covers! New contest every two weeks, and some great prizes to wi...
Cover Contests!!♥ by Sabrinaalways
Cover Contests!!♥ by MuFFinisMiNe Random
{Open✔} Currently at #120 in Random and #1 in Cover Contest (#84 on 27.08.2017) It's a book for Cover Contests!!♥ A fun,creative and aesthetically amazing contest!!✔ U c...
Watty's Training Camp by love_is_all_we_got_
Watty's Training Camp by 🐰👑Ⓠⓤⓔⓔⓝ Ⓑⓤⓝⓝⓨ👑🐰 Random
Tired of being pushed aside and ignored, sitting on the sidelines while other books are scoring big? Then hopefully this contest will help you. Come on in, tag a friend...
The Dark Awards 2017 by Black_Heart_Beats
The Dark Awards 2017 by Black_Heart_Beats Random
This is an award that I am posting. Please enter and compete for the best book in each of the excepted genres! There are a limited number of spots in each category, so h...
C's Photography Contest [OPEN] by Writer_Fisher
C's Photography Contest [OPEN] by Camomile Tea Random
This is a series of photography conests, held by me. Good luck!! Awesome cover by @s3cr3tss
The Dreamer's Awards  by Sweetnightmares2nyt
The Dreamer's Awards by The Dreamers Awards Random
Every good book starts out as a dream.