Perchance to Dream by ruyilala
Perchance to Dreamby Ruyi
Classical Chinese dance student Mei Yanran found her first love between the pages of a online novel. When a traffic accident grants her one wish, she seizes the chance t...
  • winter
  • prince
  • femaleprotagonist
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Melody's mate by Melizzz16
Melody's mateby Melissa🌹
Melody Prince is seventeen years old. She has abusive step parents. Her real parents died. Or so she thinks. She has never known what love feels like. Her only friend is...
  • vengefulsilencepack
  • mate
  • mates
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Royals (hs au)  by mrbieberswifey
Royals (hs au) by all the love. x - e
When her best friend secretly signs her up for a royally, twisted version of The Bachelor and a chance at the prince's heart, Lennon Clarke is thrown into a whirlwind of...
  • photography
  • harrystyles
  • onedirection
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Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light by morifantra
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of Mori
Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. - Dylan Thomas Volume II of the...
  • paisleypark
  • prince
  • princerogersnelson
Loyalty | T'Challa Udaku by 90sStunna
Loyalty | T'Challa Udakuby 😈
loy·al·ty /ˈloiəltē/ noun the quality of being loyal to someone or something
  • africa
  • avengers
  • wakanda
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The Crown {A Literate Medieval Roleplay/The Red Queen} by Queen-Aphrodite
The Crown {A Literate Medieval ❨ Aphrodite ❩
Everyone knows the story of Marie Barrow, and her fight for the crown as a girl with Red in her veins. What if she was killed during the rebellion? What if Cal married E...
  • roleplay
  • theredqueen
  • prince
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Emperor Lotor x Reader by SuperOnionyLotor3
Emperor Lotor x Readerby ♡Lotor♡
Just sit back and relax and grab your popcorn. You are just a girl who helps out with the paladins until you meet this godly prince....Lotor
  • reader
  • romance
  • mystery
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How to Be a Royal Heartbreaker by ThatReeader
How to Be a Royal Heartbreakerby Aria May
❝So... you want me to break a Prince's heart?❞ ❝He's a dickhead that deserves it.❞ ❝Well, yeah but he's a rich and royal dickhead.❞ ...
  • crown
  • royal
  • prince
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Metempsychosis |  Reincarnation by thelonelyskylark
Metempsychosis | Reincarnationby thelonelyskylark
Illea von Dulce was living the luxurious life of a Duke's daughter - blessed with wealth, beauty, magical talent and betrothed to the second prince of the Kingdom. Howev...
  • magic
  • arrangedmarriage
  • otome
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Long Live | Royal Prince 1 by 3dream_writer3
Long Live | Royal Prince 1by Laeti
*first book in the Royal Prince series* Being part of the royal family isn't easy. Being part of the royal family when there are seven kids doesn't make it easier...
  • modernfairytale
  • modern
  • princess
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Fae Lord's Betrothed 👑 || Book One by poetrythanki
Fae Lord's Betrothed 👑 || Book Oneby Poetry Thanki
#6 in Paranormal ▪ A human girl fell in love with a fae lord. It didn't end well. [Faes & Furies #1] Allura Weaver didn't have an easy life. But it got worse when she w...
  • kingdom
  • womanup
  • paranormal
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A Night With The Prince -A Roleplay- by Potter_Maze_Geek
A Night With The Prince -A ♡
The rules are simple. 15 girls, all royal blood lines, are to get one night with the Prince each. However, if he enjoyed your company, he will let you stay for another n...
  • royalty
  • love
  • prince
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Billionairess by leo_robertson
Billionairessby –hiatus
In a world ruled by men, Olivia Thorne is the first woman to break stereotypes and build a business empire on her own. Rich, beautiful, and cold hearted, she's the girl...
  • action
  • feisty
  • heartbreak
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With Love, Harry by Suplexangel
With Love, Harryby Queen.
Life in the public eye is very tricky, especially when you are a prince and a well-known singer. This story captures the relationship of Harry and Rihanna and all the up...
  • princewilliam
  • bwwm
  • music
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Vespertine by Sannyaahhh
Vespertineby JenniseK_
Coming Soon | April, 2018 ••••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-••••••-•••••• Twenty-two-year-old college English major and part-time editor, Gardenia, has finally moved out of he...
  • prince
  • jealous
  • king
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Dusk Till Dawn | Prince Harry by Suplexangel
Dusk Till Dawn | Prince Harryby Queen.
I'll be with you from dusk till dawn. × She is the young royal none of us has hear about. She is the daugther of the King Franz of Denmark and she is here to shake thing...
  • princewilliam
  • wedding
  • romance
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The Selection Roleplay by -mysticeyes-
The Selection Roleplayby Myst
closed | OPEN ✔️ The twins of Queen and King Charming are ready to find their partners, and with that, a Selection is in plan. - - - - - The Charming family have six m...
  • king
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
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I'VE BEEN REBORNED!? (KHR x The Royal Tutor crossover) by Zero-1307
I'VE BEEN REBORNED!? (KHR x The Zero-1307
Tsunayoshi the Vangola Decimo has passed away due to old age and was left to peace leaving the Vangola to his children and being a great man. Or so he thought but appar...
  • theroyaltutor
  • reborn
  • skyflame
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This is Business  by shaVslife
This is Business by shaVslife
Emma is a twenty Two year old personal assistant for a wealthy business woman Ms.Mills , what happens when her work starts to clash with her personal life . Regina Mill...
  • snow
  • fashion
  • emmaswan
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flesh and feathers  by _Roleplay_Mom_
flesh and feathers by ᵀᴴᴱ ᴹᴼᴹ ᴼᶠ ᴿᴼᴸᴱᴾᴸᴬᵞˢ
in the kingdom of taemore, the king has issued a new type of guardian to protect his family. men with wings. no one knows where they're from but they're proven to be str...
  • princess
  • roleplay
  • originalcharacter
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