King dice x the devils Priest AU by papysans-writter
King dice x the devils Priest AUby Cuphead_fan-fictions
Hey. I'm writing a new book and this is going to be were king dice is a priest for the Italian pope. He's going to be the priest that sets everything up...but when the d...
  • snakeeyes
  • kingdice
  • game
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Loved by who? by sanataus
Loved by who?by Sana Tauseef
My mom told me, when I was 2, I fell from the roof top of 42 story building. When people came down running after me, they saw me sitting on a bench playing with a pretty...
  • romance
  • love
  • betrayal
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Charlotte True by Julia4Tune
Charlotte Trueby Julia Rogers
**NOW A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY **Inspired by the non-fictional, historical lives of Sir Joseph Banks, Nicolas Baudin, Captain William Bligh, Matthew Flinders and John Ma...
  • australia
  • fleet
  • french
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Praise the Wicked by Beebolover12
Praise the Wickedby Pray For The W!cked
It's just a church, right? What could go wrong? Chloe always thought that her church would be her safe place, until one day when she goes to confession. She finally meet...
  • god
  • devil
  • ryanross
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Celibato  by Thalibetineli
Celibato by Thalibetineli
Indicado para maiores de 18 anos. Contém cenas de sexo explícito, palavras inapropriadas e violência. Esta é uma obra de ficção, sem embasamento real ou em opinião pes...
  • hot
  • novel
  • sexy
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Forgive Me by Vader1995
Forgive Meby Iris Carrell
Father Antonio De Luca, a 28-year-old priest is a dedicated and respectable man. Since he was a child, he longed to be a priest. One day, after a long day of hearing con...
  • adamdriver
  • forbiddenlove
  • church
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6 Days by TwistAuthor1
6 Daysby Steve Hemingsworth
It lives and feeds on our deepest fears, the unknown, and within it resides a powerful demon that has been dormant, until now. In 6 Days an ideal rich is couple pushed i...
  • ghost
  • spiritual
  • holy
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The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates) by Artemis_Twyla
The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates)by Marie Gidney
'One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh. Her eyes shall be amber...
  • priest
  • history
  • school
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Deflower by brujab4by
Deflowerby ( lou! )
In an ordinary suburban neighborhood in 1970s America, three boys pursue their mission to deprive the pastors beautiful daughter of her virginity. What was supposed to b...
  • justwriteit
  • virginity
  • priest
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Tomorrow's Child by Julia4Tune
Tomorrow's Childby Julia Rogers
This is the sequel to "Charlotte True". It takes up the story of Charlotte Caprice, a young English convict woman, newly landed on the shores of the penal set...
  • convict
  • priest
  • prison
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Serendipity | The Genesis | by LadyAireen
Serendipity | The Genesis |by 美花/Mitch
BK 1: The Genesis ** "FREEDOM comes at a PRICE." *** Teaser: In the beginning, God made the heaven and the earth, but unknown to many, something...
  • lucifer
  • eden
  • youngadult
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Destiel One-shots by therugbyplayer
Destiel One-shotsby Audrey
Just a random compilations of one-shots I've been dying to write enjoy
  • fluff
  • firstdates
  • fanfiction
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There's Love in My Future ||SasuNaru|| by PeculiarSimplicity
There's Love in My Future || Rae
Naruto is a prophet for Danzo, an evil king. The rebel forces are trying to bring him down, but it's increasingly complicated due to Naruto's power. So they decide to se...
  • narusasu
  • sasunaru
  • priest
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Colorless by Annany
Colorlessby Annany Mouse
In a world where the color of one's blood determines their strength, Nell Fiala was born exceptionally weak. As a colorless girl, she always thought she'd die young. But...
  • love
  • murder
  • sister
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The Apprentice by NFamus2099
The Apprenticeby O'Shea Curry
How far will David stray from his teachings? How deep will his hate run for the wicked? Off his leash David is making a name for himself in the underground & is causing...
  • religion
  • angel
  • church
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"Friends" by rozyhtaylor
"Friends"by rozyhtaylor
My first GxG Maggie grew up without a mother and was raised by her strict religious Dad. Meeting Maya was not in her plan, or her Dads. Will love beat all or will religi...
  • justwriteit
  • army
  • love
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Enchanted Falls: Restless by Spookey95
Enchanted Falls: Restlessby Hannisea
"Look at you, Father. You've already sinned." Welcome to the inner workings of my mind..
  • boyxboy
  • mxm
  • enchaned
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Changes (Black Hat x Reader) [Priest 2011] by lindnjean
Changes (Black Hat x Reader) [ Jean
Takes place in the movie world of Priest with Karl Urban as Black Hat.
  • hat
  • priest
  • 2011
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Forgive Me Father ❤Complete❤ by NevaehHM
Forgive Me Father ❤Complete❤by Jaqen.
"...for I have sinned."
  • forihavesinned
  • forgivemefather
  • kink
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