Falling From Grace: Student-Teacher Forbidden Romance by noelcades
Falling From Grace: Student-Teache... by Noël Cades Romance
★★★TOP 50 WATTPAD ROMANCE NOVEL★★★ "Forgive me, Father, for I have had impure thoughts." About you... Gabriel entered the priesthood after a betrayal left him...
Sanctum (Supernatural Romance) by JMFelic
Sanctum (Supernatural Romance) by Master's_Pet Romance
Rank #38 in Romance 11.21.2015 **Included in @KatyDreams Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book 2)** "Silence your tongue Aurora." He promptly commanded befo...
A Demon In The Church (mxm) by TheoryKierei
A Demon In The Church (mxm) by Fear the Feels! Paranormal
Church never intended to raise a child, much less a human one, but when a tiny boy literally runs into him in the middle of the woods, he ends up bringing it home. Mich...
Under His Watch {16th Century Valois-Orléans-Angoulême Romance] by MeepyM
Under His Watch {16th Century Valo... by MeepyM Historical Fiction
Mistress Jacqueline DeWhite is married off to Lord Dominic DeFleur. She is not told anything and is expected to obey her husband without question. It starts negatively a...
Resurrect Thy Heart (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
Resurrect Thy Heart (Supernatural... by Master's_Pet Romance
Rank #815 in Romance, February 14, 2017 ---- Marcus chose to stay away from her, standing in the mattress with his hand tightly gripping the wooden beam. The whole time...
father hemmings, lh (rewriting) by minuteforminute
father hemmings, lh (rewriting) by harrys gyal Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] "You look so good, God, I could just pin you up against a wall." - priest/pastor/father hemmings copyright 2016 @minuteforminute luke hemmings alt...
I came here to repent (Father Way) by SinisterStare
I came here to repent (Father Way) by SinisterStare Fanfiction
A 16 year-old girl, Mary, got a crush on a 37 year-old hot damn priest. Okay just fucking read it ;)
Lost In Time (Supernatural-Romance) by JMFelic
Lost In Time (Supernatural-Romance) by Master's_Pet Romance
"How could you... last night... I was helpless! You are the one who molested me! And you dare do it again now!" she huffed. Khail wasn't affected with her cryi...
Impure by GeneralGreenTea
Impure by Tea Romance
The local priest of London (Evan Michaels) ends up falling in love with the new boy in town, Castiel Kirkland. Something is off about him, but Evan is too blinded by lov...
Akatsuki No Yona X Reader [ Finished for now] by Ssquishh
Akatsuki No Yona X Reader [ Finish... by Ami* Random
ONE Shots with all the akatsuki no yona characters! REQUESTS CLOSED..! ^~^
The Third Son by Ferret-bird
The Third Son by dont ask about my parents. Fantasy
A Wattpad Featured Story. After attending the college of medicine, Roslind McMillan left the city for the rural Greystone Abbey, practicing as a doctor while working to...
Avatar The Last Airbender: Water and Fire [ON HOLD] by SEWong
Avatar The Last Airbender: Water a... by SEWong Fanfiction
(A fan-fiction) Mi Li is a young girl faced with the hardships of war and social acceptance. But when the war abruptly and mercifully ends, she faces the next great chal...
Angel | Ethan Dolan by artealota
Angel | Ethan Dolan by artealota Fanfiction
"Now be an angel and bend over for daddy." Creds to my fucking goddess @slidershigh for plot @artealota
The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates) by Artemis_Twyla
The Pharaoh's Soul (Slow Updates) by Marie Gidney Fantasy
'One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh. Her eyes shall be amber...
Corrupt. by axethetic
Corrupt. by rawr xd Fanfiction
"I don't love baby, I fuck, and pretty church boys like you are just my type." In which Gerard is a priest and Frank is the head of a drug cartel and one of th...
SACRILEGIOUS: Confessions of a Roman Catholic Seminarian by DVBeltran
SACRILEGIOUS: Confessions of a Rom... by Dan Spiritual
Many Catholic men are called, yet few are chosen to a life of celibacy, love, and sacrifice. Jake O'Brien an All-American state champion swimmer answered his call after...
Kill The Light (NaNo) by MrCrowley667
Kill The Light (NaNo) by Andrew John Wood Horror
Upcoming Tale about exorcism and deceit.
Soul Collectors:  The Lost Soul Quest  by Ryzracxx
Soul Collectors: The Lost Soul Qu... by Psyche Spiritual
she died because of unknown death no memories only her name now she must form a contract to a reaper and collect 100 lost soul so she can be reborn once again...
The Blood Oath Part 1: The Descendant of a Promise (Under major editing and ✔) by MichaelStValentine
The Blood Oath Part 1: The Descend... by Yo, it's Mike! Vampire
NOTE TO ALL: THIS IS UNEDITED AND WILL BE EDITING AFTER I GET DONE WITH THE REST OF THE SERIES! Johnathon Haven Stone lives his life tormented and isolated. High school...