Life After Arcadia Bay by magicexists99
Life After Arcadia Bay by Mika Fanfiction
What happens to Max and Chloe after the tornado destroys Arcadia Bay? Will Max be able to deal with the consequences of the choice she made and will Chloe finally let go...
Our Happy Ending by AleahSkye24
Our Happy Ending by Aleah Skye Fanfiction
Max and Chloe get a glimpse of the future, but when it isn't what they expect how can they change it to their happy ending they want for each other. (Pricefield)
Together (Pricefeild) by A-Person-Z
Together (Pricefeild) by A-Person-Z Fanfiction
This is a life is strange au where insted of Chloe getting shot Max takes the bullet for her.
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strange) by mindblowngay
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strang... by mindblowngay Fanfiction
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strange) return home togetther after Max' s decision not to sacrifice Chloe. At home she discover's Chloe's feelings about her. The road to a...
Life is Strange - One Shots by nateisnotonfire
Life is Strange - One Shots by ghost king Fanfiction
here i'll be writing a selection of one shots based on the game life is strange ships included~ ✩ pricefield ✩ grahamfield ✩ caulscott ✩ chasescott ✩ chasefield
Partners In Time (Life Is Strange Fan-fiction) by KimTooFly
Partners In Time (Life Is Strange... by Kim :) Teen Fiction
Max And Chloe best friends with opposite personalities. Chloe Price is a punk girl who does what she wants when she wants being quite rebellious ever since the passing o...
Partner In Crime and Time by wolf1Ez
Partner In Crime and Time by Screaming Puppers Fanfiction
A collection of Life is Strange oneshots (mainly pricefield) [Cover by marin-everydaybox on Tumblr]
Pricefield  (Chloe X Max) Life Is Strange Fanfic  by BlueButterflyTyping
Pricefield (Chloe X Max) Life Is... by BlueButterflyTyping Fanfiction
Max hasn't seen Chloe of 5 years and when she comes back she is unsure if Chloe will remember her. Will Chloe remember her? Will they become more than best friends? Wil...
5 Years (Pricefield) by Xx-ChloePrice-xX
5 Years (Pricefield) by ᴄʜʟᴏᴇ ᴘʀɪᴄᴇ Fanfiction
Max Caulfield moved away from Arcadia Bay for 5 years. One thing she didnt do in those 5 years is keeping in touch with her best friend, Chloe Price. While Max was away...
Pointless Pricefield by Chargedlion
Pointless Pricefield by Chargedlion Fanfiction
let's just pretend that everything was normal and Chloe and Max got to do what best friend's do.
Memories    A Pricefield story by Pricefield_is_bae
Memories A Pricefield story by Keyarie Fanfiction
"We keep this love in a photograph We make these memories for ourselves"
The Rebel And The Hippie by -Wanna-Be-
The Rebel And The Hippie by ♢ Fanfiction
Max and Rachel were best friends, before Max left for Seattle. Max returns to Arcadia Bay when she doesn't hear from Rachel. Max and a blue haired stranger Team up to fi...
Letters by xxdemonpopsiclexx
Letters by Kasey :D Fanfiction
Chloe was lonely when her best friend, Max Caulfield, left for Seattle. She then spent the next five years capturing her life in letters to Max. Slight TW//
Pricefield Oneshots (LiS) by mysticxdragonx
Pricefield Oneshots (LiS) by MysticxDragon46 Fanfiction
Some random Oneshots for everyone's favorite Arcadia Gays! No smut stories!
Random Crap (Gabentine, Pricefield, Art, Rants)  by GhostGabe
Random Crap (Gabentine, Pricefield... by DavidIsGuuud Random
Just some random crap that I decide to post 😁😁😁
Max y Chloe (Pricefield) - Life is Strange by Daneliapro561
Max y Chloe (Pricefield) - Life is... by Daneliapro561 Fanfiction
Esta es una "Novela" vasada en Life is Strange Me llamo Max (Maxine) Hace 24 horas atrás yo era una chica normal como todas , hace unos pocos días descubrí qu...
Life is Strange Group Chat. by -zaeeful-
Life is Strange Group Chat. by Lee Fanfiction
| c h a t m e s s a g e s | Max, Chloe, Rachel, Warren, Kate, Victoria and Nathan start a fun group chat. These are their messages. DUN DUN.
Handcuffs, Latched to the Past by pricefieldpower
Handcuffs, Latched to the Past by deet Fanfiction
Police Officer AU || Pricefield (Life is Strange) TRIGGER WARNING: abuse/violence (first chapter only) Chloe has seen many things throughout her police career; but when...
Without Eyes [ON HOLD] by pricefieldpower
Without Eyes [ON HOLD] by deet Fanfiction
Chloe is blind. She's never seen a face, never seen anything. In this immersive AU you'll follow Chloe's darkness, until she meets a girl who could change it all.
Fanart (and Other Random Things) by EvangelinetheFangirl
Fanart (and Other Random Things) by Evangeline the Tangerine Random
Not only do I write, but I also love to draw! All of this will be fanart (and some other random stuff), but if you would like to see my drawings that are not, go follow...