a life is strange groupchat by Beautifully_Healy
a life is strange groupchat by sam Fanfiction
i'm sorry for this bullshit that i'm about to throw at you but i felt like making a group chat for our favorite gay time travelers
Love Beyond Time {PriceField Fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Love Beyond Time {PriceField Fanfi... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
What if Max never got her powers and Nathan didn't kill Chloe? What if Chloe and Max simply reunited one day and have been working on their friendship ever since? Well t...
Partners in time {Pricefield fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Partners in time {Pricefield fanfi... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
This will be my second Pricefield fanfic a follow up to Love Beyond Time. If you haven't read LBT I do reccommend you do so since there will be allot of refrences to the...
Hearts are never Broken {Pricefield} #wattys2016 by BluePunkRockRebel
Hearts are never Broken {Pricefiel... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
In this Life is Strange fanfic, we get to experience a world where Max didn't leave Arcadia Bay. She and Chloe are closer than ever. Both the girls think it is more than...
The Rebel And The Hippie by -Wanna-Be-
The Rebel And The Hippie by ♢ Fanfiction
Max and Rachel were best friends, before Max left for Seattle. Max returns to Arcadia Bay when she doesn't hear from Rachel. Max and a blue haired stranger Team up to fi...
Obstacles by -Wanna-Be-
Obstacles by ♢ Fanfiction
One Vortex Club party leaves Max the main target for teasing at Blackwell. When she meets a blue haired guitarist from the local garage band, things seem to take a turn...
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strange) by mindblowngay
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strang... by mindblowngay Fanfiction
Max and Chloe (from Life is Strange) return home togetther after Max' s decision not to sacrifice Chloe. At home she discover's Chloe's feelings about her. The road to a...
I Never Left You by Max_Caulfield
Pricefield  (Chloe X Max) Life Is Strange Fanfic  by _useless_trash_
Pricefield (Chloe X Max) Life Is... by _useless_trash_ Fanfiction
Max hasn't seen Chloe of 5 years and when she comes back she is unsure if Chloe will remember her. Will Chloe remember her? Will they become more than best friends? Wil...
Partner In Crime and Time by wolf1Ez
Partner In Crime and Time by Screaming Puppers Fanfiction
A collection of Life is Strange oneshots (mainly pricefield) [Cover by marin-everydaybox on Tumblr]
Together (Pricefeild) by A-Person-Z
Together (Pricefeild) by A-Person-Z Fanfiction
This is a life is strange au where insted of Chloe getting shot Max takes the bullet for her.
Life is Strange - One Shots by nateisnotonfire
Life is Strange - One Shots by ghost king Fanfiction
here i'll be writing a selection of one shots based on the game life is strange ships included~ ✩ pricefield ✩ grahamfield ✩ caulscott ✩ chasescott ✩ chasefield
Butterflies of Blue [ Pricefield ] by afanashby
Butterflies of Blue [ Pricefield ] by おっぱい Fanfiction
You know the deal. Max Caufield has shocking time reversing powers. She could change history if she wanted to. She could, but she wouldn't without Chloe. Her hypnotizing...
My One True Love  by NaimaMorris
My One True Love by Septiplier Away Fanfiction
There isn't enough of these so here we go!! ( sorry if this is really bad) it is a Pricefield story.
Without Eyes [ON HOLD] by pricefieldpower
Without Eyes [ON HOLD] by deet Fanfiction
Chloe is blind. She's never seen a face, never seen anything. In this immersive AU you'll follow Chloe's darkness, until she meets a girl who could change it all.
Life is Good- A Life is Strange fanfiction by MemesDreamsAndBeans
Life is Good- A Life is Strange fa... by MemesAndDreams Fanfiction
Life is good for Max Caulfield. She has Chloe, goes to an amazing school, and has a future in photography. A Life is Strange AU in which Max has no rewind powers, and ne...
Pricefield fan fic. What happens in the future?  by alex_wyatt
Pricefield fan fic. What happens i... by Alex Fanfiction
So this book will be about what happens after the game. My first chapter and second will probably be similar to the game but after them, I will be writing about the futu...
Hooks. by clemmycluecosplays
Hooks. by gayrothwell Romance
Just a fluffy silly Pricefield fanfic Life is Strange game No story, just a gathering of oneshots i wrote
Max Hella Caulfield by dlunarose
Max Hella Caulfield by Luna Fanfiction
Chloe and Max confess their feelings for one another and finally get together, but what happens when Chloe starts to influence Max, causing her to become a new her... &q...
a pause in time by gothwifi
a pause in time by gothwifi Teen Fiction
•in this book you'll see the point of view from Max and Chloe and a typical narration. •overall this is a heart warming yet really gay pricefield fan fiction :-) artco...