How It Came To This by kristimcm
How It Came To This by kristimcm
High school junior Alex Carpenter believes her life is ruined. Everyone in her school hates her, her friends have abandoned her, and her reputation is destroyed, all at...
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Emptiness (A Dear Bully) by justquestionme
Emptiness (A Dear Bully) by Laya
"Do you feel any remorse? You're broken too, I can tell, but why me? Why the already broken girl? Are you trying to shatter me completely? I'm already past repair, ...
  • letters
  • selfharm
  • bully
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Mental Illness by ashleyyashweed
Mental Illness by Ashweed
A small story, where we can discuss mental illness and what it feels like-and why it is so important to pay attention to it. Helping those who can't and are afraid to s...
  • mental
  • selfharm
  • triggers
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Dear broken hearts... by TheSharpestGhostOfU
Dear broken hearts... by LiGhTeNiNg ThUnDeRsTeIn
If you are feeling suicidal, depressed or just like giving up, then please read this book. Now, I don't know how much this book will help, or if it will even help at all...
  • prevention
  • depression
  • brokenheart
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Letters of Amanda by annatsao28
Letters of Amanda by annatsao28
Amanda has given up her fight, her war from within. On her birthday, she sits down and writes a letter to everyone important in her life. Each letter reveals a little mo...
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The Curse Of The Alleged Scandal Of Andrea Brillantes by NeilLongno
The Curse Of The Alleged Scandal O... by Neil Longno
In this world, we can't avoid bad things in our lives. Andrea Brillantes was a popular girl. Delightful and jolly. But at the season of Samhain, an incident of changed i...
  • vengeance
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Things I Live For by -ThePurplePlague-
Things I Live For by 💰Alex🍪
Things that keep me from ending it all.
  • prevention
  • suicide
  • live
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"Who Is This?" by Cheyenne_Nicolee
"Who Is This?" by cheyenne
4:30 p.m. J❤️: The cops are here I can't talk. Bye. Me: OMG! Are you okay? Please tell me whats going on. ...... 6:00 p.m. Me: Really now? How are you going to post on...
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The Bully Returns by Holly787
The Bully Returns by Holly Swift
Amanda's just started high school. She's hoping to start fresh, forget about her past and build new friendships along the way. But not everything turns out the way we wo...
  • bullying
  • amanda
  • prevention
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101 Ways To Live by floofthehairforpower
101 Ways To Live by Mini \(^~^)/
~in which suicide prevention goes to a whole new level A/N TRIGGER WARNINGS WILL BE MARKED WITH ### WARNING: this will be a story leaning towards suicide prevention, so...
  • prevention
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  • triggerwarning
Poetry by kiddonaut
Poetry by Alice
just a collection of poems by me
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Suicide Prevention. by OtakuKittieCat
Suicide Prevention. by Rainbow Sparkl
I want you to read this if you ever get depression. Or email me at I'm here for you.
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Ode au suicide by AlphaLoupBlanc
Ode au suicide by Pauline Lantoine
Salut! J'écrit mon premier livre. Le titre ne donne pas trop envie de la lire, je suis d'accord mais je ne savais pas quoi mettre et le sujet aborder me tient vraiment à...
  • prevention
  • suicide
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Keep Breathing by no_suicide
Keep Breathing by Save A Life
This book contains articles on suicide and topics related to suicide. if you wish to submit any article please pm.
  • prevention
  • suicide
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What Drugs Do. by XxJojoleebrobroxX
What Drugs Do. by XxJojoleebrobroxX
  • sad
  • prevent
  • unhappy
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Invisible Sickness by Alminee
Invisible Sickness by Winter Shan
Mental illnesses and disorders.
  • mental
  • invisible
  • sickness
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mail by Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
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How to  Prevent the Mary Sue by kyokhoe
How to Prevent the Mary Sue by sofia
Making a story? An original character? Then maybe you have wondered, is it alright, or just another Mary Sue? Well, then I'm here to help. Depending on the fandom, I wil...
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Life-broken by dkamations
Life-broken by David Kraut
This is a book about suicide prevention. In this book, I'll tell you useful tips about how to help someone you know, how to help yourself, and how to tell if someone is...
  • prevention
  • alone
  • suicide
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Letters to Amber by exdxcx
Letters to Amber by exdxcx
Amber, a fifteen year old girl has killed herself, and it seems the only way people are coping is to write letters to her. Through the journey of mourning her death, at...
  • suicide
  • mature
  • letters
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